With Trillions of Dollars Being Pumped into the Economy, Bitcoin Is Bound to Be Affected

Author: Maria Andretti

To help Americans, the Federal Reserve is printing money and cutting interest rates. The question many are asking is, “will these moves have an impact on the crypto market?” Policymakers in the United States and elsewhere have plowed an unprecedented amount of new money into the economy in hopes of staving off what is looking […]

18 May 2020
Despite a Dull Halving, the Price of Bitcoin’s Continues to Make Gains

Author: Jeffrey Taylor

In the aftermath of what turned out to be a somewhat uninteresting and dull halving event, Bitcoin prices are making gains. With daily active Bitcoin addresses at the highest level in two years, interest in the cryptocurrency may be heading higher. Bitcoin is currently trading above its 10-day and 60-day moving averages. This reversal in […]

13 May 2020
Bitcoin’s Third Halving May Be Less Dramatic Than First Expected

Author: Michael Stern

The run-up to Bitcoin’s third halving generated considerable hype before the event. Now that the day has arrived, it may turn out to be considerably more sedate than the buildup would have suggested. This is especially true after the price retreat of the last few days. The retreat seen over the days leading up to […]

12 May 2020