Buy Terra (LUNA) with Credit cards

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How to Buy Terra (LUNA) with Credit Cards - The Complete Guide

Terra (LUNA) was created in 2018. However, it received massive attraction in 2021. Terra is the central token of the Terra Ecosystem. Terra is a blockchain that makes it easy for developers to create new blockchains and Decentralised applications (DApps). Currently, there are hundreds of projects on the Terra network. These projects involve Decentralized finance apps, Web3 apps, NFTs, etc. All of these projects have facilitated the high demand for Terra tokens. LUNA has received over 5000% ROI within a year.

Terra developed a set of stable coins that will stabilize the price of Terra, its native token. One of such stablecoins is UST. UST was the 3rd biggest coin in the ecosystem. UST works like USDT. Stablecoins are pegged to the US dollar price. UST maintains a 1:1 price ratio with the US dollar.

Since Terra (Luna) and UST are tokens of the Terra network, they work hand-in-hand. LUNA works to stabilize the price of UST and vice versa. Terra stabilizes UST by reducing market volatility.

UST recently fell below its peg price, and Terra followed suit. If you are looking forward to taking advantage of this market dip, you should start buying Terra. Even if you are out of cash, you can still buy Terra with a credit card. In this article, we’d be revealing what it involves to buy Terra with credit cards.

How Easy is it To Buy Terra (LUNA) with credit cards

Credit cards are a good medium to buy Terra without cash. If you have a perfect setup, you can buy Terra with your credit cards and make profits. Generally, credit cards come with a lot of regulations. Hence, you may be worried about the ease of buying Terra with a credit card.

It is easy to buy LUNA with credit cards. It’s as easy as buying LUNA with debit cards. You have to link your credit card, and you are good to go. Credit card purchases are usually swift and seamless.

Although credit cards are a quick way to buy LUNA without cash, they have many disadvantages. Often, users may not find a reliable credit card provider that allows crypto purchases. Other times, crypto exchanges do not accept credit card purchases.

Even after finding a credit card provider and an exchange that accepts credit card deposits, there are still buts. Certain exchanges only accept Mastercards and Visa cards. These cards also come with huge fees.

The crypto exchange and the card provider will charge you for crypto purchases. Credit card providers tag crypto purchases as a cash advances. Cash advance comes with huge fees. They also lower your credit limit. Crypto exchange will also charge up to 5% on credit card deposits.

Buying LUNA is very risky. It comes with more risk when purchasing with a credit card. Nonetheless, if you’ve calculated your risk, you can buy LUNA with credit cards. However, ensure that your trade moves yield high profits and cover excessive fees.

Let’s talk about how you can buy Terra with a credit card.

How to Buy Terra (LUNA) with credit cards

Buying Terra with a credit card is the best option for those without plenty of cash to spare. You can quickly buy Terra tokens, trade, and make profits.

The process of buying LUNA with a credit card is simple. In the following headings, we’ll outline the steps involved with purchasing crypto with credit cards.

To buy Terra with a credit card, you need to

Find a Suitable Credit Card Provider

Not all credit card providers allow crypto purchases. So, check with your credit card provider to see if you can buy LUNA.

Select a Trusted Crypto exchange

A trusted crypto exchange is essential when purchasing Terra. There are many features to look for when selecting exchanges.

One of those features is payment options. Before opening an account, ensure the crypto platform supports credit card purchases.

Also, check the fee structure. Many exchanges charge ridiculous fees on credit card purchases. So, go for an exchange with reasonable fees.

Create a digital wallet

A digital wallet is essential to the safety of your tokens. Download a crypto exchange that matches the criteria mentioned above. After that, register and verify your account. To register an account, you’ll need to enter your details.

After creating an account, you’ll need a storage medium. The crypto platform provides a wallet for you to use. This wallet is called a hot wallet.


Connect your Credit Card

To buy Terra Luna, you need to link your credit card. Usually, you’ll be required to input your card details. The payment processor will verify the card. Once verified, you are good to go.

Make a Purchase

This is the final step of the process. Provided you have linked a credit card, the process is easy. Visit the buy/sell page. Then, select the amount of Terra tokens you want to buy. Then, check out.

To complete the purchase, select ‘Credit card’ as your desired payment method. Your card will be charged, and you will own some LUNA tokens.

That’s all on how to buy LUNA with credit cards. Let’s see where you can buy Terra Luna with credit cards.

Top 3 exchanges to purchase Terra (LUNA) with credit cards is a crypto exchange that allows users to buy crypto with fiat. The platform is mobile based, and its not available on the web.

With, you can buy over 180 cryptocurrencies. However, you can only buy with Fiat. The platform has one of the cheapest credit card fees. It only charges 2.99% on credit card transactions.

On, you can start trading with as low as $1. You can also stake crypto and buy NFTs on the platform.


  • Cheap credit card fees
  • Low minimum trade amount
  • Over 180 cryptocurrencies, including LUNA


  • Poor customer support
  • No crypto-to-crypto pair


Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has a large selection of crypto tokens. Binance US has only 60 cryptocurrencies. Whereas the main Binance ( platform has hundreds of listed tokens.

On Binance, users can buy Terra Luna with credit cards. Binance charges 4.5% on credit card purchases. It also charges 0.1% on spit trading and 0.5% on instant trades.


  • Cheap transaction fees
  • Credit card purchases
  • Advanced trading features


  • Email-only customer support
Overall Rating
72% of retail CFD accounts lose monet


OKX is an established crypto exchange that allows users to buy Terra LUNA with credit cards. The platform has built features to make crypto trades seamless. Users can buy, sell, and stake crypto tokens. They can also lend, mine, and borrow crypto.

With OKX, users can trade Terra LUNA regularly or with leverage. As a plus, they also charge cheaper fees than other crypto exchanges. At most, users will be charged 0.1% on trades.


  • 24/7 phone support
  • Cheap fees
  • Supports over 30 fiat currencies
  • Variety of trading options for users


  • Complex fee structure
  • Not available in the US

How to Store Terra (LUNA)

After buying Terra LUNA, the next important step is storage. Storing your Terra LUNA tokens properly will protect your funds from online thefts.

There are various recognized ways to store your tokens safely. A standard crypto exchange is built with a digital wallet for traders. However, this wallet isn’t the best for investors and holders.

LUNA holders can store their tokens with an external wallet app. For instance, the Binance owned Trust wallet app. This app protects users’ funds and tokens with mnemonic phrases. Without those phrases, no one can access your account.

Alternatively, LUNA holders can utilize a cold wallet. This type of wallet is a hardware device that works without an internet connection. Experts consider cold wallets the safest.

Other Methods To Purchase Terra (LUNA) With credit Cards

You know already that buying LUNA with credit cards attracts high fees. But can you earn LUNA tokens with credit cards?

Credit card providers are starting to reward holders with crypto. You can now earn LUNA from credit card providers such as Venmo, Gemini, Brex, etc.


We have gone through how to buy Terra LUNA with credit cards. Even if you are low in cash, you can still purchase crypto. All you have to do is identify a suitable credit card provider that allows you to purchase LUNA.

Before you make a credit card purchase, check to see if you are not risking excess cash. That aside, we’ve highlighted an alternative way to earn LUNA on credit cards without spending.

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