Buy Binance Coin (BNB) with Bank Transfer

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Purchasing BNB through a Bank Transfer remains one of the most secure and reliable means of purchasing BNB. However, a direct bank transfer would only be allowed in a country where Cryptocurrency is legal, so you might want to check with your local authorities on the legality of Cryptocurrency in your area. If and when you verify the legal status of Cryptocurrency in your area, you can try any of these platforms for purchasing BNB through a Bank Transfer.


Top Three Exchange Platforms to Buy BNB With Bank Transfer

There are reliable options anyone can find a satisfying selection from. Any of these options may serve as a perfect fit for anyone with specific requirements when it comes to purchasing BNB through a Bank Transfer.

Below, we will be discussing Bybit, Binance, and Trust Wallet as three reliable platforms that uniquely allow for the purchase of BNB through Bank Transfer. These platforms each allow for a different method of purchasing BNB through a Bank Transfer.


The Bybit platform is a trading platform where BNB can be purchased. It can be used in most countries without persecution, as long as Cryptocurrency related descriptions are not added to transfer details. The method designed by Bybit allows for the purchase of BNB via bank transfer in most countries where Cryptocurrency is legal. The platform has a user interface that makes it an easy task to purchase BNB from it. As long as you have provided credible authentic information, your account will be verified, and you will be given access to purchase BNB at your discretion.


Purchasing BNB with Bank Transfer on Bybit

BNB can easily be purchased on the Bybit platform with a card and a verified account. Once both a card and a verified account are linked, your BNB purchases from the verified account will be directed to the bank account of that card.

Bybit offers a variety of options for purchasing BNB on their platform. To use the option of Bank Transfer without your card, you can also send funds to cryptocurrency sellers on the platform in exchange for BNB.


  • It is a fast and reliable method that can be verified within 30 minutes of a Bank Transfer. With an added support team to help avoid delay in response.
  • They also provide a means for users to make complaints concerning any unsatisfactory service provided by merchants on the platform.
  • It is secure enough to purchase large sums of BNB. It withholds the Cryptocurrency of whom you are exchanging until the Bank Transfer is verified.


  • Bank Transfers are not made directly to Bybit. They are made to merchants who are holders of the BNB you wish to purchase.
  • It can not be used for an offline purchase of BNB.


Binance is another platform that can use Bank Transfer as a payment method to buy BNB coins. It is the parent site of BNB, and it holds the most reputable BNB sales so far. To purchase BNB on this site, you will need a verified account that has provided all the requested credentials. Once you have a verified Binance account, you will be able to purchase BNB with a basic Bank Transfer successfully. 

Binance makes sure that only people who have verified accounts can use the trading features on the application; if you don’t verify your account, it won’t be able to make trades. The app also tags and ranks merchants based on their successful trades, so new traders can not easily scam people of their investment.

Purchasing BNB with Bank Transfer on Binance

When you have created your Binance account, you will log into the account and search for the payment options tab. Binance offers a large variety of payment options that anyone can find their requirements through. Under the payment methods, select Bank Transfer and insert your receiver details. Once your account details have been added, you can easily transfer and accept payment for BNB via the P2P option.


  • Binance serves as a middleman; they hold on to Cryptocurrency until the transaction is verified. This leaves less room for fraud.
  • It offers a very mobile-friendly payment solution that is accessible, fast, and easy to operate.
  • All transactions are well recorded and can be checked by the owner of the Binance account at any time.


  • There is no offline payment processing, so you need to always be connected to the internet when you want to make payments.
  • It has issues with frozen or delayed funds. This measure is set in place to minimize fraud.
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Trust Wallet

Trust wallet has proven itself to be a reliable platform when it comes to keeping our Cryptocurrency in a safe location. This platform is also one of several which provide a Bank Transfer option for anyone trying to purchase BNB. Aside from that, its sign-up process is very straightforward. It requires little to no time, all you need to provide is your email, and you will get a Wallet ID assigned to you. You will also get a list of recovery phrases that must be kept close and secure at all times. These phrases are your only means of recovering your Cryptocurrency in case of a forgotten password.

Purchasing BNB with Bank Transfer on Trust Wallet

On the Trust Wallet Platform, all you need to do is click BNB. On the BNB page, you will find a corner with an option for you to buy. Click buy, and you will be directed to a page where you can use either Moonpay or Simplex as a payment method. Simplex will allow you to purchase BNB using your card. Once you select that, you can input the requested info and make your purchase of BNB.


  • Anyone who uses this option can save their card info for a future transaction.
  • Users are allowed the option of receiving occasional emails of offers.
  • Payment is direct and verified instantly through a credit card transfer.


  • You may need a card to perform a Bank Transfer on this platform.
  • Some inconvenient charges may be required to convert or transfer your BNB.


Can I Use Bank Transfer In My country?

Bank Transfer can be accessed via P2P in most countries. Some of these countries are the US, Australia, Dubai, and Austria. You can check with your local news for an update on the current status of Cryptocurrency in your region.

Is Bank Transfer safe?

When making or receiving a Bank Transfer through P2P, trading platforms serve as middlemen. They hold on to payment until transfers are verified authentic. This makes it safer than most methods that may be too direct to verify.

How do I verify the Bank Transfers?

Once your seller alerts the trading platform that they have received your Bank Transfer, your BNB will be released to you. If they don’t verify your transfer, you can provide evidence of payment, which can easily be verified, and the seller will be forced to release the BNB.

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