Buy Terra (LUNA) with PayPal

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How to Buy Terra with PayPal - The Complete Guide 2022

PayPal has an interesting reputation as one of the biggest payment platforms around the world. Since its inception, users have used the platform to process millions of transactions worldwide. Today, they have innovated their system to a large extent. As a result, making money transfers and transactions is now easier than ever on the platform.

Due to their innovative nature, PayPal identified a rare opportunity in the crypto market and decided to take full advantage of it. PayPal users can not only send and receive money through the platform. This platform now has an interesting feature that allows users to buy and sell crypto coins directly. If you’re finding it difficult to identify a suitable platform to help you transfer your LUNA tokens, opt for PayPal. Now, you no longer need to transfer cash before making a manual purchase on any platform.

While PayPal is not without it’s drawbacks, this platform only excels as a viable option to purchase any amount of LUNA tokens. The platform doesn’t come with a withdrawal option for crypto assets. You’ll only be allowed to trade Terra tokens via your e-wallet. This feature may suit traders who only want to buy and store crypto assets, but may not be convenient for those that trade actively. Regardless of the limitations of this platform, it’s still one of the easiest ways to buy and store Terra for yourself. This guide will show you detailed steps on how to purchase LUNA with your PayPal account.

Top 3 Platforms to Buy Terra With PayPal


Now, Binance is one of the largest and most reputable crypto exchanges around the world. It’s one of the online exchanges with the most features for users. The exchange is owned by Changpeng Zhao and began in China in 2017. There are two popular Binance iterations – Binance.come and Binance US.

Binance US is a separate platform for US users. It was created in compliance with US crypto regulations. There are some slight differences between both platforms – notably in terms of their crypto offerings. While had hundreds of crypto tokens made available to users, Binance US has only 60 tokens.

Most Binance users enjoy using the platform because it allows them to carry out multiple transactions at low fees. Binance will charge only 0.1% and 0.5% transaction fees on spot trades and instant trades. However, Debit/Credit card transactions attract a fee of 4.5%. Due to crypto regulations in the United States, US users are not allowed to purchase crypto coins with credit cards directly.

An additional benefit of using Binance is that it offers fast trade execution. It’s also designed to support crypto-to-crypto and peer-to-peer trading.

Users can directly trade the crypto market using the Binance mobile app. They also get to store their coins on the platform or transfer them to Trust Wallet for cold storage. Finally, Binance US insures dollar deposits up to $250,000.


  • Inexpensive tokens
  • Extensive library of crypto tokens
  • Luna purchases are supported
  • Users can stake Luna


  • Not suitable for first-time traders
Overall Rating
72% of retail CFD accounts lose monet is one of the biggest crypto exchanges online that allows users to purchase Terra tokens easily. On this platform, users can easily trade LUNA against USDC. Asides from Terra, you will also find about 180 crypto options on the exchange. is an innovative mobile app. This app is designed to allow users to trade from the convenience of their smartphones. There is no desktop version of this crypto trading platform.

This innovative crypto platform allows users to enjoy low minimum trade amounts, zero fees on cash deposits, and reasonable transaction fees. When using this app, the minimum amount you can trade is $1 – even when trading Bitcoin. However, users are subject to a 2.99% for debit/credit card deposits.

When using, you can easily store your tokens in their wallet. It also allows you to connect seamlessly to third-party wallets. The website has a DApps feature and NFT marketplace that most crypto enthusiasts find suitable.


  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Low charges on cash deposits
  • $1 minimum trade amount
  • About 180 crypto tokens are listed


  • No crypto-to-crypto trading feature is another reputable cryptocurrency exchange accessible in more than 200 countries. LUNA is one of the crypto tokens that can be found here. There are thousands of other tokens too. is quite similar to Binance. On this exchange, users get to perform spot trading, crypto lending, and borrowing, including the staking of coins for interest and the purchase of NFTs. If you enjoy leveraging, you may also try your hands at futures trading.

Users can purchase their favorite tokens for as low as $10. There are multiple crypto options, including LUNA. One of its other interesting features is the hot and cold wallet used in crypto storage. This platform has a mobile app that can easily be downloaded on the playstore or the app store.


  • Advanced trading features
  • Thousands of crypto options
  • Supports sales and purchases of NFTs
  • Supports staking, lending, and trading of tokens


  • Complicated fees breakdown

Benefits of Buying Terra with PayPal

Many traders prefer to buy Terra with traditional debit and credit cards. However, this process may be challenging in areas with strict crypto and bank regulations. By deciding to use PayPal for the process, you will successfully bypass many rules.

The following are some of the benefits of buying Terra With PayPal;

Instant Deposits

Users of PayPal can usually deposit crypto tokens into their preferred exchanges quickly. Unlike credit and debit transfers which take a lot of time to be fully processed, PayPal will handle them within a few hours. Depending on your preferences, you will be allowed to fund a PayPal transaction with a bank account linked to your e-account.

Instant Withdrawals

When using PayPal, instant withdrawals are also guaranteed. Withdrawing the total value of your crypto tokens will take a lot of time when you decide to use traditional methods such as debit/credit cards. However, e-wallet withdrawals are processed and completed within hours.

You’ll enjoy faster withdrawal because the transaction has to go through fewer checks before it’s completed. PayPal has a unique verification process that is different from what you’ll find in most banks.

Better Security

When you purchase LUNA with PayPal, you’ll enjoy a better level of security. The platform is easy to use. You’ll only need to link your PayPal account without disclosing your card details. And the few pieces you submit will be protected by the “Buyer Protection” feature. This feature is similar to the chargebacks by credit/debit cards. As a result of this outstanding feature, there will be no illegal access to your account.

Ease of Use

In simple terms, PayPal is easy to use. Using its platform, you’ll be able to perform bulky transactions in a few simple steps. Yes, you’ll be allowed to purchase any amount of LUNA with ease.



And that’s all on how to buy Terra with PayPal. Due to the increased proliferation of crypto assets and technological innovation, it has now become possible for users to purchase LUNA tokens with PayPal. This platform is easy to use, handles transactions seamlessly, and is secure. What’s more? You can easily connect your PayPal account with numerous exchanges.

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