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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - The Complete Guide For 2022


It has been difficult to invest in Bitcoin with your PayPal money in the last few years, mainly due to chargeback issues.

However, these days PayPal has taken more notice of Bitcoin and allowed the purchases of coins through different credible sources. PayPal, itself, even has three cryptos that can be purchased through the platform.

While there are options where you can invest in crypto for a short period, you need to see how you can invest in the long term. Cryptocurrencies and funding are a long game, so be sure to consider that before leaping into buying some Bitcoin.

It would be best to find a platform that allows you to buy and hold your coins for maximum gains. A reliable wallet is also ideal for people purchasing Bitcoin with their PayPal money. You need your money to be stored safely away from hackers or potential thieves.

In today’s information age, it is easy for you to get more information about investing and what strategy is going to suit you best. Work on a plan that fits your budget, and try not to invest too many times per month.

Most of your time should be spent researching what good cryptos are out there and when to buy it. If you earn an income paid through PayPal, it might be wise to learn more about crypto.

There are so many options, and different cryptocurrencies can be bought with PayPal. Today we focus on just one, the biggest crypto of them all, Bitcoin.

So, without ado. Let’s talk about how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and what the benefits are of this.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

If you live in the United States, you can purchase Bitcoin directly through PayPal and cash out to your US bank account. In the meantime, there are a few different third-party services that accept PayPal when purchasing Bitcoin.

eToro is a third-party company that accepts PayPal as payment when purchasing Bitcoin. However, this method is mainly designed for users who want to speculate on price in the short term.

For investors who want to buy and hold their coins, there are a few places to look at. The first option is Coinbase, mainly available to the American audience. It has multiple payment options, making it a favorite amongst users. 

LocalBitcoins is another method but could prove to be a little tricky to find a seller you can trust.

There are other ways to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal, and these are through other third-party websites such as xCoins and Paxful.

Let’s discuss the different methods in detail and find out the best options to invest your PayPal money into Bitcoin.

Top 5 Platforms to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Overall Rating
72% of retail CFD accounts lose monet
Overall Rating
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money
Overall Rating
72% of retail CFD accounts lose monet

Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase with PayPal


  • Largely popular cryptocurrency exchange


  • You cannot use your PayPal balance for transactions

As one of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase started accepting PayPal as a form of payment in 2022. Unfortunately, the method doesn’t allow you to purchase using your PayPal wallet but instead through your debit card.

That makes it quite restrictive for people who earn an income that is paid into their PayPal wallet. It makes it difficult to invest that money into Bitcoin for those users.

On the plus side, the $25,000 transaction limit per day is nice and high for investors looking to maximize their investment.

The fees for using PayPal to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase are 4% of each transaction, while bank deposits via PayPal are 2.5%. A downside of buying crypto from Coinbase is the fact that it is geo-restricted.

Not all users can sign up with the service, making this terrible for people who want to invest in a cryptocurrency with their PayPal digital wallet.

Coinbase allows its users to withdraw fiat to their PayPal account by sending it to your wallet if your location is supported.

Overall, Coinbase is great for a first-time investor looking to own some Bitcoins. The company is reliable and trustworthy and has been around for many years.

It is at the forefront of crypto investing, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are plans for future upgrades and more cryptos to be added to the platform.

Investing in Bitcoin Through eToro using PayPal


  • Great for investors looking to speculate of price swings


  • Cannot hold or store coins on the platform

The simplest way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal is by using eToro. There are relatively low fees, and the company accepts a range of payment methods.

That is kind of where it all ends. If you are looking to withdraw from the platform, it becomes pretty tricky. Too many steps are involved in getting the funds over to your wallet, which eventually takes some of your hard-earned cash during the transaction process.

That makes eToro better for speculative reasons for people who are looking to profit from price swings. It is the easiest and cheapest way to go if cryptocurrency speculation is what you are after.

Please remember that cryptocurrencies fluctuate widely in price and might not be appropriate for you as an investor. The cryptocurrency trading scene does not have any regulatory framework, which leaves your capital at risk.

Approximately 80% of retail investors lose money when trading with this broker. There is a high chance that you might lose your money, so keep that in mind when deciding to invest.

eToro has been around for many years, and you can trust this company with your hard-earned cash. The only way to benefit from investing with eToro is by creating a great trading strategy.

That requires a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance, which most people do not have. Be cautious of where you invest your money, and don’t fall into the trap of easy money or the idea of getting rich overnight.

Buy Bitcoin Through Binance with PayPal Money


  • The service is free to use


  • Possibility of getting scammed if you aren't careful

Binance is a world-renown crypto broker and is probably one of the safest ways to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal.

The company has developed the Binance P2P marketplace, which allows buyers and sellers of crypto to connect.

Recently Binance has included a host of different new payment methods, from Apple Pay to PayPal. The company has made crypto more accessible for people from all walks of life.

How to Use Binance P2P Marketplace

First, go to the Binance website and sign up for the marketplace. You then decide how many Bitcoins you want to buy and from which country. Binance was initially designed to trade cryptocurrencies and profit from low and high price swings over a shorter time frame.

Luckily for people who are looking to invest in coins, they opened up the P2P marketplace.

You need to search for what crypto you are looking for, and the system does the rest.

There are some things you should check to see if the seller is trustworthy:

  • How many trades they have
  • How old is their account?
  • The number of people who trust this seller
  • Has anyone blocked the seller?
  • What is their feedback score?

It would be best if you used common sense to help validate whether a seller is genuine or not. There are often sellers on marketplaces like this who are scammers, so be aware of this when finding one to buy some Bitcoin from.

Finally, once you have found a reliable seller, you are then taken to the trade screen. You can see all the information regarding the seller, including location, user’s trade limits, and payment window.

Payment windows are often anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours once the trade has been initiated.

It is essential to read the terms and conditions for each specific seller. These are located on the right-hand side of your trade window and must be examined thoroughly.

Some sellers might require you have a reputation on Binance P2P first before making an order from them. That means you have to perform some small transactions to help build up your reputation.

Once you are happy with all the information, it’s time to enter the number of Bitcoins you want and send the trade request through.

It is vital to communicate only through the Binance P2P marketplace system and preferably use Escrow services, which are put in place for your safety.

While it is relatively quick to purchase Bitcoins with your PayPal on LocalBitcoins, it might take some time to build enough reputation to find a potential seller.

Use x Coins to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal.


  • Loans you Bitcoins to earn interest on


  • It can be costly due to high transaction fees

This company describes itself as a service that lends out Bitcoin to users. must not be mistaken for

Instead of purchasing Bitcoins from the service, it loans you Bitcoin that you can earn interest on. Whether it’s a sale or a loan, it is ambiguous in some way and can be interpreted by the individual using the service.

Here is how it works:

The buyer comes to the site and wants to loan some Bitcoin. First, your ID needs to be verified, and you are requested to deposit the USD equivalent of how much Bitcoin you want to borrow.

This amount includes PayPal/credit card fees and a fixed amount, which is the interested rate on loans from xCoins.

How to Use

Here is a step by step guide to loaning Bitcoin from xCoins:

  • Register on the site
  • Decide the amount that you want to purchase
  • Sign the loan agreement and accept the terms
  • Make sure your identity is verified
  • Make payment to receive your Bitcoins

This platform matches lenders with buyers, making the fees relatively high, which is a downside for investors.

Buy Bitcoin Through Paxful with PayPal Money


  • The official place to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal


  • Only available to users from the United States

Paxful and LocalBitcoins are very similar in the way that it operates. Both are peer-to-peer marketplaces that allow users to buy Bitcoin with a multitude of payment options. 

There is a chance of getting scammed, so you need to be cautious of which seller you decide to use. The exact process applies as with LocalBitcoin continuously checking the seller feedback score and reputation standards.

This way, you can stay safe when looking to invest in Bitcoin with your PayPal money.

How to Use Paxful

Making use of Paxful is extremely simple. The system is designed to make it as easy as possible to start owning Bitcoins.

First, you head over to the site and create your account. There is a verification process involved, and it is recommended for all buyers before proceeding to the next step.

Next, you need to select the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy and add your desired payment method.

Once your search is complete, you can either let Paxful help decide which sellers are best for you or manually choose them.

When the trade has been initiated, you and the seller are sent to an online chat room where you can conclude the deal. Escrow manages the seller’s Bitcoins, which are held until your payment has been marked as complete.

In most cases, deals have a specific time frame that it needs to be completed in, usually 30 to 90 minutes. After this time has passed, the trade is automatically going to be canceled.

Buy Bitcoin Straight Through PayPal

Only available to US citizens, this method probably has the lowest risk and highest maximum limits.

There are future talks of extending the cryptocurrencies support to other platforms and allowing third-party cash-out options.

The availability to purchase Bitcoin and three other cryptocurrencies directly from PayPal happened in October 2020. That is when the digital wallet PayPal decided to partner with Paxos.

Currently, this allows users to hold Bitcoins purchased to achieve some long-term gains from the cryptocurrency. It also made it possible to pay PayPal-supported merchants with your crypto wallet.

However, you cannot send these coins to another account or withdraw them, but there seems to be some hope for the future.

As it’s only available to US users, this option is not for everyone. Only time is going to tell if more countries are going to be added.

The maximum limits are $50,000 per year and $20,000 per month. The fees range between 1.5% and 2.4% depending on how many Bitcoins you want to purchase.

How to Buy Bitcoin on The PayPal Platform

First off, sign up if you don’t already have an account with PayPal. A verification process debits your US bank account to ensure that you are a genuine person.

Once your account is verified, which generally takes two to three days, you can proceed to the next step.

Click on your crypto section on your PayPal account. Then click the Buy and Sell tab. That displays the cryptos that are currently available to purchase.

Next, click on Bitcoin and then click buy. After entering the amount you wish to purchase, you need to continue with the payment method you want to use. Of course, if there is money in your PayPal account, you can then use it from your PayPal balance.

After this, it’s best to check the conversion rate and transaction fee to see if you are happy with the investment amount.

You can click buy now to complete the purchase, and the Bitcoins should now be available in your digital wallet on the PayPal website.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can Bitcoin be Purchased on Coinbase using PayPal?

Yes, it can. However, a bank transfer or debit card is required to complete the purchase.

When you buy Bitcoin from Coinbase, it allows you to cash out to your PayPal balance and even sell your existing coins.

Am I Able to Buy Any Other Cryptocurrencies with PayPal?

There are other crypto marketplaces where one can purchase various other cryptos such as Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

Some of these marketplaces include LocalMonero, Buy Monero, or LocalCrypto. On these marketplaces, you can find sellers from all over the world. The same rules apply as with other marketplaces. 

Emphasize finding a credible seller, and you are going to be one step ahead of other investors. You might encounter that the fees are high with these marketplaces, so keep that in mind when investing your PayPal money.

What About Newer Companies Offering Bitcoin Purchases with PayPal Money

You see a new site that allows you to buy Bitcoin using PayPal money every now and then.

It would help if you were skeptical of a place like this, and it would be advised to proceed with caution. 

Be sure to do your fair share of research on the company to see if it is legitimate and how long it has been in the industry. Reputation in cryptocurrencies goes a long way. That’s why all the above methods have been tried and tested.

They are the most reliable options to buy Bitcoin with your PayPal money out there. These companies have all been around for over three years, and developments in these businesses show that they are here to stay.

Conclusion – Can Bitcoin be Purchased with PayPal?

There are lots of ways you can use PayPal to buy Bitcoin. As you have read today, purchasing directly through the PayPal website is the best if you are an American. It is the cheapest and safest method allowing you to maximize your yearly or monthly purchases.

Places like Coinbase and LocalBitcoins are good options for people looking to buy and store coins to gain long-term value from them.

Options like eToro are perfect for investors looking to speculate on price fluctuations in the crypto market. A solution like this does not allow you to hold an individual coin and charges you high swap fees on long-term investments.

So, for now, these are all the options weighed up for you. It is up to you as an investor to decide which solution is going to meet your criteria.

Remember, Bitcoin is a long-term investment, so don’t expect to get rich overnight regarding hedging or speculative trading.

As the famous Warren Buffet once said, “nobody wants to get rich slowly.”

The core of investing is based on getting rich slowly and should be considered by everyone looking to break into crypto.

BWCEvent aspires to share balanced and credible details on cryptocurrency, finance, trading, and stocks. Yet, we refrain from giving financial suggestions, urging users to engage in personal research and meticulous verification.