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Maria Andretti is an Administrative Assistant with eight years of experience working alongside the VP finance of a Fortune 500 company.

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Is the Cryptocurrency Ice Beginning to Thaw?

There is little doubt that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in the process of making a comeback. Bitcoin stands at almost $9,300, closing in on the $10,000 rebound level investors have been looking for in 2020. Moreover, the year is just over halfway game. Although there are definitive signs that the ice is beginning to […]

13 Jul 2020
Gold Leaps above $1,800 as Traders Move into a Safe Haven

Fears of an economic hit from COVID 19 have driven the price of the safe haven asset to a nine-year high. The price of gold rose to more than $1,800 an ounce this week for the first time in nine years. Available data shows that investors have stashed a record amount of cash into funds […]

10 Jul 2020
Although There Is Chaos on the Streets, the Stock Market Is Up

The world is trying to deal with the effects of a pandemic. As well as the pandemic, the US is also facing racial strife and political upheaval. Nevertheless, even with all this chaos, the stock market continues to rise. Although this is 2020, the year somewhat echoes the events of 1968. Both years, 1968 and […]

What Factors Influence the Price of Gold?

Gold is a very desirable metal, sought after for investment purposes, the manufacture of jewelry, as well as the manufacture of a host of electronic and medical devices. As of March 2020, gold was at $1,625 an ounce, up a great deal from levels of 50 years ago when it was priced close to $300 […]

26 May 2020
Report Casts Doubt on a Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate

Stocks in the United States closed the day lower on Tuesday, slowing down and reversing the trend of previous days, this after a report cast doubt on the validity of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine candidate. Willem Sels, a marketing strategist at HSBC Private Banking, said, “With a lack of clarity in the market, a credible headline […]

21 May 2020