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Maria Andretti is an Administrative Assistant with eight years of experience working alongside the VP finance of a Fortune 500 company.

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Chipotle, Target use TikTok to find the workers they need in the tight job market.

The race to get employees has taken another turn as companies like Chipotle, Target, WWE and Shopify are teaming up to hire employees through TikTok. This pilot program released by Tik Tok allows interaction between companies and employees with video resumes on the Social Platform. It is another way for companies to connect with their […]

U.S Stock Market Hangs in the Balance as Inflation Continues to Rise

On Wednesday, the U.S stock market received data showing the most significant increase in inflation in 13 years. This data has fueled the notion that the pandemic stimulus program will be exited earlier than anticipated. Consequently, the rise in inflation has also affected Asian shares and has gotten many investors worried about the next action. […]

U.S Unemployment Slumps to a New Dip

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal Survey announced that there would be an estimated reduction for first-time applicants for unemployment benefits for the first time in recent times. The figure, which stood at 364,000 for the week ending June 26, is estimated to be 350,000 for the week ending on July 3. According to UNCTAD, […]

Crypto Strategist Says Bitcoin Pullback Is Shaking Out Investors Who Have ‘Paper Hands’

Longtime crypto bull and strategist Meltem Demirors told CNBC on Tuesday that Bitcoin is weeding out weaker investors. The shake-off comes after Bitcoin experienced a contraction.  Demirors who is the Chief Strategist Officer at CoinShares made the statement following a turbulent period for Bitcoin. The turbulent ride began with a great dip before it bounced […]

Advisors Warn of Looming Recession as the Federal Reserve Lags on Inflation

Since the pandemic struck in February 2020, the United States economy has been needing resuscitation. Several pieces of legislation have been signed to help bring the economy back on its feet and the country has seen great improvement. However, the National Bureau of Economic Research strongly believes that the country is still in a recession.  […]