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Bitcoin Tumbles as the News of Coronavirus Variant Shakes the Market.

According to news gathered by a crypto news site—Reuters, Bitcoin has tumbled about 9%, dragging other smaller tokens along with it. This was due to the announcement from health professionals, saying a potential vaccine-resistant variant of coronavirus has been discovered. The news led to panic among investors, causing them to dump riskier assets for those […]

How the Continuous Rise In Inflation Can Cause Higher Tax Bills

The most significant price hike in over thirty years came to play last month, with the consumer price index increasing by 6.2%. While various tax changes are a reflection of the higher cost, unchanged provisions can squeeze filers as purchase power dwindles.  The continuous increase in inflation also affecting stocks traded on Plus500 or eToro […]

What’s Wrong With the “Dog Coins”? Shiba Inu Slides, Dogecoin Follows

Shiba Inu(CRYPTO: SHIB) is having a bad day. The crypto coin with a dog theme, which was the rising star in October, has fallen 21.0% in the last 24 hours. It currently trades at .0047 US cents.  Dogecoin, which was initially labeled Shiba Inu crypto, is also in the red zone in the last 24 […]

Over 6,00 Coinbase Customers Affected by Multi-Factor Authentication Hack

Coinbase, Inc., the cryptocurrency exchange company, suffered a significant breach earlier this year. Hackers used phishing emails to collect sensitive account information from over 6,000 Coinbase users.   Although Coinbase claimed to have fixed the data leak immediately, the company withheld news of this breach until a few days ago. Coinbase Security Loophole Since its launch […]

US Economy Continues to Improve Despite Delta Variant of COVID

Reports from the Feds show that the economy continues to grow despite the new hiccups caused by the Delta variant of coronavirus. Although a statement made by the Central Bank, actually stated that the growth rate is actually slower than was expected but it was still improving. It stressed the jobs market growth also, stating […]