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Jeffrey Taylor is a retired mechanical engineer who has an interest in all things financial, including emerging markets and cryptocurrencies.

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Turkey Bans Cryptocurrencies, Investors Are Losing a Fortune

Turkey is in the midst of a crisis. Not unlike problems facing other emerging economies, Turkey is seeing out of hand inflation, a rapidly falling demand for its debt, and a high rate of unemployment. Two weeks ago, what had been speculation and rumor came to an end when plans were revealed to ban digital […]

Should You Be Buying Coinbase Stock?

Coinbase finally released its initial IPO and sent the investing world into a frenzy. This is the first major mix of traditional Wall Street investing and cryptocurrency, so a lot of people are eager to learn whether or not they should be investing. It’s hard to say how Coinbase is going to perform over time. […]

Bitcoin Volatility as Price Hits New All-Time High

If you found someone that claims to understand the Bitcoin market right now, you could comfortably call them a liar.  The cryptocurrency has defied all expert predictions, continuing to smash its own records, including posting a new ATH of over $60,000.  This should be good news, right? Yes, and it is, but there’s something much […]

Visa Moves to Allow Payment Settlements Through Cryptocurrency Blockchains

One of the biggest issues that crypto has faced while moving into the mainstream is adaptation. Despite how technologically promising coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are, there is hesitance from corporations to start taking advantage of them.  We’ve begun to see a shift in that stance, starting with Elon Musk and TESLA moving some of […]

The GME Saga Continues

I am quite comfortable saying that nobody in 2020 could have predicted GameStop’s stock movements this year. The company was on the decline and heading for bankruptcy, so why would anyone be betting on it? Before this year, the decrease in demand for physical games and the growing digital market destroyed GameStop’s business. The company […]