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Jeffrey Taylor is a retired mechanical engineer who has an interest in all things financial, including emerging markets and cryptocurrencies.

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The GME Saga Continues

I am quite comfortable saying that nobody in 2020 could have predicted GameStop’s stock movements this year. The company was on the decline and heading for bankruptcy, so why would anyone be betting on it? Before this year, the decrease in demand for physical games and the growing digital market destroyed GameStop’s business. The company […]

27 Feb 2021
German Economy on the Rise Thanks to Exports and Construction

Germany, one of the leading economies in Europe, enjoyed a Q4 growth of 0.3%. This boost in GDP signals a welcome sign of recovery from the damage done to the economy by the Coronavirus pandemic. This stronger-than-predicted increase resulted from a solid construction industry and an increase in overall exports out of the country.  Given […]

25 Feb 2021
Even as Retail Exceeds Expectations, Stocks Fall

The stock market is still feeling the effects of Covid-19. Despite the recovery of various sectors, including retail, industry leaders are struggling to prevent stocks from plummeting. Despite record highs and retail surges, the Nasdaq still fell over 1%. This loss was primarily the result of tech stocks that have been underperforming in February. Retail […]

18 Feb 2021
China Is Getting Close to Launching the Digital Yuan

Although the Peoples Bank of China has yet to announce a launch date, the digital yuan will be the first digital version of a country’s currency. China is making significant efforts to keep pace with, and control, a rapidly digitized economy. Throughout the year, trials have taken place in various cities. The trials and tests […]

10 Sep 2020
What Will Happen When There Are No More Bitcoins to Mine?

There are several cryptocurrencies, but since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin remains dominant. After existing for 11 years in the finance and tech space and cryptocurrency market, many individuals and institutions are beginning to explore Bitcoin’s innovative and ingenious functions. Bitcoin is often compared to gold, as both have certain similar features. For example, gold […]

13 Aug 2020