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Jeffrey Taylor is a retired mechanical engineer who has an interest in all things financial, including emerging markets and cryptocurrencies.

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NBA’s Klay Thompson bets on Bitcoin Despite ‘Death cross’.

The faith in the crypto world has widened further. First it was NFL players buying cryptocurrency, now it is NBA players who are taking part of their salaries in Bitcoin along with new crypto investors who are venturing into the market for the first time with platforms like eToro and plus500. A slam dunk for […]

17 Jan 2022
Cryptocurrency and Web3: The future of the internet?

For something that isn’t even in existence yet, web3 is sure making waves on the internet space. Tech icons are arguing and putting forth idealistic theories on social media. Investors are shoving a lot of money into businesses built on the premise of the Web3 and big time engineers are quitting their jobs in order […]

11 Jan 2022
Top Predictions For The Crypto World In 2022.

The year 2021 has been a quite volatile one for the cryptocurrency market, setting off with top prices that led many currencies to their all-time highs over the spring before crashing heavily in may, only to attempt recovery in the summer. One of the cryptocurrencies with the most noticeable rollercoaster price action is Bitcoin.  The […]

30 Dec 2021
The 1% Monopoly Of Bitcoin: All You Should Know

A lot of people labeled cryptocurrency as the savior that will put an end to centralized banking and its limitations. Not being tied to a government or central bank, it was deemed to be free from human bias and unequal distribution. However, a research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research brings to light […]

28 Dec 2021
Bitcoin Bleeds Again Today.

Generally, the Crypto market is red! The market capitalization fell marginally by 5.24% over the last 48 hours to bring its standings to $2.13 trillion. Bitcoin, which trades at $48,041.50 currently (a decline of 0.69% today) saw an increase in its market dominance by 0.50 percent over the last two days. It now stands at […]

20 Dec 2021