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Jeffrey Taylor is a retired mechanical engineer who has an interest in all things financial, including emerging markets and cryptocurrencies.

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Traders In Nigeria Verges into Innovative Bypass of Country’s Crypto Ban

On Thursday, the Nigeria-based cryptocurrency platform, Luno, announced that it has approved a solution to enable Nigerians to withdraw and deposit crypto and tokens into their bank accounts directly. This is positive news considering the fact that the country’s crypto activities were almost entirely halted by a national ban on the use of crypto in […]

Terra and Solana Hit All-Time Highs as Last Week’s Attack Takes No Toll on The Market.

The prices for Solana and Terra SOL and LUNA tokens have gotten to an all-time high as the capitalization for the two cryptos reached $2 trillion since May. The price increase is significant since the token prices represent two projects built for the decentralized finance sectors DeFi – indicating that investors were confident about the […]

Crypto Thief is Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison as the U.S Senate Passes a Bill for Crypto Tax.

This week, a 27-year-old man Afek Zard got an 8-year sentence at the Beer Sheva district court for crypto theft, Israeli news reported. The culprit stole about 75,000 DASH, which is estimated to be 22 million Israeli shekels at the time it was stolen. But the current value of the coin is almost twice as […]

Binance US CEO Calls It Quits as Binance GameFi Reaches 10 Million Daily Transactions

Just after four months of being in charge of the Binance US platform, Brian Brooks calls it quits sending a shock wave to the world largest crypto exchange. Many thought his Twitter account had been hacked when he tweeted his resignation on Friday, but he confirmed in a mail to CoinDesk that his account was […]

Georgian Government Uses Blockchain to Promote Its Wines as the U.S. seeks to regulate Stablecoins.

The Georgia Government, on Wednesday, seeks to bring its wine industry to the 21st century by accepting collaboration with Blockchain to put its wine-making industry to the world’s forefront. Currently, Georgia has a long-standing history of wine production for more than 8000 years. The wine industry in Georgia still maintains a large part of the […]