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Red Flags to Look out for on Scam Trading Bots 【2022】

Finixio Ai

Name: Finixio Ai

Description: Red Flags to Look out for on Scam Trading Bots 【2022】

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor

Account Options

  • Has generic private policies
  • Lockouts from accessing Finixio Ai
  • The platform is not regulated
  • Operates without a live chat


  • Simple registration process
  • User-friendly software interface


  • No identity verification process
  • False profit promises
  • Generic privacy policies
  • No transparency
  • Huge commissions & penalties

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Traders seek trading bots or brokerage accounts that can help improve their trading skills. There are many on the market right now that offer different features and options. Therefore, it is up to traders to partner with a trading bot that would effectively help them meet their trading needs.

They must also try to figure out if the trading bots are legit. The crypto world has major scamming issues stemming from different areas, including bogus websites. Therefore, it’s prudent to be on the lookout for red flags that help point out scam trading accounts.

Finixio Ai is an excellent example of a scam trading bot. Let’s delve into its review to determine the platform’s red flags that indicate it’s a scam.

What Is Finixio Ai?

This is a trading brokerage account that appears to have a lot of algorithms and trading strategies for Bitcoin traders. At first glance, traders can easily be lured into Finixio Ai scam, as it appears to be a pretty alright trading brokerage account, but when you look deep into the brokerage account, you’ll find loopholes that shouldn’t be there. 

Finixio Ai is unregulated by authorized online organizations that list a number of trading brokerage accounts that have complied with online regulations. This should tell you that Finixio Ai is not the safest platform to trade Bitcoins. Let’s first look at its pros and cons.

What Red Flags Does Finixio Ai Have?

Finixio Ai has a lot of red flags that indicate it’s a scam. It misses crucial steps when it comes to identity verifications and transparency, which are needed to make it a legitimate trading platform. They include:

Account Safety

This is not a safe place to trade Bitcoins. Finixio Ai has not put up strict measures that mitigate internet breaches that can make its user lose important information and money. Traders on the platform have to worry about their data and money safety. With this added pressure, investors on the platform can make flimsy choices that result in losses.

Additionally, there’s no identity verification from the onset of registration to making requests. This means that anyone who might have access to your account by accident can literally do anything from transferring your stored Bitcoins or making a transaction without your consent.

Traders Can’t Withdraw from Finixio Ai

The Finixio Ai scam works by not allowing users to withdraw their profits. Everything else on the platform is exceptionally well; users will therefore not notice anything is wrong with the platform. You’ll be able to register, use the demo account, and start trading.

If you’re lucky to make a few jackpots on trade, the platform will easily notify you and transfer your earned profits after commission deductions. When users want to request withdrawals, that is where the problem starts. Finixio Ai will give them a ton of excuses as to why they cannot withdraw their funds at that point.

It will drag out the withdrawal process until users give up on their money. If you’re more persistent with your withdrawals, Finixio Ai can lock you out of your account.

Finixio Ai Has No Email Address 

Once the website locks you out of your trading account, you can’t reach the platform anymore. When you search online for information, you’ll get nothing. There’s no data about Finixio Ai background and its owners.

Here’s when it’ll sink in that you’re never getting your money back. Trying to find other information like an email address is futile. It also does not display this on its website or online. Lack of transparency with regards to having Finixio Ai data about its background and its owners is a huge red flag.

How can a trading brokerage account have the audacity of asking its users about their bank details and personal information while it cannot display a mere email address for its user? Why does it seem like it is hiding something? If you’ve invested with this platform, just count your losses and try to move forward from the Finixio Ai scam.

False High Profits Promises

Finixio Ai will entice its victims by claiming that if users partner with the platform, they are assured of profits on every transaction they make. This is impossible since the crypto market is very unpredictable. Even if we assume the claims to be true, Finixio Ai has not made any steps to show any evidence concerning these claims.

There are no testimonials from previous users who can vouch for the account to suggest that the trading account helps them make profits or how Finixio Ai works to produce the results of its potential users. It makes the platform look untrustworthy. No reliable trading account will do this. Most of them warn traders before trading about the potential risks that online trading has.

No Customer Support

Finixio Ai does not have a customer support system. This makes it hard for users to know when there is a technical issue. It literally feels like you’re trading alone.

Huge Commissions

While trading on Finixio Ai, a trader can assume that the trading platform does not have any underlying charges on profits earned on the platform. This is because the Finixio Ai does not tell its users that there are some commissions it charges on profits earned. Once you’ve made a profit, that’s when the platform remembers it needs to charge a commission.

Users feel blindsided by this. Why didn’t the Finixio Ai platform outline these deductions prior to trading or set a commission section? Being upfront about such circumstances is all a user can ask for. Traders may feel like this is some makeshift way of cheating them out of their money. There’s no reason why Finixio Ai could not tell its users beforehand about its commission.

No Privacy Policy

Any trading company must have a privacy policy that guides them on how to secure the personal data of its users plus its data. The policy is usually indicated below its website. Finixio Ai does not have an original privacy policy. When you look closely at it, you’ll find that it’s copied content from the internet. 

The internet has made it so easy to duplicate such stuff, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. No legit platform would involve itself in such shady deals. It’s, therefore, wise to be vigilant, as agreeing to the terms and conditions of a duplicated private policy is just as bad as the act of duplicating itself. Make sure that, as a trader, you’re protecting yourself from such outcomes.

Is Finixio Ai a Scam?

Finixio Ai is definitely a massive scam. There are so many red flags on the platform that shouldn’t be ignored – failure to which users can get duped out of their hard-earned money. The platform misses important steps in the registration process and other areas that make it hard for users to believe Finixio Ai is legitimate. When you notice any other red flags, they should immediately halt any dealings with such a trading platform.

How Do Traders Secure Themselves from the Finixio Ai Scam?

The best way to evade scammer trading platforms is by not signing up with them. If you’re already registered with Finixio Ai, start counting your losses, and move on ahead, as there’s nothing you can do. 

Therefore, traders are advised to conduct extensive research and do their due diligence on a particular trading account they might be eyeing before signing up. Know all the steps that a trading platform must meet to be legitimate. It will put you in a position to pinpoint scam accounts that have failed to meet such needs, thereby helping you to evade being scammed. 

Final Thoughts!

Finixio Ai is a scam, and traders must avoid partnering with such a trading platform if they want to improve their trading skills. The indicators are always there. Most traders ignore their gut feeling about these indicators and, in the end, start crying foul.

An excellent example of the Finixio Ai trading is that it misses identity verification. This is a huge red flag, and no reliable trading platform can jeopardize the safety of its users by not having this step in the registration process. If a platform skips steps that secure and reinforce account safety, then without a doubt, it must be a scam; just like Finixio Ai. The platform is not trying to protect its users from internet breaches that can result in losing personal data and money worth millions in Bitcoins.

Additionally, the brokers on Finixio Ai are not regulated, adding fuel to the scam fire. Therefore, traders must be cautious trading on such a platform. The best way to scale through online trading is to treat everyone in the crypto industry as a scammer until proven otherwise. It may sound harsh, but it will put you on high alert to always be vigilant, thereby in a better place to notice any red flag an account may have before making that big step of signing up with a particular account.

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