Yuan Pay Group Review

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Yuan Pay Group

Name: Yuan Pay Group

Description: Yuan Pay Group has been making waves in the crypto space recently. It was brought to my attention by an investor friend of mine who asked me if it was worth putting their money into.

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Author: Jeffrey Taylor


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  • Yuan Pay Group is an official company with the backing of several notable Chinese financial institutions, including the Chinese Construction Bank.
  • Yuan Pay Group is the only place in the world to get your hands-on E-Yuan.
  • The signup process for Yuan Pay Group is remarkably quick and straight forward.
  • The range of withdrawal and deposit options you have is surprisingly standard considering it’s a Chinese broker.
  • The speeds of the money transfers are also surprisingly speedy considering the fact that the transfers are cross border.
  • The UI on Yuan Pay Group is phenomenal. A baby could understand how to navigate around the site.


  • Aside from the coin itself, Yuan Pay Group doesn’t do much in the way of innovation.

Me, being the great friend that I am, decided to do a bit of research on Yuan Pay Group. Up until this point, I had only heard of Yuan Pay. I hadn’t actually dipped my toes in those waters.

This Yuan Pay Group review details my initial experiences, research, and overall impression of this platform from a crypto trader’s perspective.

What is Yuan Pay Group?

In this YuanPay Group review, it’s important to point out that the site is a little different from the crypto trading platforms you might already be familiar with. Rather than automating the trading of different coins, this group is dedicated solely to the distribution of E-Yuan.

E-Yuan is positioning itself to be the definitive Chinese cryptocurrency in the rapidly approaching crypto cold war. As the US and China both battle for supremacy over the crypto space, E-Yuan is likely going to be a key factor in which country comes out on top.

The currency already has the backing of various major financial institutions all over China, which only legitimizes its claim to the Chinese cryptocurrency throne, so to speak.

That’s enough about E-Yuan; for now, let’s talk about YuanPay Group itself.
The company, and by extension the site, is the only licensed distributor of E-Yuan in the entire world. This is an unusual decision from a coin looking to be a major player in the scene but given that E-Yuan is looking to be a regional cryptocurrency, this decision makes sense.

By limiting the distribution down to one channel, it’s much easier to monitor and control the flow of the coin. This allows the institutes backing the coin to cement their position before deciding to release the coin into a free market, should they decide to do that.

Yuan Pay Group and the Rise
to Prominence

Yuan Pay Group didn’t pop up overnight. In fact, the company is relatively new, only having been set up in 2019. While researching for this Yuan Pay Group review, I actually enjoyed reading about how the company came to be.

The story of how Yuan Pay Group, and E-Yuan, came to prominence is an interesting one.

Before E-Yuan, Libra was the major coin of choice for the majority of Chinese investors. You might remember Libra from back in the early crypto days. In modern times, the coin is nearly non-existent.

That’s because both Visa and PayPal pulled support for the coin, which essentially killed it dead in the water.

Following this, the Chinese Construction Bank expanded its blockchain for the creation of a replacement for Libra, E-Yuan, and Yuan Pay Group was set up to be an independent third-party monitor and distributor for the coin.

YuanPay Group Signup Process

That’s enough exposition and context. Now, let’s get to the service section of this Yuan Pay Group review.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to register for an account on Yuan Pay Group before you do any sort of investing.

With a lot of major crypto brokers, the signup process is long and arduous. That wasn’t the case when I registered for my account with Yuan Pay Group.

All that’s in the signup form is your name, email, and phone number. You just verify that information and you’re free to go. There’s no waiting around for a technician to verify your identity or any of those regulations that you are subjected to in the States or Europe.

That’s really all there is to it. Signing up took about 10 minutes and was as easy as it possibly could have been.

Deposits and Withdrawals
on Yuan Pay Group

Naturally, the next step on this journey of discovery was to fund my newly established account with some trading ammunition. This was one of the most important parts of my Yuan Pay Group review, so I explored it as much as I could.

How the deposits and withdrawals were going to work was a point of particular interest for me. Yuan Pay Group is Chinese, and I haven’t traded with a broker outside of the US or Europe in quite some time.

I was curious as to how long it was going to take to deposit funds in the first place, as well as what different payment methods were available to me.
Yuan Pay Group, for the most part, has this covered. The company has a working relationship with many financial institutions around the world, possibly thanks to its connections with the Chinese Construction Bank.

As a result, the range of methods you have for depositing and withdrawing is about the same as you’re going to find anywhere else.

The speeds of your money transfers obviously vary from method to method, but I was surprised by how fast it was. That’s not to say that it’s incredibly quick because it isn’t compared to a lot of other major brokers out there, but for a cross border payment, it went surprisingly smoothly.

The minimum deposit amount for Yuan Pay Group is $250. This is on the lower end of the industry standard and something that I’m particularly grateful for. Not having to risk $500 to write a review like this is always something that I appreciate. For you, though, it’s a solid number that gives you investment power without being overwhelmingly high.

Withdrawing funds from Yuan Pay Group was a similar story to depositing. There were a handful of methods that I could use, and the time that it took for funds to transfer was more than acceptable considering the circumstance.

With that, remember that this isn’t a trading platform. The idea of investing in E-Yuan now is to adapt a HODL strategy and reserve your coins for the future. As such, that should be your primary focus rather than investing today and cashing out tomorrow.

How Does Yuan Pay Group Work?

It’s important to remember that this is not an automated crypto trading site. Therefore, how the system works is incredibly simple and not all that dissimilar to the major mainstream crypto brokers.

All you’re doing is buying a coin based on your parameters, the same as you would do with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

There are no trading algorithms or systems on display here, just a solid trading platform that allows you to buy E-Yuan at your leisure.
In terms of the trading versatility itself, it’s not overly impressive, but there’s nothing wrong with it, either.

It has all the functionality that you would want from traditional platforms, but that’s it. There are no innovations here, granted there doesn’t have to be, but it would have been nice to see something extra to account for the lack of sophistication.

The UI, on the other hand, is very impressive.

The user interface is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to crypto sites of any variety. I wholeheartedly believe that the terrible UI on brokers like Kraken are responsible for keeping cryptocurrency as an elitist investment tool.

Therefore, simplifying things down in a clean manner gets massive points in my book, and that’s what Yuan Pay Group does.

The Yuan Pay Group website is extremely easy to navigate and makes trading less of a chore than it is on other similar sites.

Yuan Pay Group Legit?

This is the big one. All the promises in the world don’t mean anything if the platform isn’t legit. Therefore, is Yuan Pay group trustworthy enough to quantify an investment?

Yes, I believe so.

Whether you want to invest in the coin yourself is one thing but doing so through Yuan Pay Group is perfectly fine.

The only thing you should need to hear on this front is the fact that Yuan Pay Group has the backing of the Chinese Construction Bank. That alone is enough justification to legitimize the company.

Why Use Yuan Pay Group?

I’m going to keep this section of my Yuan Pay Group review short and sweet. There is only one reason to use Yuan Pay Group, but it’s a big one.

Yuan Pay Group is the only broker in the world with the permission needed to distribute E-Yuan. You’re not going to find this crypto anywhere else.

Thus, if you want to hedge a bet on China in the incoming clash of the titans, then Yuan Pay Group is how you’re going to do that.


As long as you’re staying safe with your trading, Yuan Pay Group is going to serve you well. It’s a well put together platform, sure, but what’s more important is the fact that Yuan Pay Group is the only distributor of E-Yuan in the world.

Now, having established that Yuan Pay is a perfectly acceptable broker to use, the next thing you need to do is think about E-Yuan.

The coin is poised to be a major player in the coming years after both China and the US regulate crypto in 2021.

If you have enough money in the right places when this happens, then you’re going to be in very good shape going forward.

Granted, it’s a predictable gamble that is more science than luck, but there is still that risk all the same.

Yuan Pay Group is genuine and legit; just make sure you’re exercising caution when you trade.