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Brexit Millionaire Scam

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Find Out Why You Should Not Choose This Auto-Trading Software 【Updated For 2022】

Brexit Millionaire

Name: Brexit Millionaire

Description: Find Out Why You Should Not Choose This Auto-Trading Software

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Brexit Millionaire is the most recent app to come into our radar, and we decided to give it a thorough look to determine whether it’s a good investment choice or not. Today, we’re going to discuss the results of our investigation.


This website and its publications are not a source of formal financial or professional guidance. The perspectives shared here are grounded exclusively on the author’s viewpoint, investigations, and personal encounters, and must not be regarded as definitive facts. The writer is not a certified financial consultant and does not hold any relevant credentials in this field. It is strongly advised to seek advice from a proficient financial consultant before pursuing any investment activities, as the details delineated on this platform are broad and may not cater to personal requirements or situations.

Auto trading systems have been roaming the market for a long time. The main purpose of these apps is to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders gain more skills and perform better on their live trading, allowing them to increase their profits.

Most of these auto-trading apps rely on complex algorithms that help traders identify the right moment to execute a trade according to their needs. Due to the increasing success of trading apps, many scammers got to work and developed fake websites and apps to get people without trading experience to invest in them.

Trading itself is a highly risky activity, so it’s always recommended to do proper research before registering your credit card details on any of those websites. The purpose of our reviews is to expose these fake websites so that you don’t fall into their fake marketing pitches.

Brexit Millionaire is the most recent app to come into our radar, and we decided to give it a thorough look to determine whether it’s a good investment choice or not. Today, we’re going to discuss the results of our investigation.

Is Brexit Millionaire a Legit Trader?

According to our preliminary research, we didn’t see any signs of legitimate software or algorithms working in Brexit Millionaire’s website, which raised a high number of red flags for us. We don’t recommend you invest your money into this website as you could be dealing with scammers.

Thankfully, you can easily spot a scammer if you have the slightest experience with trading. In most cases, a scammer’s sales pitch sounds too good to be true, making the scam obvious. However, we understand that some of these websites aren’t as obvious to the general public as others.

At a first glance, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t look like a trustworthy auto-trading robot. If you want to know more about why we came to this conclusion, make sure to read our full review below!

What Makes Brexit Millionaire a Scam? – Full Review

We have certain scam indicators in place whenever we make a review. If the website we’re investigating raises one or more of those indicators, it automatically becomes suspicious to our team, requiring further research.

To help you understand Brexit Millionaire’s “mechanisms” and what makes them fake, keep reading.

Marketing Sales Pitch

One of trading’s primary attractive points is making money. However, trading tends to become overwhelming, confusing, or complicated for some people. In that sense, one of trading app developers’ best-selling pitches is that their app can make you money easily.

Keep in mind that no one can tell you exactly how much money you can make with trading since that’s impossible. Trading is a highly volatile activity, which makes the task of predicting your earnings too hard for even professionals.

Taking the paragraph below into consideration, Brexit Millionaire welcomes you with several claims as to how it can help you make money with its “state-of-the-art” platform. However, they don’t show any evidence to back up their claims, which is already bad news.

As mentioned before in this review, if the website sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Trading Platform

Trading platforms are trickier to evaluate since we have to test them several times to determine whether they work or not. According to Brexit Millionaire’s website, you can trade even if you don’t have any trading experience because the app does most of the work for you.

Once we started testing the trading platform, we noticed it had several bugs and miscalculations while executing trades. We decided to investigate further and discovered that the “trading platform” is a simple webpage with no real algorithm working behind it.

At first glance, Brexit Millionaire’s platform seemed legit, but it isn’t near to being even a mediocre trading app. All the trades you’re making within this platform aren’t real since the platform itself isn’t real.

Partner Brokers

A quick way to verify a trading platform’s legitimacy is to look at its partner brokers. Most legitimate platforms disclose this information to ensure their readers that they’re working with real people. 

Unfortunately, there’s none of this information regarding Brexit Millionaire. Most of the information the company placed on its home page is vague and doesn’t lead to any particular piece of evidence. 

Since we don’t know who Brexit Millionaire works with, it’s safe to assume that there are no brokers involved and that all your deposits are going directly to Brexit Millionaire’s team with no regulation, which puts your investment at risk of being stolen.

Member Testimonials

If you look up “Brexit Millionaire” on the internet, you may find one or two “review” websites filled with dozens of positive reviews for the website. However, if you look closely, you’re going to quickly notice these reviews are all fake.

We took the pictures from some of the “reviewers” and ran them through a reverse image search. As we expected, these reviews are stock images used by a variety of websites, meaning that many of the reviews for Brexit Millionaire are probably fake.

In case you want a more secure way to look up reviews, try independent reviewing sites; these provide much more accurate information about trading platforms since they aren’t related to the website creators in any way.

News Coverage

As with the member testimonials, there are several “news articles” roaming around online. These articles talk about how Brexit Millionaire made certain people millionaires. However, most of these articles use vague information and don’t truly explain anything regarding how the app made them “rich.”

Today, it’s fairly easy to create a fake website and make it appear legit, so we always recommend our readers to take the time and look at several websites before deciding if the trader is worth it or not. Remember you must always look for specific facts supported with evidence.

Support Team

Brexit Millionaire’s support team is non-existent. The website doesn’t include any information regarding customer support, and we didn’t see any people working to help us during our investigation. 

Customer support is necessary for people who want to make trades safely within a trading platform, and if the one you’re investing your money into doesn’t have any, it’s not a good sign. In essence, there’s no one to talk to if you’re having problems with your withdrawals or trading in general.

Brexit Millionaire’s Founder

Most legitimate trading websites offer a bit of information about their founder or team; this is to make the website legit in the eyes of the customer since you know who’s behind everything.

However, Brexit Millionaire’s “About Us” page is extremely vague and doesn’t provide any information regarding its team. The website frequently mentions “a team” but it doesn’t provide the reader with any data as to what that team does.

If a website doesn’t have particular information about its founders, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fake, but if you compare this with our other indicators, you’re going to notice something’s wrong with Brexit Millionaire.

Deposits and Withdrawals

According to Brexit Millionaire, the deposit and withdrawal process is one of the easiest ones on the market since it got rid of “extra processes” that may make funding or withdrawing your money too complicated. While that sounds delightful, there’s more to it.

First, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t talk about these “extra processes,” so you don’t truly know what it’s talking about. As for the deposit process, it is indeed simple; you may input your credit card information, choose an amount of money to deposit, and you’re done. The website encourages people to invest at least £250 to begin trading.

The real problem comes at the time of withdrawing. It seems simple at first glance, but it’s extremely overwhelming, and it takes way too long. Generally speaking, it’s designed so poorly in hopes that you resign and decide to declare your money as stolen.

”Risk-Free Trading”

Let’s get one thing out of the way: There’s no such thing as risk-free trading. Trading has always been a risky activity to do, and people must always take measures to minimize the risks. 

Brexit Millionaire claims its algorithm was designed to make trading as safe as possible for traders, minimizing the risks by a significant degree. Again, the Brexit Millionaire team didn’t provide us with any evidence to back up these claims. 

In fact, there is nothing on the website that tells us how safe Brexit Millionaire may or may not be. The sole fact that the website is claiming you’re going to avoid most trading risks by using its software is enough proof of scam.

Our Verdict on Brexit Millionaire

We can safely claim that Brexit Millionaire is not a legitimate trading app, and it’s not advisable for you to invest your money in it. The website raised way too many red flags during our research, and no indicator told us we could truly make money by using it.

The most likely scenario is that Brexit Millionaire’s team is composed of people who want to take your money with no benefits in return, so we highly recommend you stay away from this website as much as possible.

If you were planning on using Brexit Millionaire for your trading journey, don’t feel discouraged; there are dozens of legitimate websites out there, and they’re waiting for you to find them. We always recommend British Bitcoin Profit as an alternate solution for your trading.

British Bitcoin Profit looks similar to Brexit Millionaire, but the main difference is that British Bitcoin Profit is backed by legitimate brokers and offers an advanced platform that allows you to execute your trades smoothly.

How Do You Know Which Trading Platform to Choose?

We understand that finding a legitimate trading app may be challenging, especially if you’re someone without any trading experience. There are hundreds of scammers on the internet waiting for you to invest your money innocently into their website, but thankfully, they’re easily avoidable if you know what you’re looking for.

As mentioned before, we encourage you to use software such as British Bitcoin Profit. This app has been reviewed by our team thoroughly, and we give it our full approval for anyone who wants to start trading with a trading app.

Still, if you want to do your research, there are some guidelines you may follow so that you don’t fall into any scams. You may look at them below:

  • Don’t fall for sales pitches that sound too good to be true.
  • Check if the website discloses any information regarding its partner brokers.
  • Look on the internet for independent reviewers.
  • Look for information on the website’s team.
  • Don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose.


If there are some questions that we haven’t answered for you yet, they may be in our FAQ section below. The key to making smart investments is understanding what you’re doing at all times, so feel free to navigate through our most frequently asked questions to find the answer you were looking for.

What Is Brexit Millionaire?

According to its official page, Brexit Millionaire is a trading app designed to benefit people from Britain’s separation from the European Union. Brexit caused a hard impact on the British economy, which is why the company states that this is a huge opportunity to invest in assets since the economy is expected to grow again soon. However, the British market is unpredictable, and nobody can tell you whether it’s going to grow soon or not since no one knows. We believe the developers used Brexit as an excuse to make people invest in hopes of making significant returns in case the British economy changes shortly.

How Much Can You Deposit in this Platform?

You can deposit as much money as you want into Brexit Millionaire’s platform, although the platform suggested we started with a minimum investment of £250. We recommend you not to invest any of your money in Brexit Millionaire since you may fall into a scam. Keep in mind that if you invest any amount of money in Brexit Millionaire, the chances are that you’re not going to see that money again, ever.

Can You Make Safe Withdrawals with Brexit Millionaire?

Brexit Millionaire’s team states that you can make withdrawals in a matter of minutes thanks to its website optimization. However, we encountered several issues and obstacles at the time of withdrawing our investment from the platform. In a legitimate trading app, you would be able to withdraw any amount of money at any point in time. Brexit Millionaire claims it can do the same, but we didn’t find anything that backed up that claim. According to our research, there’s no customer support department for Brexit Millionaire, meaning you can’t make any complaints if you’re having any problems with your money. In essence, you have no way of getting your money back. We suggest you use legitimate trading software instead, such as British Bitcoin Profit.

BWCEvent aspires to share balanced and credible details on cryptocurrency, finance, trading, and stocks. Yet, we refrain from giving financial suggestions, urging users to engage in personal research and meticulous verification.