BitLQ Review

Discover all that BitLQ has to offer in our review of the exciting new platform 【2022】

Bitcoin and the wave of other cryptocurrencies that followed have changed the face of the financial future. As a result, more and more people are looking for ways to get involved and invested. Out of that interest, trading apps were born.

In this BitLQ review, we look at what makes this particular platform worth paying attention to and what to expect from a membership. Our review looks at the BitLQ platform from the perspective of a brand-new user and follows the entire process from setup to withdrawal.


Name: BitLQ

Description: Read Our BitLQ Review to Find Out All You Need to Know About This App 【Updated For 2022】

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Application Category: Auto-Trading Robots

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Now that you have more of an understanding of what BitLQ is all about, here is a summary of the best bits and the areas for improvement as we see it.



  • Unlike most trading apps, BitLQ does not make users wait around a week to withdraw their money. Most withdrawals are complete within 24 hours!
  • BitLQ has one of the most user-friendly app interfaces out there.
  • The training platform is a perfect simulation of the real thing and gives the new user an excellent idea of how to use the BitLQ app and what to expect from trading.
  • BitLQ’s demo account is one of the best we have seen.
  • There are no hidden fees along the way, and the setup is free of charge.


  • There is currently no downloadable BitLQ mobile app.
  • It is not an auto-trading bot, which is what some people are looking for (although it is not necessarily a smart choice).
  • Only three cryptocurrencies are available right now.
  • You must deposit at least $250 to start trading.

Remember, every trader’s journey is unique, and what works for one may not work for another, so always do a little research before jumping in and risking your money. We find BitLQ to be an overall solid choice and think it is worth taking a look at.

What Is BitLQ?

BitLQ is a crypto trading robot app designed to help people of all experience levels learn to trade. It was designed and launched by people with a background in trading, cryptocurrency, and software development, so it has all the necessary ingredients to be great.

The marketing of BitLQ is predominantly about learning to trade, gaining experience, and having a shot at becoming successful in the industry. It does not make false promises about making millions overnight, which is one of the things we instantly liked about it.

At the time of this review, BitLQ members could trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. It is unclear if the app is likely to expand these opportunities in the future or to remain focused on perfecting what it already does.

Account Options: BitLQ Review in a Nutshell

Before we go into detail about BitLQ and the results of our investigation, here is a brief overview of the account options and what to expect if you do sign up.

  • All BitLQ accounts have a minimum deposit but no maximum deposit.
  • You can set up an account using either fiat currency or cryptocurrency- it makes no difference to the BitLQ trading journey.
  • BitLQ is not a substitution for a broker. In fact, you are connected with one at the beginning of the registration process.
  • It is free of charge to set up an account with BitLQ.
  • Users of BitLQ can choose between a live account and a demo account at first, depending on how prepared they feel to get started.

Overall, the account settings with BitLQ are not complicated, but they are helpful. We always rate effective simplicity higher than confusing jargon.

Because of the focus on the training platform, advisory support, and helpful robot algorithms, we believe that BitLQ is best suited to beginner traders looking to learn more about the industry and try their hand at crypto investing.

Of course, the BitLQ app is not exclusively for newcomers, and there are a variety of account settings that are excellent for experienced traders. Overall, we felt the design, simplicity, and ease of the app were particularly good for somebody who hasn’t done much trading before.

How Does the Trading App Work?

There are three stages to working the BitLQ trading app: registration, preparation, and instigation. Overall, we found the operation of BitLQ to be very straightforward and uncomplicated, which is a bonus.

Here is a run-through of what to expect when opening an account with BitLQ.

Signing Up

Joining BitLQ is far simpler than a lot of other apps sign-up processes. On the website, go to the Login page, and you can find options to log in or register. If it is your first time, fill out the details in the register box.

All the site asks for is a name, email address, and phone number: it is that easy! It is important to make sure your contact details are correct. Otherwise, the BitLQ team cannot contact you to confirm the account and complete the setup.

Getting Started

The next step with BitLQ is a conversation with a broker that is partnered with the app. We looked into the brokers that BitLQ uses and were highly impressed. They are respected, well-established, and great at what they do.

When we were setting up our account, we were pleasantly surprised by how informative and helpful this chat was. Rather than being pushy, like some other experiences we have had, the broker representative from BitLQ we spoke with took time to explain the account options, give us the details and advantages of each, and let us decide how we wanted to move forward.

Probably the most important part of getting your BitLQ account ready is deciding whether to trade directly through the broker at first, to use the software alone, or somewhere in between. The good part is, you can always change your mind later when you feel more confident.

Trading with BitLQ

Trading through BitLQ is a great experience booster, and we loved how beginner-friendly it was. Each step is well-explained, easy to follow, and simple to understand. All the market information is there but is a stripped-back way that is less confusing for a newbie, and the funds available are clear to see.

Before making trades, you need to make a deposit, which was also incredibly straightforward on BitLQ. You remain in complete control of all your funds and are the only person who can use them in any way.

Please note that BitLQ is not an auto-trading bot, and it does not make moves with your money on your behalf. It is also not a get-rich-quick scheme that makes a whole lot of unrealistic promises. What it does do is provide a professional and proactive place for people to hone their skills and enjoy the experience of trading.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about BitLQ and trading in general to give you a little more insight.

Is there a mobile version of BitLQ?

There is not a BitLQ mobile app at this time, only a desktop app, but the website works compatibly with both mobile and desktop devices. Because the website is so efficient, it translates well to the small screen. We are not sure if BitLQ is developing a mobile app for use in the future.  

Does the app have a minimum or maximum deposit requirement?

The minimum account deposit on BitLQ is $250 or the equivalent in either Euro, Pound Sterling, or one of three approved cryptocurrencies. Deposits are possible via a bank transfer, a card payment, or a secure digital wallet.

There is no maximum deposit advertised, which suggests you can deposit as much as you want, although most cards have payment limits and restrictions of their own.

How much time should I spend on the app each day?

Some apps claim that can become a successful trader overnight with just a few minutes a day of looking at your account. We can confirm that is not how it works! BitLQ seems to be quite transparent about what its users can expect and what they need to do, which is something we like.

Basically, the more time you spend each day using the app, the better chance you have to learn and improve. Apps such as BitLQ can certainly reduce the time spent glued to a desk, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still put in a little time. How much time you spend is completely up to you, but bear in mind you get out what you put in. That applies to BitLQ and any other worthwhile platform.

BitLQ Review: Final Thoughts

In summary, BitLQ is an efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly trading app with a lot to offer. We would recommend it most for somebody who is new to the trading game and needs a place to build their confidence and grow their skills.

BitLQ is a legitimate business and presents real trading opportunities in the crypto bubble, so it is worth looking into for someone planning to make this type of investment.

We recommend BitLQ as a crypto trading app!