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Bitcoin Millionaire Scam

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What You Need to Know Before Using This App 【Updated For 2022】

Bitcoin Millionaire

Name: Bitcoin Millionaire

Description: Is Bitcoin Millionaire Legit? No!

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Most people like the allure of trading cryptocurrency, but they aren’t sure what to do or where to start. They go online to find out about their options and stumble across various auto-trading robots. There are plenty of them out there, but they may not all be legitimate and come through on the promises they make.


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If you want to use auto-trading software for yourself, you may have considered Bitcoin Millionaire. However, we suggest that you stop immediately. Our team has thoroughly investigated this platform, and you aren’t going to like what you hear. It’s a full-on scam!

Those who have already made a deposit on this robot are sure to lose their money. This is unfortunate, but there are things you can do to avoid that in the future. For one, you can start looking up auto-trading robots on our site to help you understand which ones are legit and which ones aren’t. Ultimately, scam robots like Bitcoin Millionaire are only there to steal the money from traders. However, they could be dangerous enough to expose private credit card information to cybercriminals and other scam sites.

This extensive review is going to focus on Bitcoin Millionaire to discover why it’s a scam. We don’t stop there, though! You also get tips to avoid similar scams, and we show you legitimate robots, too. Please continue reading this Bitcoin Millionaire review to find out why you shouldn’t use it. Alternatively, you may go right now to a legitimate bot review, like Bitcoin Up.

We have done extensive research on Bitcoin Millionaire. Here are the reasons why it is not legitimate:

  • Bitcoin Millionaire uses various deceptive techniques to try to get people to sign up for the auto-trading robot.
  • There is no accuracy with Bitcoin Millionaire. Many traders experience consistent losses and no profits.
  • Our test actually shows that the web-trader is a fake. This simple webpage might look like other platforms, but it has no algorithms.
  • Find out more about Bitcoin Millionaire.

What Is Bitcoin Millionaire?

Bitcoin Millionaire claims to be an automated trading robot for cryptocurrency.

The goal of any legit bot is to let traders trade Bitcoin CFDs, guessing on the price of it right then to earn money. However, our investigation depicts that the Bitcoin Millionaire is a scam. You’re bound to lose your deposit quickly when “live trading” on this web trader. Our live testing shows that Bitcoin Millionaire uses predetermined ‘trades’ so that its traders see losses all the time. In fact, we don’t think there’s any trading technology used here at all.

Why Is Bitcoin Millionaire a Scam?

Though some scam auto-trading robots pretend to be legit, this one can’t even do that! It promises things that just aren’t feasible or possible, and the story goes: When you think it’s too good, it usually is.

The lies emanating from this website are comical. Ultimately, its only goal is to get that deposit from unwary traders. Those unfortunate enough to do that before reading this review can’t get that money back.This platform is presented to be a web trader, but it’s fake. Plus, the robot partner brokers aren’t genuine at all. We know that because we couldn’t find a legal registration or regulation for any of them.

As with other scam auto-trading robots, the goal here is to take people’s money. However, Bitcoin Millionaire does that by targeting people in financial distress. It promises glitz and glam and leaves you high and dry.

When you arrive on the Bitcoin Millionaire website, you scroll through a long section of information. Under that is the testimonials area, where you should be able to read from others what they like about the software.

However, most of them are full of photographs with people looking rich. While there may be one or two that actually made money on Bitcoin Millionaire, we don’t believe the claims are legitimate or real.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that the reviewers are hired actors. Typically, scam auto-traders use such photos along with the testimonials to lure people in.

Any robot using such show-off testimonials is a scam. There’s no reason to do that if you’ve got legitimate users who want to tell their stories. Ultimately, one way to spot a fake is to look at what the platforms say and how they’re worded.

We don’t think anyone should sign up to use Bitcoin Millionaire. If you already did, close your account without putting in any personal information.

During our research, we revealed that Bitcoin Millionaire offers withdrawals. However, upon closer examination, we realized that it is fake, too. It works similarly to other scam robots. That means you deposit your capital. Once the money is in there and shows in your account, there’s no way to get it back.

Legitimate auto-trading software always allows you to remove the full initial investment. Most people don’t want to do that, but it’s an option. That way, you can get your money back for whatever reason.

Ultimately, you aren’t going to have any earnings to withdraw because the scam bot doesn’t offer live trading. It tells you what losses have already happened, pretending that it just occurred!

If you do choose to request your money back or fill out the withdrawal form, you get no response from Bitcoin Millionaire. Those who are persistent find out that they’re banned from the platform altogether because their login credentials no longer work.

Bitcoin Millionaire claims that it is a web trader, but it’s really just a website. It’s set up to look like any other trading platform, but it isn’t. There’s no actual algorithm behind it, so any results you see are all predetermined.

Ultimately, there’s no live trading with this platform. Bitcoin Millionaire is similar to other scamming auto-traders because it depends on the brokers (also scams) to get the deposit money. Earlier, we mentioned that the brokers on Bitcoin Millionaire aren’t regulated. This is not an oversight; it was planned that way.

The brokers don’t have to be accountable, and the fake web-trader isn’t to blame because it did nothing illegal (handling the deposit money). Therefore, it’s unlikely that you can recover the deposits made on this fake software.

When you do choose a legitimate auto-trading robot, make sure that the brokers listed on it are regulated. Typically, you want to look for ASIC, CySec, FSB, and FCA. If there are other affiliations instead, they might not be real or authentic. Also, if there’s no proof or listing at all about the brokers, don’t use the auto-trading software.

Withdrawals aside, there are very unsafe website practices used with Bitcoin Millionaire. Most legit auto-traders have a data protection policy or terms of use page. That tells you what the company does with the information you give it. Typically, it’s all legal mumbo-jumbo, but it says that the company can’t sell your information or give it to anyone else.

That doesn’t happen with Bitcoin Millionaire. It can, effectively, give away or sell any information you provide, which is highly unsafe.

On top of that, personal information stored on the web servers isn’t encrypted. Any hacker could get in there and steal your identity or bank account data.

Who Created Bitcoin Millionaire?

Most legitimate auto-trading robots offer some information about who created them. Normally, names aren’t given out because they want to protect their identity. If you made an algorithm to help predict cryptocurrency market conditions, you probably don’t want anyone to know you did. They might hound you every day to get more information or “insider tips.”

Still, there’s some sort of story about how the algorithm came to be and who tested it first. This is a given for most legitimate software options, but not for Bitcoin Millionaire.

There’s no about us page at all. Sometimes, scam bots have this, but when you click on it, it goes nowhere. You don’t even get that from Bitcoin Millionaire. In a sense, it just leaves all that off from the beginning.

Ultimately, you read those rags-to-riches stories and wonder if they’re true. We can’t say they are or aren’t unless we’ve already reviewed the software. However, we didn’t even get a chance to do that with Bitcoin Millionaire because none was provided!

In effect, we can almost guarantee that Bitcoin Millionaire is a scam auto-trader.

Our Verdict on Bitcoin Millionaire

Right now, you should be cowering in your boots (or shoes). It’s clear immediately now that Bitcoin Millionaire is a full scam. If we haven’t done that, no one is likely to talk you out of joining and losing money. Ultimately, we find that this platform has every negative characteristic and red flag to watch out for from a scamming robot!

We can almost fully guarantee that you are going to lose money when depositing anything on the site. In fact, you can never earn anything because it doesn’t provide live trading!

Additionally, we are fearful for your personal data. You learned earlier that the creators can sell or give away information, such as names, birthdates, and credit card information. On top of that, the servers aren’t encrypted, so you can’t be sure that a cybercriminal isn’t going to steal your identity.

With all that going through your mind, it’s best to take a step back. At the very least, pause for a few days before signing up to Bitcoin Millionaire. Plenty of research is needed to find the best auto-trading software. We just don’t want you to try Bitcoin Millionaire and get swindled!

Though Bitcoin Millionaire might not share any information, it’s not worth the risk. On top of that, you don’t have any idea if you’re making real trades.

Bitcoin World Capital ultimately recommends that people do not use Bitcoin Millionaire at all. Don’t even go to the website because cybercriminals could hack into your computer. On the off-chance you do visit the site, please do not input personal information or sign up for the bot. It’s not worth the aggravation and hassle.

Instead, please consider Bitcoin Up or YuanPay Group as your go-to auto-trading robots. Both of these options have been thoroughly tested by Bitcoin World Capital. We have found that they’re both legitimate and safe to use. You are not going to make any daily profits with Bitcoin Millionaire, but the other legitimate robots can help you.

In your endeavors, remember that cryptocurrency is volatile and trading carries risk. In fact, crypto CFD trading might be riskier than other opportunities, so practice good trading strategies.


We realize that your mind is likely reeling right now. It’s a lot of information to take in at once. However, you may still have questions about legit robots and Bitcoin Millionaire. Let’s take time now to address those. You can always refer back to this review if you forget something or have a concern later. Ultimately, your goal is to find a reputable and safe auto-trading robot, and we can help!

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Legit?

No! We have thoroughly investigated Bitcoin Millionaire, and it is a full scam. We don’t recommend that any use it. However, you shouldn’t sign up on the site, either. Putting out personal information could mean cybercriminals get access to it. On top of that, do not deposit money on this website.

How Much Is Earnable on Bitcoin Millionaire?

We must say that Bitcoin Millionaire is a scam. That means you cannot earn money on the platform. There’s no live trading, and the losses are predetermined. Ultimately, that indicates that any money put onto the website is going to be lost. Though you might invest the minimum amount, you’re sure to lose everything. Please steer clear of Bitcoin Millionaire.

How Much Should Someone Deposit onto Bitcoin Millionaire?

You are allowed to deposit as much money as you wish into your account fund on Bitcoin Millionaire. However, we don’t think you should put any amount in the account. In fact, don’t sign up for it at all!

If you invest money into Bitcoin Millionaire, you are sure to lose it all because this is a scam robot. While the creators only ask for $250 (the minimum), they are likely to ask for more money when you lose the initial deposit. Typically, that’s the way with these scam sites. It’s easier to bombard the same people rather than getting new sign-ups.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Earnings or Deposits from Bitcoin Millionaire?

No. If you were unfortunate enough to deposit money in Bitcoin Millionaire, you aren’t allowed to withdraw it. Legitimate robots usually let you take out that initial deposit of investment capital. They don’t want you to, but it’s a sign that they are authentic and you’re in control.

That doesn’t happen with Bitcoin Millionaire. In fact, you’re probably going to lose the initial deposit and be requested to add more.

If you try to withdraw the initial investment, you can fill out an easy form. However, nothing ever comes from it, and you wait for a long time to be told the transfer couldn’t happen. When you try to contact customer service, nothing happens.

What Should I Do Instead of Registering with Bitcoin Millionaire?

Those who want to use an auto-trading robot to help make crypto trades should choose one that is legitimate. They are out there, and we like Bitcoin Up. Please read the review about it to understand it fully.

BWCEvent aspires to share balanced and credible details on cryptocurrency, finance, trading, and stocks. Yet, we refrain from giving financial suggestions, urging users to engage in personal research and meticulous verification.