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Bitcoin Equaliser Review

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Everything You Should Know Before Using Bitcoin Equaliser 【Updated For 2022】

Have you been thinking of trading on the cryptocurrency market? Many people want to start, and they don’t know where to begin.

I know it’s challenging because there are so many rules and regulations to consider. Plus, trading with crypto is a bit different than on the stock exchange. Therefore, when I heard about Bitcoin Equaliser, I was intrigued.

It’s a software-based trading system that someone recommended to me. I had to give it a try, and I found out a lot about it. From there, I chose to help other people like me who wanted to trade cryptocurrency without knowing much about it.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam or legit? Can you make money from it? This crypto trading platform has quickly grabbed the attention of investors everywhere. There’s plenty of information to discuss, so let’s get started with our Bitcoin Equaliser Review.

Bitcoin Equaliser

Name: Bitcoin Equaliser

Description: Everything You Should Know Before Using Bitcoin Equaliser 【Updated For 2021】

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Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


I feel that everything should always list the pros and cons, so this Bitcoin Equaliser Review has that information for those who just want to skim the article:



  • Fast and efficient withdrawals that take about 24 hours to complete
  • Various payment methods supported
  • Fast software
  • Easy and simple registration process
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Free demo to check functionality before funding the account
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Manual trading available
  • No experience necessary
  • Secure SSL encryption on each page of the platform
  • Supports various cryptocurrencies (XRP, LTC, ETH, and BTC)
  • Available in 170 countries


  • Fewer cryptocurrencies than other robots
  • Little information about the founders
  • Risk factors involved (as with all types of trading)
  • Can’t verify performance statements and testimonials
  • No devoted mobile app

This website and its publications are not a source of formal financial or professional guidance. The perspectives shared here are grounded exclusively on the author’s viewpoint, investigations, and personal encounters, and must not be regarded as definitive facts. The writer is not a certified financial consultant and does not hold any relevant credentials in this field. It is strongly advised to seek advice from a proficient financial consultant before pursuing any investment activities, as the details delineated on this platform are broad and may not cater to personal requirements or situations.

What Is Bitcoin Equaliser?

By analyzing bearish and bullish candles, bitcoin traders analyze trends and make trading decisions. The volatility of Bitcoin, however, may make human trading less effective. Keeping up with trades could be really stressful.

Well, you no longer have to deal with this anxiety. Pro-bitcoin traders use Bitcoin Equaliser to make more informed trading decisions.

Why You Should Use Bitcoin Equaliser For Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin traders are unable to respond rapidly enough to price swings to make the best trades. They use trading software to keep track of bitcoin price swings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bitcoin Equaliser is a software that helps traders understand how the market behaves and make smart trading decisions. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by using Bitcoin Equaliser.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin Equaliser?

User friendly

Even for beginners, the Bitcoin Equaliser is easy to use. In addition, the software functionality is straightforward to understand without any assistance.

Dedicated account manager

After signing up for Bitcoin Equaliser, you will be assigned an experienced account manager. This individual can assist you with technical queries such as setting up your account and more.

Suitable for all traders

To begin trading with Bitcoin Equaliser, you don’t need any prior knowledge. So, Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned trader, the Bitcoin Equaliser is designed for you.

Compatible with all device

You can use Bitcoin Equaliser on PCs and mobile devices. That is, you can access and control your account at any time and from any location.

A wide range of tools

Bitcoin Equaliser comes with a number of assistant tools that you can use to create your own trading strategy.

How to get Bitcoin Equaliser

This is how you can get started with Bitcoin Equaliser.

Register with a certified broker

Following registration, you will be assigned a recommended account manager.

Bitcoin Equaliser will be provided to you by your dedicated account manager.

Now, you can set up Bitcoin Equaliser to suit your strategy. Alternatively, you can choose to trade through your account manager.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser Legitimate?

My Bitcoin Equaliser review couldn’t be complete without talking about the legitimacy of the robot. If you want to invest and consider this platform, it’s important to research it thoroughly.

I’ve done a lot of the work and tested it after it was recommended to me. Therefore, I don’t think it is a scam. However, you must understand how volatile the market is and the risks found with Bitcoin trading.

Nothing is ever risk-free, so you should be aware of that. Regardless of the trading platform you choose to set up an account with, you must only deposit what can safely be lost.

With that said, Bitcoin Equaliser has a reputation as being a legitimate trading robot. You can start off small because the minimum deposit is $250.

Ultimately, I started with reading the testimonials on the Bitcoin Equaliser site. I encourage you to do the same. Most of them are positive and indicate success with the robot. However, you should also take those with a grain of salt. In most cases, the founders put the best Equaliser reviews up there and leave off the negative ones.

Still, with so many people claiming that it works, I can say in this Equaliser review that the trading platform is legitimate.

However, I do want to point out that there wasn’t much information about the creators or founders of Bitcoin Equaliser. This can be a bit confusing to some. What I think is that they didn’t want to be listed for fear that people might bombard them with questions and requests all the time.

Other external sources also confirm that it is original and legitimate. I encourage you to do outside research after reading this Equaliser review.

How to Begin Trading with Bitcoin Equaliser?

While you should continue reading this Equaliser review, I wanted to provide a clear picture of how to sign up for and use Bitcoin Equaliser. This crypto trading robot is easy to use, and the steps are as follows:

Account Registration

You must create an account with Bitcoin Equaliser before using it. To do this, it’s imperative to go to the official website. Right at the top, it asks you to fill in a form with information like your email address, name, and telephone number.

From there, you’re asked to create a password. I recommend that you use something strong that no one could guess.

After you’ve done that, you have to wait a few moments to verify your phone number and email address. The system sends a special link through email and text. Follow the directions, and you’ve opened an account with the platform.

Demo Account

While some crypto trading robots don’t offer a demo account, Bitcoin Equaliser does. I feel that everyone should use it because it lets you practice making trades without using any of your real money.

With that, you can learn how the trading process works and the powerful software behind Bitcoin Equaliser. That way, you gain confidence before you start live trading. Also, this feature is free and optional.

You don’t have to use the demo account. I almost didn’t because I was eager to see what it was all about after hearing about it. Still, I took the time to learn and was so glad I did.


Before you can start live trading on the crypto platform robot, you have to fund the account. Bitcoin Equaliser requires $250 at the minimum. I did find that you can add more to your account if you want. However, I advise choosing the lowest amount, especially as you learn.

There are different payment methods available to fund the account. Choose the one you’re comfortable with or have already.

Live Trading

Now that you’ve funded the account, you’re ready for live trading. The first thing to do is to set the trading parameters. This includes the crypto pairs to trade, the amount to invest, and more.

Once you do that, you’re paired with online brokers. The software is only there to find the right trading options for you.

Withdraw Profits

This is quite easy to do and only requires you to fill out the withdrawal request. You may choose any payment options you want. Remember, the brokers are regulated, so everything is legitimate and safe.

When I was told about Bitcoin Equaliser, the person informed me that it’s best to reinvest some of the profits. That way, you always have funds in your account. I chose that route and never had a problem!

How Is Bitcoin Equaliser Different than Other Trading Platforms?

With so many things to ponder, I wanted my Equaliser review to be different. Therefore, I decided to talk about how this platform is a cut above the others.

Immediately, you can see that the features of Bitcoin Equaliser give it an edge over its competitors:

  • Other trading platforms make it very hard to register for an account. Since it’s so hard to do, most beginners don’t even get past this stage. However, the hassle-free interface on Bitcoin Equaliser ensures that it’s adaptable and easy to follow.
  • Unlike the many other crypto trading platforms, it doesn’t limit its users to a single payment method. There are many options, allowing you to pick the one that meets your needs best.
  • Other legitimate competitors offer Bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies. However, they have slow and strict transactional processes. Bitcoin Equaliser doesn’t create a fuss about anything, so you can withdraw your money in about 24 hours or less. However, banking institutions have rules, too. Therefore, they could hold the funds before depositing them into your account.
  • Every platform has positive testimonials because that’s the way of the world. As you’ve learned in this Equaliser review, this crypto trading system does the same. However, it doesn’t focus solely on that, so you can still learn about it and get to know it before deciding to try it.
  • The online brokers are also available to guide you. While they might work with other platforms, they’re highly responsive on Bitcoin Equaliser. You can ask questions and get assistance quickly.
  • These online brokers are regulated, so you know the information you provide is safe. You can’t say that with the other robot competition out there.
  • Operated in over 150 countries throughout the world. For example, some top trading platforms aren’t available to African or Asian areas, but that’s not the case for Bitcoin Equaliser.
  • There is no third-party involvement other than the brokers, and the brokers are there for your benefit and protection.

Two Good Reasons to Utilize This Platform for Trading

Here are just two of the reasons why Bitcoin Equaliser is ideal:


One reason why traders use trader platforms like Bitcoin Equaliser is that they’re easy to navigate. You don’t have to have any special skills or tons of knowledge about trading to start. Once you register for your account and are verified, you get the hang of things quickly. Even if it’s your first time trading crypto, you feel like a pro pretty soon.

Another reason it’s so easy to use for beginners is that you don’t have to deal with e-wallets.

Advanced Analytics

Bitcoin Equaliser  Robot sifts through tons of trending news and information, combining that with the other information to focus on potential price changes, so you get the most updated info available.

Top Tips for Trading with a Robot (Including Bitcoin Equaliser)

When this crypto trading robot was recommended to me, I didn’t have a lot of information about it. Sure, I was told that it was great, but I wanted to offer more to you in this Equaliser review.

You’re working with a platform with thousands of other people making money. It’s very lucrative and interesting, but you should remember that you’re working with volatile markets, so there’s a chance of losses, too.

However, you can minimize the risks and be confident with the tips shown below.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Trading. If you’ve never used a crypto trading robot like Bitcoin Equaliser before, that is fine. However, you should learn a bit about cryptocurrency trading first. That way, you have a bit of knowledge about how things work. I also recommend that you use the demo account to focus on strategies without losing money.
  • Understand the Cryptocurrency Space. You shouldn’t invest in anything if you don’t understand it. Therefore, you should learn about cryptocurrency and gain knowledge. There are many free online courses and articles out there. This Equaliser review also offered a bit of assistance.
  • Practice with the Demo Account. The demo account is offered free of charge, so there’s no reason not to use it. Practice different strategies and learn about the platform before you spend money. This is sure to help you feel confident about what you’re doing.
  • Start off Small and Build up Gradually. You’re only required to put in $250 for trading, and I recommend that you start with the smallest amount. That way, you can learn and practice. Gradually, you can build your portfolio and consider investing more.
  • Invest What Can Safely Be Lost. All markets carry risk, whether you’re using the stock exchange or the crypto exchange. Therefore, you should only invest what you can lose without hurting your financial responsibilities. That way, you don’t get into a bind.
  • Reinvest Some of Your Earnings. If you start earning money on Bitcoin Equaliser, it’s a good idea to reinvest some of it. That way, you don’t have to go through the process of entering your credit card information each time. After the first earnings come through, consider reinvesting the minimum amount over and over.
  • Make Sure to Withdraw Earnings Periodically. Once you reinvest the minimum, withdraw the rest. That way, you’re not tempted to overspend. If you continue doing this periodically, you could boost your portfolio.
  • Prepare Yourself for Losses. No one wants to lose, but it’s very possible because the crypto market is so volatile. While it brings significant opportunities, there are bound to be losses. Therefore, you should think about that with each trade you make. That way, you aren’t upset if it happens.
  • Follow the Advice from Experts. Learning from experts in the crypto trading industry is a great way to get insights about the trading robot. While Bitcoin Equaliser does most of the work to analyze data and scan the markets, you can get a lot of information from pros. Their advice is invaluable for setting up your parameters and choosing trading strategies.
  1. Keep Appropriate Tax Records. Though it depends on the country you live in, most people have to pay taxes on their gains or report them as losses when doing their taxes each year. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep track of all of your trading transactions. While it is shown in your history, you want a good list that can turn into a statement later. Many traders ignore this fact. Trading cryptocurrencies is still a taxable event in most jurisdictions, though the way it works can vary between countries.

Final Thoughts – Is Bitcoin Equaliser Legit?

I must admit that I was skeptical about this trading robot when I first heard about it. However, after using it, I realized the potential and wanted to share it with you in this Bitcoin Equaliser review.

Ultimately, I feel that it is transparent and efficient. Plus, you don’t need to know much about online trading, though I recommend that you understand the crypto markets and how the exchanges work.

In fact, this could be the best trading platform out there right now. It’s open to anyone, free to use, and comes with reputable brokers that are also there to assist.

Plus, the demo account helps you get comfortable with the platform. You can learn how it works without spending money.

With only professional brokers monitoring the system, you can rest easy knowing that everything is fair and legitimate. Plus, the brokers are regulated by appropriate regulatory authorities.

On top of it all, Bitcoin Equaliser uses appropriate security measures to protect your personal information. Every detail you give to the platform is encrypted each step of the way.

Overall, I believe this trading robot is legitimate, and I’m so glad that someone recommended it to me!

Frequently Asked Questions  

When I was first told about this crypto trading robot, I had tons of questions. Throughout my journey, I answered them. Here’s what I wondered and what I think you might ponder:

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported on Bitcoin Equaliser?

This trading robot supports four cryptocurrencies:
• Ripple (XRP)
• Ethereum (ETC)
• Litecoin (LTC)
• Bitcoin (BTC)

Must You Download an App or Software to Use the Platform?

YNo, you don’t have to download software or an app to start using the platform. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use any browser you want for direct access. Plus, the platform is mobile-friendly, so it works well on smartphones and tablets.

Is Your Personal Information Protected on the Platform?

This website uses SSL certificates to be fully encrypted. With that, the online brokers also use encryption to protect your personal information from end to end.

What Are Online Brokers and Why Are They Used?

With trading software, you are entering into a contract between yourself (through the robot) and the broker. You don’t have to own the crypto. In a sense, you are guessing whether the prices rise/fall and get paid by the brokers if you are right. Ultimately, the money you use to fund the account through the robot goes to the broker. From there, the brokers bid and bet against you, but the trading takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Are There Any Fees Charged to Use Bitcoin Equaliser?

No, there are no fees required to register for an account. With that, the platform doesn’t charge a commission. However, when you earn money through the online brokers, they do take a percentage of your winnings. This is how most trading platforms work, so this is considered legitimate and transparent. If you have any questions about the fees charged by the brokers, you may ask them directly.

Risk Disclaimer

BWCEvent aspires to share balanced and credible details on cryptocurrency, finance, trading, and stocks. Yet, we refrain from giving financial suggestions, urging users to engage in personal research and meticulous verification.