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All about this Bitcoin Trading Robot 【Updated For 2022】

Bitcoin Edge

Name: Bitcoin Edge

Description: All about this Bitcoin Trading Robot 【Updated For 2022】

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Bitcoin Edge has proven to be what I need in a trading bot. Do not just take my word for it, give it a shot yourself!



  • Available and efficient trading bot brokers.
  • Can be accessed on all mobile devices with internet services.
  • Simulation trading room to aid new users.
  • Quick account creation.
  • Trusted information from bitcoin data analysis.


  • Not available in a few countries.
  • Slightly poor property structure.

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Four months ago, I ran into my old-time friend George. We proceeded to get a drink. While having a drink, one thing led to another and he brought up a Bitcoin trading bot. The name of this bitcoin trading bot is Bitcoin Edge.

At first, I paid no mind to his blabbing about the simplicity of this trading bot, as I too was fed up looking for the right Bitcoin trading robot. I thought to myself: “it’s one of those bots, nothing new about this one.”  Fortunately, I decided to look it up a week after we spoke. I was blown away.

For once, I was proved wrong and boy, I was glad. I and my team ran an in-depth study of Bitcoin Edge and it is sensational what this trading bot can do for Bitcoin investors. This Bitcoin Edge review will tell you all you need to know.

What exactly is Bitcoin Edge?

Bitcoin Edge is an automated software that helps you trade bitcoin. It was made for the purpose of lifting the weight of rigorous technical data analysis associated with buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This app is revolutionary. it is poised to help both new and experienced investors in Bitcoin, achieve their desired goals. Bitcoin Edge provides easy to understand operation steps and solves the problem of complexity for newbies in the bitcoin world.

How then, do you jump on this new train?

How to get started with Bitcoin Edge

First you have to set up an account. I know my way around trading bots so it took me roughly 10 minutes to get done with this first step. However, it should take a novice not more than 20 minutes to set up an account on Bitcoin Edge.

The registration process of Bitcoin Edge is simple and fast. I could even say that this set of account creation steps is one of the fastest I’ve ever tried. The steps are as follows:

Register your account

This is the easiest part of the entire process. All that is expected of you is to fill the registration form on the first page of the bot app with the appropriate information, click on submit and you are good to go.

A broker will then contact you on the app. This broker will handle any question you may have about the Bitcoin Edge

Pay in an initial deposit

Once you have successfully registered your account, Bitcoin Edge requires you to make an initial deposit of $250 dollars.

Demo Trading program

This is perhaps one of the most interesting features on Bitcoin Edge. This demo trading program let’s new Bitcoin investors get accustomed to the workings of the bot.

It simulates real life trading situations and gives the new investors a feel of what it is like in the real world. Once a newbie can master the activities of the demo trading room, he can now trade bitcoin with the app for real. This feature is targeted at new users. Experienced users may skip this portion of Bitcoin Edge.

Why do you even need Bitcoin Edge?

Trading bitcoin is no easy task. The fluctuating nature of price action makes buying and selling Bitcoin a rigorous task. Bitcoin Edge presents you with the ease of making investment decisions through detailed data analysis.

Bitcoin Edge makes it a lot easier for you to predict price action and make you a more complete bitcoin trader. Here’s how;

Provision of simplified procedures

Everything is easier when instructions are simple enough to understand. Bitcoin Edge takes you through a step by step procedure of understanding it and getting maximum satisfaction from it. It’s like a lover explaining how she wants to be loved.

Investment capital leverage

You may find it puzzling at first, I did too. Yes, you can borrow to finance your investment on Bitcoin Edge. This feature is designed to assist new users who may have little capital to invest.

Compatibility with multiple devices and payment options

A lot of trading bots I have tested presented one prominent issue. They were all built with a specific device in mind. With Bitcoin Edge you do not have to worry about this problem. The trading bot is compatible with all devices with Internet connection.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Edge accepts all payment methods, so you do not have to switch from your existing payment method to suit this trading bot.

Live-simulation trading room

The volatility of bitcoin price action makes it scary to venture into. One must first prepare adequately with proper guidance on how to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Edge grants new users of the app and newbies in the bitcoin world the chance to gain experience and become masters.

The live-simulation presents real situations that will help test new users, prior to their involvement with the real trading room.

What’s the legitimacy status of Bitcoin Edge

In my 8 years of trading with cryptocurrencies, I can confidently say the amount of scam bots out there outweighs the amount of genuine trading bots. So I would understand if you have legitimacy concerns at this point.

The truth is I had to do a serious background check on Bitcoin Edge to figure out its legitimacy. Bitcoin Edge is safe. It has new and current users who attest its safety. So, there really isn’t any need to worry.

Bitcoin Edge will do its job, but you must know that no trading bot is a hundred percent. You must be careful to calculate your risk even while engaging with the app.

How to get the most out of Bitcoin Edge

Making use of Bitcoin Edge can be the most amazing decision. It can also be a decision that will lead to serious consequences if some tips are ignored. Here’s how to get the most out of the trading bot.

Invest your generated capital

We know that Bitcoin Edge provides users with the ability to invest borrowed money as additional or primary capital. This is called leverage. Do not fall into the snare of investing borrowed money. If things go south, you are going to be in debt. Not a good way to begin your investment journey. Only pro investors may be comfortable using leverages. Make sure you understand leverages before using them.

Manage your time properly

It is important to set priorities. Bitcoin Edge is a good app but it shouldn’t take up the time for other productive activities in your life. Make a schedule of your important activities and stick with it. It is the revenue generated from your productive activities that you can use in your Bitcoin investment.

Be sure to withdraw your profits

The main purpose of engaging in Bitcoin trading is to make profit. It will be unwise if after some profit is made you decide to risk it all, especially when it is contrary to Bitcoin Edge’s indications. A wise investor must learn the amount and frequency of money withdrawal in a business.

Don’t be irresponsible

It may not be the best time to invest in Bitcoin and use Bitcoin Edge if you have to cut into your life savings or emergency fund.

If you have to, you can create a new section of your finance and dedicate it to your Bitcoin Edge activities. This will help you become more accountable in your investment dealings.

Why you need to trade bitcoin with an automated trading software

How you trade bitcoin is solely your choice. But if you intend to get rid of the complexity in your investment operations, you probably should use a Bitcoin trading software like Bitcoin Edge. Here’s how trading bots make the difference:

  • Bots like Bitcoin Edge are free from sentiments while analyzing Bitcoin data.
  • Trading bots are readily available to users. There’s no ‘special device’ barrier.
  • These trading bots have brokers attached to them. And just like that of Bitcoin Edge, these brokers can be of great help.
  • Bitcoin Edge offers users speed in their cryptocurrency operations. Who wouldn’t want that?

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Edge

Can I access Bitcoin Edge with my home computer?

Yes, Bitcoin Edge can be accessed by users with any device. As long as you have an internet connection.

Is Bitcoin Edge a free trading robot?

Yes, no need to worry about frequent subscriptions. Once you make the initial deposit of $250, the software is yours to explore.

Can I use Bitcoin Edge in any country in the world?

Currently, Bitcoin Edge is permitted in over 150 countries around the world. Its world coverage still grows today.

How long will it take me to set up a Bitcoin Edge account?

It will take a trading bot novice about 10 mins to set up an account with Bitcoin Edge.

Risk Disclaimer

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