Bitcoin Clever Review

Is it a scam? Let’s find out!【Updated For 2023】

Bitcoin Clever

Name: Bitcoin Clever

Description: What You Need to Know Before Using Bitcoin Clever 【Updated For 2022】

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The Bitcoin Clever app has various pros and cons, and through our Bitcoin Clever review, we’ve uncovered the most important points.



  • Easy to set up
  • More control on trades
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for novice traders
  • Two payment methods
  • Educational material and trading strategies


  • Requires supervision- not fully automated


When it comes to choosing Bitcoin trading software, Bitcoin Clever can help you. The recommendation came when the need to delve into the trading world arose. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy task sifting through the hundreds of apps out there.  

This Bitcoin Clever review will give you the most needed information you need before you use the app.  

What Is Bitcoin Clever? 

Bitcoin Clever is Bitcoin trading software that can help traders of any level navigate the volatile cryptocurrency trading world. It is not a fully automated trading software, so users have more control by approving trades before they happen. Fully automated trading apps are also often more difficult to manipulate for beginners, so Bitcoin Clever removes the hassle. 

The software is simple and intuitive, yet highly sophisticated in the back-end. While it doesn’t make automatic trades for you like most crypto bots, it provides users with techniques and strategies based on market analysis. Now, users can make more informed choices before a trade takes place. 

Bitcoin Clever is the go-to trading app for beginners because of its user-friendly layout and design. The developers who created the software realized that trading can be an intimidating task, so they kept things simple on the front end.  

However, Bitcoin Clever is not just a simple and user-friendly tool for expert and beginner traders. It offers some great features such as market updates and various payment methods for more flexibility.  

Traders don’t have the luxury of time on their hands to spend time painstakingly analyzing market trends. Bitcoin Clever saves valuable time analyzing the market within minutes.  

How Does Bitcoin Clever Work? 

The Bitcoin Clever software is an intuitive trading software that helps traders at any level learn how to trade better through market analysis and useful trading strategies. Overall, Bitcoin Clever can study the crypto market faster than any human can. The software then provides feedback and trading strategies to users; the trade can only be executed with the user’s approval because the software is not fully automated. 

Overall, Bitcoin Clever gives their users the choice to trade through a broker or to make the trade themselves. However, if you’re still not convinced about the Bitcoin Clever trading software, then you can try out its demo account and test the software.  

Bitcoin Clever Key Features 

Bitcoin Clever is a popular and easy-to-use trading software for all traders. Here are a few key features that can help you distinguish if this is the right software for you. 

Easy to install 

The Bitcoin Clever review showed that the software is easy to set up and use. Therefore, beginner traders who have never used trading software won’t have a problem getting started with Bitcoin Clever.  

Complete Control 

Users have complete control when they need to make trades because all trades can only be made with the users’ approval. The Bitcoin Clever app also gives users the choice to make trades themselves or to allow brokers to execute a trade on their behalf.  

Trading Strategies 

Although the Bitcoin Clever is not a fully automated trading platform, it still provides users with helpful market analysis and multiple trading strategies. Expert traders can benefit from advanced trading strategies provided by the software. 

Responsive Software 

Trading is a faced-paced activity, especially for day traders who study the market almost on an hourly basis for opportunities. Fortunately, the Bitcoin Clever trading software can keep up with the most demanding markets and execute trades quickly once approved. 

Demo Available 

If you are interested in using the Bitcoin Clever software, but you still have doubts, then try the demo account that the software offers. You can test the software and then make a more informed choice on whether it’s the right platform for you. 

No Registration Fees 

There are no registration and transaction fees with Bitcoin Clever. However, there are minimum deposit fees that need to be paid, and the app also charges a 1% commission structure on any profits made from trades. This is fair because most trading software charges a 2% commission. 

How to Use Bitcoin Clever 

To learn how to use the Bitcoin Clever platform, follow the guide below: 

Create an Account 

Go to the Bitcoin Clever website and start the registration process. Fill out all relevant details like your name, email, and contact details. Once you’re done, submit the information, and an account manager or broker will be assigned to you. 

Deposit Funds 

A minimum deposit is required to get started. The minimum deposit amount that the Bitcoin Clever platform charges is $250. Once you’ve funded your account, you can start trading. 

Use the Demo Account 

Traders who have not chosen to commit to the Bitcoin Clever software can use the demo account as a trial to test out the software and features for themselves. It is a great way to get to understand how the platform works. 

Start Trading 

To start trading, you will need to make sure you set your market position. Setting your market position will also help your broker know what you require before they can trade on your behalf. 

The rest is up to you or your broker. Once a market position is selected, hit ‘Trade,’ and you’re done. 

Bitcoin Clever Minimum Deposit 

All trading platforms often require a minimum deposit, and through our Bitcoin Clever review, we noticed that the platform also charges a minimum deposit of $250 for users. The fees seem to be in line with other platforms in the market. 

Bitcoin Clever Manager for Users 

When users create a Bitcoin Clever account, they are assigned a broker or account manager to support them. The user has a choice to continue using a broker to execute trades on their behalf or to use the software on their own to trade independently. 

Is Bitcoin Clever Legit? 

We can safely say that the Bitcoin Clever trading software is legit. While many people often worry about potential scams and falling victim to cybercriminals, this trading software checks all the legit boxes. 

Our Bitcoin Clever review shows that while the app is not as popular as some software in the market, it’s worth looking into. Another point to consider is that the Bitcoin Clever operates with regulated brokers to help you. 

Also, Bitcoin Clever does not charge fees that are out of the ordinary. Instead, it sticks to zero registration and transaction fees and keeps the minimum deposit fees to the industry standard that most apps charge. 

The final verdict is that the Bitcoin Clever software is legit and a platform that offers users transparency and complete control over their trades. Furthermore, if a trader needs help, then the platform also offers the option of a trusted broker. 


Overall, our Bitcoin Clever review is fairly positive. The software is simple enough for novice traders and offers built-in trading strategies and educational content for all users to benefit from.  

While it may not be fully automated like other trading bot software, it allows users to have complete control over their trades because all trades must be approved before they are executed in the cryptocurrency market. 

If you are still not convinced, then you can register for a demo account and test out the software for yourself before deciding to commit to it as your preferred Bitcoin trading software. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Bitcoin trading software is not easy to understand, and traders are not always sure what to look for when deciding on the perfect trading app. The process of finding suitable trading software leaves more questions than answers, so here is a list of common questions about the Bitcoin Clever trading software: 

What Is Bitcoin Clever? 

The Bitcoin Clever is Bitcoin trading software that allows users to make trades through a simple and intuitive platform. Overall, the software is not fully automated like most trading bots because users need to approve every trade before it can be made. 

There are also built-in trading strategies for users after it analyses the market for potential opportunities. Users who are skeptical about trying the app have the option to sign up for a demo account. 

Do Bitcoin Trading Bots Operate All the Time? 

Yes, trading bot software does operate 24/7, so trades can take place while users are asleep. This is because most trading bot software is fully automated. Traders use them to find market opportunities even while they are unavailable. 

However, the Bitcoin Clever software is not fully automated and requires approval for trades. 

Are Trading Bot Software Safe To Use? 

Yes. Most trading bot software in the market is safe to use and offers users smart, yet effective security measures to keep their accounts safe from hackers. Most accounts come with more than just the regular username and passwords to sign in. 

Mobile-friendly trading software may also offer biometric access to authenticate users and twofactor authentication as an added layer of security for peace of mind. 

Who Can Use Trading Software? 

Trading software like Bitcoin Clever is available for anyone interested in taking a leap of faith into the crypto trading world. Users simply need to go to the website and register for an account before they can start trading. 

Essentially, if you are a trader who doesn’t want to spend hours analyzing the market for opportunities, then trading software is for you. The software studies the market for you and provides educational material and tools needed.