Bitcoin Buyer Review

Scam Or Legit? Let’s Find Out

Bitcoin Buyer is a crypto auto-trading robot that can help various skill levels conduct trades on the market. Due to this platform’s automation, Bitcoin Buyer claims that its software can analyze the endless amounts of data created in crypto markets to help run exceptional trading strategies for various cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Buyer

Name: Bitcoin Buyer

Description: A Comprehensive Review of Bitcoin Buyer: Is It Legitimate?

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Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Bitcoin Buyer is a crypto auto-trading robot that can help various skill levels conduct trades on the market. Due to this platform’s automation, Bitcoin Buyer claims that its software can analyze the endless amounts of data created in crypto markets to help run exceptional trading strategies for various cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.



  • No hidden charges or fees
  • Straightforward and effortless account creation and verification processes
  • Withdrawals are rapid


  • Customer support systems can be improved.
  • There isn’t a Bitcoin Buyer App.

A Comprehensive Review of Bitcoin Buyer: Is It Legitimate?

According to this trading system’s website, Bitcoin Buyer has a high accuracy rating when performing crypto trades. This is something many prospective traders look for in a trading robot, which is why we wanted to test it thoroughly and identify whether this robot can be trusted. The internet is home to many scam trading robots that are only created to take people’s money. Therefore, a massive risk exists when signing up with any online trading platform, like Bitcoin Buyer.

We have conducted extensive research to understand if Bitcoin Buyer is a legitimate trading platform that can be trusted to make trades on the crypto market. Our objective in reviewing Bitcoin Buyer is to assess this automated robot’s functionality and the features available on the Bitcoin Buyer platform to determine whether it’s legitimate. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

What Is Bitcoin Buyer?  

The Bitcoin Buyer system has recently started gaining popularity for its trading abilities and reputation of helping users perform automatic and manual trades on the crypto market. The software incorporated into the Bitcoin Buyer system appears to be developed by experts from reputable IT companies. From our research, we have found that the Bitcoin Buyer system can execute trades at exceptional speeds.

Bitcoin Buyer is designed to be free trading software. In other words, you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription or fees to use this Bitcoin Buyer system. The only investment you’re required to make is your trading capital, which is a minimum of $250. The limited funds needed to conduct trades with the Bitcoin Buyer system is due to the bilateral agreements with recognized brokers.

As we have previously mentioned, Bitcoin Buyer offers fully automated trading software. However, the Bitcoin Buyer system can also be used as a manual trader. When utilizing this automated trading system, you’re required to set your trading parameters and choose the “On” button to begin this process. Additionally, Bitcoin Buyer offers a beginner’s guide, which helps explain the registration and trading procedures incorporated into the Bitcoin Buyer system.  

How Can You Use Bitcoin Buyer to Trade Crypto?  

It’s vital to understand that Bitcoin Buyer isn’t a financial institution. Meaning, it isn’t authorized to manage members’ funds. Thus, this platform has established a partnership with authorized and regulated brokers.

These brokers act as financial entities. Therefore, those who are collaborating on the platform can receive deposits made by users and facilitate their trading activities. At this point, brokers execute orders almost instantaneously.

This ensures that users don’t miss any opportunities. The risk of missing favorable trading opportunities is reduced once again with the implementation of trading techniques, known as scalping.

Additionally, Bitcoin Buyer also works with brokers offering maximum leverage of 1:1000. This allows Bitcoin Buyer members to trade with capital that’s 1000 times larger than their initial capital, which enhances the trading opportunities available.

However, we would also like to state that using such massive leverages can carry several risks when trading capital. Yes, you can receive high gains, but you can also generate massive losses. That’s why you should never risk more than what you can afford to lose.

When using the Bitcoin Buyer system to conduct trades, you gain access to various key features. Here are some of the most prevalent features you can gain access to when signing up with Bitcoin Buyer:

  • Verification System

The verification process is constructed from a collection of user information, and it is done through some of the brokers available on the platform and might include KYC.

  • Fast Withdrawals

The Bitcoin Buyer platform offers the possibility for rapid withdrawals from user trading accounts. These withdrawals reflect within a maximum of 36 hours. Additionally, no fees are charged when making these withdrawals. Given that various other trading platforms offer similar conditions that take longer to process, these fast withdrawal services available on the platform are extremely well-liked. 

  • Safe and Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Buyer is in direct partnership with regulated and authorized online brokers. These brokers are equipped to protect users from any scam while offering fast operations. Nonetheless, it’s vital to understand that any trading activity comes with its own risks. Thus, you shouldn’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. This is especially the case when it comes to crypto trading because of the volatile nature of these markets.

  • Demos and Tutorials

Bitcoin Buyer has designed its platform to offer users the ability to conduct trades on the crypto market, even without much experience. Less-experienced users can use the various beginner’s help features included on the platform. This includes the demo trading account, trading parameter tutorials, and guides. Through these features, you can learn how this trading system works.  

  • Is There a Bitcoin Buyer App?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Bitcoin Buyer app. This is because the Bitcoin Buyer system is designed with web-based software. Thus, you can’t download an application on your portable device. Nonetheless, you can access this trading platform from your control panel on your mobile’s internet browser. Bitcoin Buyer is compatible with Android and iOS. Therefore, all you need is a mobile browser and internet connectivity. 

Opening an Account

The process of opening an account with Bitcoin Buyer is similar to other online trading platforms and is divided into three steps, which are described below:

Step One – Register

You’re required to register an account with Bitcoin Buyer before you can begin making trades on the crypto market. This registration involves providing the appropriate information about yourself and choosing the password you would like to use to access your trading account on this platform. After submitting this registration with your personal information and successfully verified is confirmed, you can log into Bitcoin Buyer and continue to the next step.

Step Two – Deposit Your Initial Investment

Once you have successfully created an account with Bitcoin Buyer, you can fund this trading account with a minimum of $250. This is a common minimum amount set by many legitimate auto trading platforms. When making this deposit, there are various payment choices that you can select, but debit or credit card transactions are the most common. All of these payments are facilitated securely, so you can make this deposit knowing that your card information is safe.

Step Three – Start Trading

The final stage of the Bitcoin Buyer account creation process is where you set the trading parameters you’d prefer this system to carry out. Additionally, you’re required to choose whether you would like to conduct automated or manual trades. In both of these options, you can choose indicators and metrics you would like this robot to align with.

Tips When Using the Bitcoin Buyer Trading System  

When using any auto trading robot to trade cryptocurrency, many points arise that need to be considered. Although it may feel as though you’re depositing money into your trading account and letting these auto robots take over, this isn’t entirely the case. Here are some tips you should consider implementing into your trading strategy to reap the best experience with Bitcoin Buyer:

  • Learn How the Trading System Works

The systems involved when trading cryptocurrencies are extremely complex. That’s why it’s essential to know the basics of how trading cryptocurrency works. Having this understanding allows you to easily set up this automated trading robot to ensure you’re gaining the best opportunities. Understanding the trading activities involved in cryptocurrency allows you to formulate trading strategies that offer good results.

  • Understand the Mechanisms Making Up Cryptocurrencies

This might seem straightforward but it would be beneficial to understand the asset you wish to trade before you enter the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies are equipped with many different mechanisms, which is why you should have a decent understanding of the crypto coin you decide to trade. This includes conducting research on its history and how it typically performs in the market.

  • Utilizing the Demo Account

Bitcoin Buyer offers a demo account to all its members. The purpose of this demonstration account is to offer members an idea of what the conditions are like in a real live trading session. Having this experience helps you make better decisions, as you gain a ‘feel’ for this automated crypto trading system.

In this demo account, you can test out any trading strategies you have developed to see which ones are best suited. This helps you gain trading experience without having to gamble with your initial deposit. You can learn through trial and error without losing your money. 

  • Begin Trading with Minimal Amounts

It’s best to begin trading with the smallest amounts possible. This is because you can begin growing your portfolio while also growing the balance in your trading account. It’s vital to remember that you’re only going to see a small return while you’re learning the system. Being modest is going to be the best step forward when you’re first starting with Bitcoin Buyer. This is because you build the skills you need for trading while keeping risks low.

  • Only Invest What You’re Willing to Lose

It’s vital that you’re financially responsible with your money when making trades with Bitcoin Buyer. In some cases, crypto trading can be compared to gambling, because of the volatile nature of this market. Thus, you shouldn’t use the money you’re needing for bills or other expenses when conducting trades. In some instances, losses can be as high as the profits if your trading strategy isn’t up to par and you’re not being financially responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Are there any costs or fees involved when trading with the Bitcoin Buyer platform?

No, there aren’t any fees charged for using this trading platform. Bitcoin Buyer doesn’t charge its members to use this software. The money you deposit into your trading account is yours to control and use to fund trades. The Bitcoin Buyer system doesn’t take a percentage of this money, nor does this platform charge you for withdrawing these funds.

What’s the verification and registration process of creating a Bitcoin Buyer trading account?

The registration process involved in creating a trading account with Bitcoin Buyer is divided into three steps. The first step is where you fill out an account registration form with your personal information. The verification of this data is generally done through your email address where a confirmation link is sent to your inbox. The second step is where you make a minimum deposit of $250 into your new trading account. From here, you can move onto step three where you set your trading parameters and choose between automated or manual trading.

Our Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Buyer a Legitimate Trading Platform?

The high risks involved when using the Bitcoin Buyer system to conduct trades is one of the reasons many people believe this trading platform to be a scam. However, as we have mentioned, these risks come from the high leverage offered when conducting trades and can be managed by choosing to use smaller leverage.

Nonetheless, the internet is packed with many trading platforms that scam members and take their money without offering any trading opportunities on the crypto market. Thus, a lot of uncertainty lies around auto trading robots, like Bitcoin Buyer.

Through our extensive research, we have found that several pros and cons come with using this Bitcoin Buyer system while many analysts review that the platform comes with massive risks. However, that doesn’t mean the platform is illegitimate.

The risk associated with this trading platform is similar to conducting trades on the stock market. Many users have lost money when partaking in activities on the crypto market with Bitcoin Buyer because they lack the understanding of how the system works, especially if they choose high leverage.

Nonetheless, we are confident that Bitcoin Buyer is a legitimate trading platform and is safe for individuals to use when conducting automated or manual trades on the crypto market. From our extensive research, we found that the system offers an exceptional range of benefits and competitive outcomes while the team of brokers partnered with the site is trustworthy and regulated.

Additionally, we understand that monitorization is offered continuously on this software. This offers constant updates to these systems to ensure members gain the best opportunities, as the Bitcoin Buyer system remains effective and efficient. Overall, we strongly recommend Bitcoin Buyer to anyone who is looking to partake in automated crypto trading.