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Is it a scam? Let’s find out!【Updated For 2023】

Bitcode AI

Name: Bitcode AI

Description: All You Need to Know About Bitcode AI Robot 【Updated For 2022】

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Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


In this Bitcode AI review, we explore the software and discover the advantages and disadvantages of this unique trading application.



  • This application makes cryptocurrency financial analysis easy
  • There are no registration or subscription fees
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • The software does not work on all devices.
  • The platform is not always 100% accurate (but that can be understood in the crypto markets)

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Late in 2020, Bitcode AI was created to help traders invest in the cryptocurrency markets. A cryptocurrency trading application like Bitcode AI can allow you to trade Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. 

Throughout 2021, Bitcode AI has been used by investors from all walks of life. Bitcode AI provides the user with unique features and technical indicators to create an effective crypto trading strategy.

Another awesome thing about Bitcode AI is the minimum deposit of $250, which is excellent for people who don’t want to risk a lot of cash for their first time investing. 

In this Bitcode AI review, we explore the software and discover the advantages and disadvantages of this unique trading application. Without further ado, let us begin this piece.

What Is Bitcode AI?

Created in 2017, Bitcode AI is a Bitcoin trading software. It was built by professional Bitcoin traders who have extensive trading knowledge. The team created an advanced AI system that assists people in trading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. 

Overview of Bitcode AI

After the developers of Bitcode AI established their software in 2017, they claimed it was one of the fastest trading robots in the cryptocurrency industry. Due to the Bitcode AI’s statement, the application quickly rose in popularity and emerged as one of the most popular trading platforms. 

What’s great about Bitcode AI is that it is suitable for beginners because of its easy-to-understand user dashboard. Even if you have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency, you can easily navigate the interface and invest in your first digital token. 

Trading crypto requires performing analysis and studying many charts, which isn’t always possible for people who work a full day. The software was developed to help everyone on their trading journey due to the tools available to analyze the markets.

Bitcode AI lets you decide on your investment amount and analyzes the markets for you; all you need to do is select your preferred leverage in the parameters. Another awesome thing about Bitcode AI is that it is suitable for veteran traders to test their strategies on the platform before starting their investment portfolio.

What’s fantastic about Bitcode AI is that only a low investment amount of $250 is required when you are ready to go live. The service doesn’t require maintenance or subscription fees and only keeps one percent of your total profit as operational costs. 

Features of Bitcode AI

Bitcode AI is a Bitcoin trading software ideal for novice and advanced traders worldwide. If you are beginning your trading journey, here are a few significant features you should know about:

Simple Registration

The greatest thing about Bitcode AI is that there is no long process involved in registering because all the company requires is essential information. In order to get started with Bitcode AI, you need to create a strong password and input your contact information. 

You can then start trading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as you please.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Something else to consider is that it takes approximately 24 hours after a withdrawal to receive the funds in your bank account. 

No Registration Fees

Charging for registration is one of the most common ways for trading robots to get extra money from investors. However, Bitcode AI doesn’t have hidden registration fees or broker chargers. The service only takes one percent of your total earnings to cover the cost of operations.

Demo Trading

One of the best features of Bitcode AI is its free demo trading account. Newbies at cryptocurrency love using it because it allows them to test out new strategies or add more confluences to their current ones. 

It’s important to practice so that you can understand the markets better. Performing a few analyses and trading without experimentation is a recipe for disaster. That is what makes the demo mode great, and you will see that once you download Bitcode AI.

How to Sign Up

Signing up with Bitcode AI is simple. You should first open the website on your desktop browser or mobile device; it is recommended to sign up using a computer or laptop. 

Once on the homepage, scroll down until you see the registration form at the bottom. You must enter your phone number, email address, country of residence, and full name (no nicknames to avoid future issues).

Regarding the phone number, it is essential to use a phone number that you can easily be contacted on in case of verification. 

When you have completed filling in your information, it is time to create a secure password. Ensure you use a strong password that can be easily remembered. You can also write it down and keep it protected in someplace secure like your safe at home.

How to Use Bitcode AI

There are many applications that make it a challenging task to start trading with their software. With some brokers, you may need over 48 hours to make transactions or get your account verified, which is a significant amount of time on our fast-paced planet. 

However, Bitcode AI is one of those services that has changed the industry regarding the above narrative. The trading process is straightforward, and so is the registrations procedure. Below we discuss how to trade with Bitcode AI and highlight why it is a good Bitcoin trading robot. 

Fund Your Wallet

After your account has been successfully created online, you will need to fund it to become ready to trade automatically. The least you can deposit into your live trading wallet is $250, an industry standard. 

With $250, you won’t incur unreasonable risk or loss and get a solid trading foundation. It is essential to note that you can deposit more than $250, but the Bitcode AI typically advises you to start small to have a pleasant trading journey. 

Bitcode AI put in the effort to ensure that deposits take the quickest time possible with the least resistance. It will reflect in your wallet in about 24 to 48 hours once you deposit via any of the available methods. 

Set Your Market Position

Trading Bitcoin requires following a plan because the cryptocurrency market is a place you should thread lightly. Once you are ready to start reading and have funded your account, you can set your market positions and parameters in the trading dashboard. 

What’s great about the software is that it provides you with an in-depth analysis, which is usually helpful to determine the correct entry price for a position. Most times, after signing up with the Bitcode AI, a trading or account manager will contact you to ask if you are interested in guidance. 

You don’t have to accept the above service, but it may be a big move in the correct direction for your funds. After your position is set, the broker gets to work. What you are doing when you change the parameters is deciding how much you want to invest, your stop loss, at what point you want to take profit, and other vital elements. This action minimizes how much you lose in the long run and gives you control of your trading position.

Trade with Bitcode AI

Hit the trade button once you have set your parameters in the market. During this point, you have two choices. You check your account every day or leave your trading to the broker. 

Is the Software Any Good?

Trading Bitcoin can be a nerve-wracking experience due to the intricacies and complexity of blockchain technology. With multiple software focusing on Bitcoin, it may be simple to ignore the token since it’s built on an older blockchain, which people are starting to find obsolete.

However, that is so far from the truth. Many upgrades are coming to the Bitcoin blockchain, and that is why you should use an application like Bitcode AI to invest in this digital asset. 

Bitcode AI makes it easy to start your Bitcoin trading journey and is there to support you on your way to consistent cryptocurrency trading. With the information provide in this Bitcode AI review you can go forth and decide if this is the application for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legit?

Preying on their users and milking them of their money is the sole aim of many trading brokers. These services typically have obvious red flags like unresponsive customer representatives, slow transactions, and outrageous registration fees.

However, none of these are displayed on Bitcode AI. What’s great about this service is that it is completely secure and transparent plus does not promise massive profits.

Does Bitcode AI Require You to do Taxes?

After signing up and trading on Bitcode AI, you may be required to pay taxes on your profit. It is ideal to decide how you will go about this before investing in Bitcoin. 

How Can You Deposit Funds?

There are two payment options available with Bitcode AI; credit card and PayPal.

How Much Does Someone Have to Pay to Trade?

This service does not attract any transaction or hidden fees. However, you only pay one percent of your profit, but not if you haven’t started trading with real money. There may be other chargers from deposits, but that is always from your chosen payment platform or bank. 

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