Top 3 Cryptos To Invest In Today


Author: Jeffrey Taylor

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The cryptos market is constantly evolving, with new coins and tokens launching regularly. These up-and-coming cryptocurrencies have the potential to challenge the dominance of leading coins. 

They can challenge coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum by offering more advanced functionality. They can also be serious competitors by tackling key issues that these cryptos have yet to address. This can become a serious threat to the Bitcoin era.

For example, some newer coins are focused on specific use cases. Cases such as privacy, whereas others are working to develop faster and more efficient payment rails.

However, with so many exciting projects already out there and even more currently in development, it is clear that there is still plenty of room for growth in the crypto market. At the same time, however, investors must remain vigilant in their due diligence. They must also make sure they do their research before taking the plunge into this ever-changing realm.

Through careful analysis, traders can get a sense of which new cryptocurrencies will be successful and which will fall by. 

Ultimately, this dynamism makes crypto such an exciting asset class to invest in. It makes it one that has plenty of opportunities for those with the right insight and knowledge.

Thankfully, you are at the right place for all the information you need on new cryptocurrencies. This guide looks at 3 new cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023, and where to buy them.

First Crypto Is Avalanche (AVAX) – One of the best new Ethereum competitors in the market today

Platform blockchains are growing in adoption, making Avalanche one of the best new cryptos to buy now.

Avalanche has emerged as a highly-promising blockchain platform for developers looking to build decentralized applications. Unlike its larger and more established rival, Ethereum, Avalanche offers a faster and more scalable platform. This makes it ideal for large-scale Dapps that require high transaction speeds.

Furthermore, the fact that Avalanche is made up of three different blockchains further sets this platform apart from its competitors. This modular architecture gives users greater control over their transactions while also minimizing fees. It does this by enabling them to opt-in or out of specific chains based on their needs. 

Thus, with its innovative design and lower operating costs, Avalanche offers a compelling alternative to both Ethereum and other dApp platforms. Especially those vying to establish themselves as the dominant player in this space.

With Ethereum fees still high even after the merge, Avalanche stands out. The currency is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold.

The Next Crypto On Our List – Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is disrupting the platform blockchain space. This puts it on the list of high-potential new cryptos to buy in 2023.

However, Fantom has quickly gained popularity among investors and crypto enthusiasts, and for good reason. One of the key features that sets it apart is its tech which is more advanced than blockchain.

Fantom’s tech enables it to offer lower fees and faster transaction speeds than traditional networks like Ethereum. This is especially important for investors who have grown frustrated with rising fees and sluggish transaction speeds.

Hedera (HBAR) – Top new cryptocurrency with a revolutionary consensus mechanism

Of all the top new cryptos to buy and hold, Hedera is easily one of the most undervalued today. That’s because it uses a technology that is significantly more advanced than blockchain, especially in scaling.

However, unlike most other blockchain-based projects, Hedera isn’t actually a traditional blockchain. Instead, it uses an advanced directed acyclic graph (DAG) Protocol to facilitate fast transactions and high scalability. 

This makes Hedera Hashgraph incredibly fast and efficient, making it an attractive alternative to traditional blockchains for many different types of applications.

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Jeffrey Taylor is a retired mechanical engineer who has an interest in all things financial, including emerging markets and cryptocurrencies.