There is Increasing Support For The Fed to Announce Tapering Bonds For September Purchases.


Author: Maria Andretti

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The recent frequent shifts in economic data created opportunities for the Federal Reserve to announce the decision to taper assets purchase in September. This will further lead to a decrease in buying a month later. 

Washington DC

Speaking with public officials has shown increasing support for a faster timeline than the timeline the markets have expected. Part of the changing views is because of the data that has been generated from the past two months and with increasing inflation.

Christopher Waller, who is the Fed Governor, has called publicly for the September taper. He is backed by Fed bank Presidents Eric Rosengren, Robert Kaplan, and Jim Bullard. A few others have suggested that the taper should be done from October instead of September. 

There could also be a delay in the November meeting if the data obtained for August is weak since there are increasing talks about a new lockdown since the spread of the delta variant of coronavirus. But a stronger expectation from the data gotten in these past weeks shows that an earlier taper announcement is certain.

Fed chair Powell Jerome has not spoken since the recent data came out, but he has given hints that he would be persuaded to go early. He has also insisted that inflation is temporary but stated that “we have to take seriously the risk care which is that inflation will be more persistent.” This information should guide your trading order on Bitpanda.

Meanwhile, The Consumer Sentiment Measure Gets The Targest Drop in History

There was a dramatic drop in a key consumer sentiment reading in early August as the effect from the Delta Variant of Covid-19 increased the fears for the economy’s uncertain path. The difference it dropped with was about 13% from July’s result and below April 2020 of 71.8, which was the lowest in the pandemic.

Although analysts were expecting a score of about 81.3 for August, getting 70.2 is a magnitude that was very rare for the consumer index.

Richard Curtin, the chief economist for the University of Michigan Survey of Consumers, stated that “Over the past half-century, the Sentiment Index has only recorded larger losses in six other surveys, all connected to sudden negative changes in the economy.”

Delta Variant is The Reason For The Drop

Richard stressed that health concerns are the top factor responsible for the decline in consumer’s confidence and mentioned that this could reverse if the covid situation changes; 

“Consumers have correctly reasoned that the economy’s performance will be diminished over the next several months, but the extraordinary surge in negative economic assessments also reflects an emotional response, mainly from dashed hopes that the pandemic would soon end. In the months ahead, likely, consumers will again voice more reasonable expectations, and with control of the Delta variant, shift toward outright optimism.”

Other economic data have also pointed that the economy is going toward permanent recovery.

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Maria Andretti is an Administrative Assistant with eight years of experience working alongside the VP finance of a Fortune 500 company.