The Future of Properties in Metaverse


Author: Maria Andretti

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Virtually everyone is talking about the metaverse, including big firms and individuals. Everyone seems to be crazy about it. Even the king of social media, Facebook, had to change its brand name to Meta to be relevant in the metaverse world. 

3D render of virtual man holding virtual reality glasses surrounded by virtual data with neon ultraviolet lines. Player begins the VR game. VR experience.

Initially, the noise around metaverse seems to be about it being a virtual interaction and gaming community, but with the recent trend, people are doing more than just interacting or playing games virtually. Currently, people are able to purchase virtual land properties and estates. The highest amount paid for such land stands at $900 000 per plot. 

Despite the increase in prices of these virtual lands, people haven’t stopped showing interest. Corporations, individuals, and real estate firms are developing more interest. Coordinates represent the properties in the metaverse, and they offer endless case use and future possibilities. For instance, there are possibilities of creators building on vacant virtual land plots structures that mimic real-life buildings.

Even though there is an increase in people’s interest in the metaverse, conventional real estate and finance firms have condemned the amount of money spent on virtual houses that cannot be lived in. In contrast to this, other real estate companies and individuals have been bullish regarding metaverse and have started offering products that match their interests on metaverse. For instance, companies like Metaverse Property want to own properties and land in virtual space. Also, companies like Sotheby’s are considering acquiring virtual lands where they can construct museums to display their NFTs.

Lootverse and Loot NFT

All that has been said has denoted supply, but what about the supply? This is where Lootverse and Loot NFT come in. Lootverse offers more dynamism as it stands to be a bridge between fantasy and reality in the metaverse with its 4,880 plots that are yet to be occupied. As a property owner or a lootizen, you can develop your plots and receive other benefits through participation.

In the future, the plan is for property owners to access lootverse through a tablet called ‘X.’ This tablet will serve as a Stargate where property owners can remotely access lootverse. Through this tablet, lootizens can also connect alternatively to Loot NFT in reality. 

Aside from acquiring virtual lands, there is a future plan to connect metaverse to the real world such that lootizens will have access to physical lands where metaverse will act as a gateway between lootverse and the earth. This feature is currently being worked on, and it will be delivered to users in years to come. 

Metaverse is foreseen to be the future of properties with a revolutionary concept like no other. Lootverse is ready to take its place as the hub where virtual properties can be developed. To understand how lootverse works, one needs to experience the blockchain(technology on which trading platforms like Binance and CEX-IO are built) technology that powers the virtual World.

What You Need to Know About Loot NFT 

Loot NFT is a game platform that allows members to bid in a battle-bidding auction environment for NFTs. Members mine the loot tickets (LTT) through bid units(BUN)– a token with a limited supply of 500 million. Each NFT is uniquely created and grants ownership to members that win at the auction. 

The adventure theme world of the NFT has 4,880 plots. Plot owners are able to tell the story of their plots by being able to mint up to 4 NFTs per plot. They are also able to share from the revenue of the entire ecosystem. Plot owners can purchase from the metaverse using their loot verse tickets from the auctioned environment called Satoshi’s Lounge. The system of Loot NFT is such that it employs a bi-directional bridge between permissions blockchain and public blockchains to decentralize the modules of its ecosystem towards a decentralized autonomous organization.  

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Maria Andretti is an Administrative Assistant with eight years of experience working alongside the VP finance of a Fortune 500 company.