Millions in NFTs Reportedly Stolen


Author: Maria Andretti

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Bored Ape Yacht Club announced early Monday morning on Twitter that their Instagram account was compromised, and hackers swiped over $13 million in NFT assets.

The hackers were able to scam BAYC community members using a fake airdrop prompt, allowing the transfer of NFT assets directly to their wallets. Even using 2FA and other security measures on all social channels, hackers were able to infiltrate and compromise the BAYC community, including those who trade with bots like eToro.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first and won’t be the last massive attack within the crypto and NFT space. 

Legislators globally have stressed the need to manage both spaces better to protect investors from hackers and outside threats. 

As a result, these latest hacks are a hot topic as federal and local governments continue navigating toward mainstream adoption and management of digital assets. 

There’s no doubt that these headlines deter new investors and further damage outside views of digital assets.

Fort Worth, Texas, Becomes First City in The US To Mine Bitcoin. Mayor Mattie Parker has been advocating and pursuing the potential positives of backing Bitcoin and started a new city-funded venture this week by installing three bitcoin mining rigs set to operate 24/7 at the City Hall.

We’re the fastest-growing city in the country. There’s so much excitement around North Texas and Fort Worth, in particular. To really keep that energy going, we have to push ourselves differently, and we think cryptocurrency is a huge part of our future economy,” said Mayor Parker.

This small Bitcoin mining operation piloting program will last approximately six months. At that point, Mayor Parker and the city will reevaluate and decide whether or not to build on or part ways with the Bitcoin initiative. Mayor Parker is adamant that this move is not about financial profit but about helping the city step into the digital age. 

Dogecoin Sees Increase After Elon’s Purchase of Twitter

After submitting a $44 billion bid, Elon Musk finally finagled his way into full ownership of Twitter.

One question looms large, does Elon’s acquisition of Twitter mean anything for the world of cryptocurrency, explicitly highlighting Dogecoin? Investors seem to think so. 

We know that Elon has a strong knack for technology and is a massive advocate for exploration – not just in space – but within all realms of business. So it’s likely safe to assume that Dogecoin, among other cryptocurrencies, will have a more permanent space within Twitter, but time will tell.

Coinbase Launches Beta Version of NFT Marketplace

In a blog post released last week, the VP of Coinbase Products, Sanchan Saxena, released a blog post highlighting the exciting news revolving around Coinbase’s long-awaited NFT platform Coinbase NFT, which has now reached beta status.

Over time, Coinbase NFT aims to be the new gold standard for NFT marketplaces. It will directly compete with OpenSea, which is now debatably the largest NFT Marketplace with over one million active platform users.

Beta testing to Coinbase NFT is open to limited users that joined a waitlist in fourth quarter of 2021. Users can join, create profiles, and manage NFT assets, having the ability to buy, sell, and interact with fanbases. The Coinbase NFT user interface is very similar to Instagram’s, but the familiarity and navigation usability will be a highlight.

In addition to the sleek, minimalistic user interface, users will have the ability to manage their NFTs using third-party platforms and the well-integrated Coinbase wallet.

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Maria Andretti is an Administrative Assistant with eight years of experience working alongside the VP finance of a Fortune 500 company.