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Author: Maria Andretti

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It has been a fantastic first week of February for the crypto community. The week saw a lot of ‘green’ after heavy ‘reds’ swayed across the crypto world in the last couple of months since bitcoin reached it’s all-time high in November last year.

The bull market conditions of the past week saw the big boys of the decentralized market, like Bitcoin up by about 10%. Other high performing digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitgert, Centcex and others have been bullish with some post uptrend prices. Here’s a breakdown of how each of these big boys fared in the just concluded week and their current standings.


Amongst the best performing digital currencies in the bull market condition of the previous week, Bitgert stands rather tall. The coin recorded one of its best performances in several weeks. It is however, not just the surge in price that has made this coin a bullish one.

Bitgret’s team has made it their focus to release new products at specific intervals. This has given them the momentum to reach huge milestones in delivering its roadmap.

Some of these factors which are responsible for Bitgert bullishness are not far fetched. The team recently announced the development of Bitgert’s Zero gas fee blockchain testnet. Considering the new innovations from Bitgert’s blockchain development and the Bitgert’s centralized exchange coming soon, Bitgert is the next big thing.


The bullish market of the just concluded week has proven to be fundamental to the Centcex project. The cryptocurrency came out of the bullish market as one of the high performers in the market. There is no doubt that the surging market prices had a lot to do with the bullish nature of Centcex in this past week but the project development has also played a key role.

The Centcex team has dedicated a lot of effort into working on their flagship product, a cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto exchange product is already in the final stages and is expected to launch soon. Consequently, members of the crypto community are buying CENX in anticipation of the huge Centcex staking revenues. 


Yet another cryptocurrency that has been doing really well is Ethereum. The second largest digital currency recorded a 10% bullish run in the previous week. It has definitely become one of the biggest performers of the exchange market. The surge in price is not just the reason for Ethereum’s gain. 

The Ethereum team has also been doing a lot to make the blockchain better. This upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain is the biggest that has ever been carried out on the platform. As a result of this upgrade, the Ethereum blockchain would become one of the best blockchain technologies in the world. Consequently, investors are buying ETH – with trading platforms and bots like eToro – in the anticipation of the coming bullish run.


The largest cryptocurrency in the world was not exempted from this bullishness in the crypto scene.  The recent bull run over the past week, saw Bitcoin – which had crashed severely below $35,000 – up to $40,000. It was the first time Bitcoin gained by 10% in 24 hours.

Generally, it has been a very impressive first week of the month for the crypto community, especially Bitcoin investors and traders who use bots like eToro. Currently, Bitcoin is stable and now trades above $41,000. Further bullish runs will see Bitcoin surging into the $50,000 mark, and that will be quite delightful.

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