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BitIQ Review

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Come and Find Out If BitIQ App Is a Scam or Legit

A Comprehensive Overview For 2022


Name: BitIQ

Description: BitIQ is a trading app designed for traders and investors at all skill levels. As the owner claims, this piece of software does the job of monitoring the financial markets on your behalf, allowing you to develop much better trading strategies and mitigate your risks.

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


BitIQ is a trading app designed for traders and investors at all skill levels. As the owner claims, this piece of software does the job of monitoring the financial markets on your behalf, allowing you to develop much better trading strategies and mitigate your risks. Our goal is to ensure that these claims are correct so that you can decide whether this trading robot is worth your time.



  • Intuitive trading platform.
  • No additional fees.
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • Several investing tools available.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.


  • It only features a web-based platform; it doesn’t have a mobile app.

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What is BitIQ?

The trading market is getting more competitive as the years pass, and there are now several tools available to make your trading life easier. One of the greatest tools that have come for users is trading apps. While these apps have proven to be a great choice for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders, not all of them work the same.

Our goal with this BitIQ review is to determine whether this auto-trading robot does a good job at what it claims it can do. There’s no right formula for creating a trading app, so developers have a lot of creativity to make what they believe is the best for users. We’re going to review how BitIQ works for users, and what benefits you may gain from it.

BitIQ is an auto-trading robot that aims to make users’ trading experience smoother. While it’s suitable for any kind of trader, it’s mostly tailored for beginners who want to make their first investment but don’t know where to start. According to BitIQ’s creator, you don’t need a background in finance or tech; as long as you have the will to learn, you can use BitIQ.

Traditional trading requires you to continually monitor the financial markets to find appropriate trades that fit your needs. However, this activity can easily become exhausting and frustrating if you don’t know what to do. BitIQ’s job is to take that weight off your shoulders by monitoring the market on your behalf.

Additionally, BitIQ walks you through most of the trading process so that you don’t have to. Typically, you would have to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding trading if you wanted to create a better trading strategy, but with BitIQ, you don’t have to anymore.

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How Do You Use BitIQ?

If you’ve never made an investment before, you may be wondering how to use a trading app such as BitIQ or even other legit trading apps. In this BitIQ review, we’re also going to walk you through the entire trading process so that you can decide if it works for you.

To start using BitIQ, you have to create a trading account. Thankfully, the app’s owner made it entirely free of charge for anyone who wants to sign-up right now. Keep in mind that you still have to make an investment to start making trades, although you may choose to invest any amount you consider appropriate. 

Once you create your account, BitIQ lets you explore the app before making the investment, so you may take all the time you need before making a decision. We found BitIQ’s platform to be intuitive enough for most trader types, so if you’ve never traded before, you can use BitIQ easily.

As the app’s creator states, BitIQ was created because there were several trading platforms on the market that were extremely complicated to use, making beginners more confused about trading than they were before. In essence, you don’t need any prior knowledge of tech or crypto investments; to begin, simply create your account, set up your parameters, and you’re good to go!

BitIQ’s bot uses complex algorithms to identify trades on the market based on the input you gave it. Once it identifies a good trading opportunity for you, it executes an automatic buy/sell order, meaning that you’re saving some time on the trading process. 

One of the most important factors analyzed in this BitIQ review is its algorithm. Most algorithms are built differently, so it’s vital to go over each one in detail to see what makes it unique. 

In the case of BitIQ, its algorithm’s primary goal is to automate most of your trading process. Once you open the app for the first time, you’re welcomed by many trading parameters/settings that you can use to your advantage. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use every setting; instead, you should aim to create a unique trading strategy that fits your goals.

A remarkable thing we found for this BitIQ review is that the algorithm can easily adapt to sudden changes in strategy. The crypto market is highly volatile, meaning that the same trading strategy may not work forever; in fact, you may need to continually change your trading strategy to adapt to market trends.

Thankfully, BitIQ’s system adapts perfectly to those circumstances. If you want to make any adjustments to your strategy, you may enter the app at any point of the day, make the necessary changes, and let the app do the rest. While you don’t have to keep an eye out for BitIQ all day long, we suggest that you do it occasionally to ensure that your strategy is still working as intended.

Registering for BitIQ

The sign-up process for BitIQ is surprisingly easy. Many trading platforms tend to go over exhaustive identification/processing steps, but BitIQ keeps it simple enough for everyone. To register, all you need is your contact information and an active internet connection.

Keep reading this BitIQ review to discover how you can sign up for the platform!

Step One – Register

BitIQ provides potential users with a simple registration box at the beginning and the end of its page. You must input basic contact information, such as your e-mail address, your full name, and a password for your account. Once you finish the sign-up process, you may verify your account through your e-mail. 

Step Two – Make Your First Deposit

As mentioned before in this BitIQ review, you must make a deposit before you can start making trades since the bot needs funds to make those trades. Remember that you can fund your account with any amount of money you consider appropriate, although we recommend you don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose. You may also choose from many payment methods available; credit/debit card payments tend to be the most common ones.

Step Three – Start Trading

Once you have full access to BitIQ’s features, you can begin setting up your trading strategy. Remember that you’re free to choose any setting that fits your needs, so take your time to explore the app thoroughly. Once you’re ready to start, you may go into the live trading area of the platform.

How Can You Start Investing with BitIQ?

People with trading experience may have an easier time browsing the BitIQ app. However, the app’s creator made a vast effort into making it more user-friendly than other apps con the market. If you’re a beginner, keep reading this BitIQ review for a deeper insight on what steps you can follow in your first sessions.

  • Learning the Fundamentals of Trading: Keep in mind that trading isn’t easy. Even if you use BitIQ as your trading tool, you still need to learn some basic terminology to get started and understand what you’re doing. Thankfully, the BitIQ platform lays down most of the information you need to start, so you’re not going to have any problems.

However, if you want as much information as possible, we suggest you go to the internet to assess any details you may need. When you learn the trading fundamentals, you’re going to have a much easier time setting up everything and adjusting your parameters.

  • Monitoring Crypto’s History: As with any other asset, you must understand how cryptos have evolved since their first appearance. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency to date, and it has gone through several changes that you should know of. 

Learning more about your preferred asset allows you to develop better trading strategies based on how it has behaved over a particular period. On the contrary, having little information about the asset you’re trading can expose you to more trading risks, which jeopardize your investment.

  • Don’t Invest More than You Can Afford to Lose: A common mistake among new traders is that they make huge investments in hopes of making bigger profits. While higher investments yield higher profits, they can also increase your chances of making a poor financial decision and losing your investment. 

Beginners must try to be as safe as possible while they learn the fundamentals of trading, which is why it’s better to start with smaller amounts and work their way up from there.

  • Take Your Time: While the crypto market is becoming more competitive each day, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush your trades. The key to proper trading is to take the time to analyze your possibilities, goals, and risks. Many people tend to rush their financial decisions, and that’s where they make the most mistakes.

BitIQ can help you significantly reduce the risks that come with crypto trading, but it doesn’t eliminate them. You must always take your time to create the best trading strategy possible to make the most out of your investment.

Additional Information Regarding BitIQ

We covered as much information as possible in this BitIQ review. However, there may still be some unanswered questions for you. Our goal is to make this review as intuitive and informative as possible for you, which is why we added a few frequently asked questions regarding BitIQ.

If you want to clarify some details before creating an account at BitIQ, make sure to keep reading this section!

How Do Deposits and Withdrawals Work?

To make a deposit with BitIQ, simply use your preferred payment method, choose the amount of money you want to put into your account, and wait for the transaction to get processed. The transaction may take up to 24 hours, depending on the bank institution.

As for the withdrawals, BitIQ allows you to transfer your funds to your bank account at any point of your trading journey. All you need to do is input the amount of money you want to withdraw, confirm the transaction, and wait for your local bank to process it.

BitIQ doesn’t charge extra fees for any of those transactions, but keep in mind that your local bank might. Make sure to review this information before making any transactions.

Is There a Mobile Version for This App?

There’s no official mobile version for BitIQ. However, this app’s web-based interface can adapt to any device you access it from; this means that you can use BitIQ from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

BitIQ’s web platform allows people to access their trading session as fast as possible without needing to install any third-party apps. You must ensure you have a stable internet connection before you access the app.

How Much Does It Cost to Use This App?

Creating an account at BitIQ is entirely free of charge. Additionally, the company doesn’t charge you any additional fees for making a deposit or withdrawal operation. 

Keep in mind that you still need to make an investment so that the bot can start making trades on your behalf. Thankfully, you have full liberty to choose to invest any amount of money you wish.

Bottom Line – Is BitIQ Legit?

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Determining whether a trading app is good or not can be challenging, especially considering all the options currently on the market today. We went through each detail regarding BitIQ and we’re positive that this is a legitimate trading app. 

Keep in mind that all trading experiences are different, so you may find mixed reviews from users regarding BitIQ. According to our experience, the trading process was smooth, easy, and intuitive, meaning that it’s perfect for beginners who are trying to get into the trading world without much stress.

While we consider BitIQ to be a legitimate app, you still need to be careful when making your trades and creating trading strategies. Trading cryptocurrencies is often considered a dangerous activity because its market is highly volatile. BitIQ can help you mitigate some of the risks that come with trading in these markets, but if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing, you may experience significant losses for your investment.

Overall, we found that BitIQ has a lot of unique features, and it does a great job at introducing new traders to the Bitcoin and trading world. Once you go into the BitIQ website, you’re going to notice that there’s a vast amount of information on the subject, which is great news for those who don’t know much about this financial activity.

BitIQ’s owner emphasizes that trading is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. As long as you have the will to learn, you can make the most out of your trades by using the BitIQ app. 

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