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The Most Comprehensive Review for Bitcoin Wealth 【Updated For 2022】

Bitcoin Wealth

Name: Bitcoin Wealth

Description: A Comprehensive Review – Everything You Need to Know【Updated For 2021】

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Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Bitcoin Wealth is a cryptocurrency trading platform that includes an auto trader function and works to help users make a profit while trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The trading platform claims to incorporated the highest quality technologies, such as Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, which help avoid the risks of trading. 


This website and its publications are not a source of formal financial or professional guidance. The perspectives shared here are grounded exclusively on the author’s viewpoint, investigations, and personal encounters, and must not be regarded as definitive facts. The writer is not a certified financial consultant and does not hold any relevant credentials in this field. It is strongly advised to seek advice from a proficient financial consultant before pursuing any investment activities, as the details delineated on this platform are broad and may not cater to personal requirements or situations.

Several years have passed since the introduction of trading systems, which have taken the entire trading market by storm. These systems have helped many individuals without any trading experience perform well on the live trading market and return excellent profits. This is due to many of these systems having an auto trader. Nonetheless, the success of these legitimate trading systems has led to a rise in untrustworthy platforms popping up with ill intentions of taking users’ money and not offering any trading benefits whatsoever. 

You’re likely reading this review because you understand that there’s an overwhelming number of illegitimate trading sites on the internet today and you’re wondering if Bitcoin Wealth is one of these scammers. In this comprehensive review, we’re going to be discussing the results from our extensive research project where we took a deep dive into Bitcoin Wealth and all the features this auto trading bot has to offer its users. Continue reading to find out more. 

Why You Should Not Use This Bitcoin Wealth Auto Trader

After reviewing this Bitcoin Wealth auto trader robot, we have found that this isn’t a legitimate trading platform that can offer returns on investments. For this reason, we highly recommend you stay far away from this platform. There are many reasons we reached this conclusion, such as: 

  • This trading site includes deception information and strategies to get more users to sign-up with Bitcoin Wealth.
  • It isn’t equipped to accurately conduct trading activities. While researching Bitcoin Wealth, we found that the site doesn’t include honest reviews left by those who have previously used the site. The testimonials presented on the platform are fake and the thoughts of previous members can be found on independent reviewing websites.
  • We have concluded that the Bitcoin Wealth web-trader is fake. This is because the website is designed to look like an authentic crypto trading system, but it doesn’t offer the same algorithms used by other, legitimate trading bots.

Is Bitcoin Wealth a Legitimate Auto Trader?

No, the Bitcoin Wealth trading platform doesn’t function as a legitimate auto trader and should be avoided at all costs. We highly recommend that no users deposit any money into this Bitcoin Wealth site, as you’re never going to be able to recover these funds again. 

The mechanisms making up this trading platform make Bitcoin Wealth the perfect scam example. Many reasons point to this system as being untrustworthy. When you first visit this Bitcoin Wealth webpage, you’re going to notice that it claims to be safe and secure. It states this next to the Bitcoin Wealth icon. 

However, if you look closer, this icon has been pasted from somewhere else, which makes the website look unprofessional and suspicious. This is certainly not the image you want for the website you wish to use when conducting crypto trades. 

In addition to this, the creator of Bitcoin Wealth is Max Carney, who is well-known in the trading community. However, his claim to fame isn’t anything to brag about, as he is also the creator behind Crypto Wealth, which has also been proven as a scam. Thus, him being the creator of Bitcoin Wealth isn’t a very promising sign. 

For all of these reasons, we can say with complete certainty that Bitcoin Wealth is a scam and not worthy of your time or money. Investing any money in this website would be a massive mistake, as you’re never going to see a return on this capital deposit and the illegitimate and unlicensed brokers included on the site are going to take this money. 

None of the claims mentioned on the Bitcoin Wealth website have been proven and all the features are fake. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended to refrain from using Bitcoin Wealth if you wish to make a profit on your trading activities in the cryptocurrency market. 

The Complete Bitcoin Wealth Review: Why is this Auto Trader a Scam?

We conducted extensive research and concluded that Bitcoin Wealth is a complete scam that isn’t worth anyone’s time unless they are looking to throw their money away. However, we don’t even believe this platform is deserving enough of this, as there are far more interesting ways for someone to flush their money down the toilet. We say this because this scam isn’t original in the slightest. 

It got quite boring when we found out that Max Carney was the creator behind this trading website. We could have stopped our research then and there, but it felt far too predictable to have a proven scammer successfully develop another scamming website once the other site became too well-known for being an illegitimate scamming auto trader. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what occurred, as Bitcoin Wealth is the same as Carney’s first scam trader, Crypto Wealth. 

In addition to this, the official Bitcoin Wealth platform states that the trading software included in the design of the website is equipped with a security score of 100 percent. Even traders who lack experience understand that nothing in the crypto trading world can come without a little risk. 

Even the most effective auto traders can’t eliminate the risk associated with trading in such a volatile market. This is a pathetic claim that can easily be proven incorrect as there has never been (a possibly never going to be) a trading software platform that has a win rate of 100 percent. The reason for this is because the market direction of any cryptocurrency can’t be detected, which means that the risks associated with this type of trading can’t be eliminated. 

Finally, the Bitcoin Wealth site also states that nine out of 10 financial professionals recommended using the platform. However, after taking a deeper dive, we found that no financial professionals have even reviewed the Bitcoin Wealth platform. This goes to show that most of the information included on this site is false and should be trusted when looking for a suitable auto trader. 

After researching the Bitcoin Wealth system, we concluded that this trading platform is nothing more than a simple webpage, which has been designed to appear as a legitimate crypto auto trader. Nonetheless, this site isn’t genuine and doesn’t include effective mechanisms that provide any profits from these trading activities. Adding to this, you’re almost always guaranteed to receive continual losses when using the Bitcoin Wealth platform to make trades. It’s due to this that we strongly recommend users against signing up with this auto trader. This is unless they want to waste their money.

You’re going to be presented with endless testimonials when browsing through the Bitcoin Wealth website. These testimonials are included to push people to sign up with the platform. This is because all of these testimonials are used to place Bitcoin Wealth in a pleasant light and make it seem like this auto trader can offer exceptional profits, even if this isn’t the case.

Although these testimonials might seem legitimate, the users behind these reviews don’t exist and it’s actually those behind Bitcoin Wealth who are responsible for the content included in these testimonials. We found more accurate reviews from previous users of the website on independent reviewing sites.

In these real testimonials, former members of Bitcoin Wealth stated that this system constantly provided losses from these crypto trading activities. This only enhances our conclusion that Bitcoin Wealth has only been created to scam users.

Our Verdict on Bitcoin Wealth: Is it a Scam?

After browsing through our in-depth Bitcoin Wealth review, it should be clear that this auto trader is something that everyone should steer clear from, as it’s a complete scam that only wishes to take the money deposited by users.

Due to this, we highly suggest using an alternative auto trading platform if you want to conduct trades on the living crypto trading market. We can recommend Bitcoin Up as an alternative auto trader to Bitcoin Wealth that offers effective features. 

What Trading Sites Should You Use Instead?

If you wish to make a profit on trading activities with an auto trading platform, you need to use a reputable auto trader. Although the internet is home to endless auto trading scams, these legitimate auto trading robots do exist. In fact, we have reviewed a few of these reliable and trustworthy auto trading sites. 

For this reason, we highly recommend using auto trading sites like Bitcoin Up to conduct these trading activities. We advise you to read through our comprehensive review of this trading site. Alternatively, you can head straight to this website and signup to start using the platform. Although it’s unfortunate that Bitcoin Wealth is a scam, it’s vital to understand that you can still make a profit while conducting crypto trades when you use the right auto trading tools. 

Tips for Trading with a Legitimate Auto Trader

When it comes to using a legitimate auto trader, you’re already at a greater disadvantage as this system isn’t trying to steal your money. However, the volatility of the crypto trading market means that there are risks associated with these trades, even if you’re using the most effective auto trader. With that being said, we do have some helpful tips that we recommend implementing when you’re making trades to help reduce these risks. 

Never Invest More than You’re Willing to Lose

The volatile nature of the crypto market is what allows traders to reap amazing returns. However, it’s also what causes many traders to lose a great deal of money. The market conditions are unpredictable. In essence, you’re making the equivalent of educated (or uneducated depending on the research you perform) guesses when it comes to making trades. For this reason, there’s always going to be a chance that you lose the money you’ve invested. 

This can be compared to gambling, which means that you should never be investing more than you’re willing to lose. With that being said, these trading activities aren’t an ideal option for individuals who are desperately needing money and hoping to strike gold in their trading performances. For this reason, you’re going to want to only invest money that you’re willing to part with if your trading strategy ends up costing you. 

Do Research and Form Trading Strategies

Although an auto trader is an excellent tool to help make the process easier when it comes to making crypto trades, especially for those who lack trading experience, it’s also always going to be a good idea to have a good understanding of how the trading market works and what the current conditions are like. 

This is because it allows you to create accurate trading strategies, which can help you set realistic trading parameters for these trading bots to implement for you. Thus, you can enhance your performance in the live crypto trading market and gain better returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can you earn while using the Bitcoin Wealth trading platform?

After our extensive review, we have found Bitcoin Wealth to be a complete scam. Due to this, you’re not going to make any money when using this trading platform. In addition to this, you’re going to lose any funds that you invested into this Bitcoin Wealth trading account. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you steer clear of using this site.

Is Bitcoin Wealth a legitimate auto trader?

No, the Bitcoin Wealth trading site isn’t a legitimate auto trader and is rather a scam. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t invest your time and money in this trading platform. If you would like the opportunity to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend that you try a legitimate auto trader that we have previously reviewed, such as Bitcoin Up.

How much can I deposit on the Bitcoin Wealth trading site?

You can deposit any amount of money that’s higher than $250 into a Bitcoin Wealth trading account. The minimum account that you can invest when using the Bitcoin wealth auto trading site is $250. However, we highly advise against doing so. After our comprehensive review, we have found that any money you invest into this trading account is going to be lost because this trading platform is a scam.

Can I withdraw funds from Bitcoin Wealth?

No, you can’t. After you have deposited funds into your Bitcoin Wealth account, you can’t withdraw this money. This is one of the reasons we have concluded Bitcoin Wealth to be a scam. Legitimate auto trading bots are designed to allow users to withdraw even the entire investment capital in their trading account if the member wishes. However, Bitcoin Wealth isn’t equipped to provide this.

In addition to this, the systems incorporated into the design of Bitcoin Wealth are used to ensure users lose all the money invested into the Bitcoin Wealth trading account while the platform doesn’t have any hard evidence to show it reaps profits for its users. Thus, you aren’t likely to have any funds in your Bitcoin Wealth trading account to withdraw once you begin using the auto trader. For these reasons, we strongly recommend using an alternative and legitimate auto trader, like Bitcoin Up.

BWCEvent aspires to share balanced and credible details on cryptocurrency, finance, trading, and stocks. Yet, we refrain from giving financial suggestions, urging users to engage in personal research and meticulous verification.