Bitcoin Revolution Review

If you are new to the trading world or first time to hear about auto trading software, you might wonder what these software options are. 

The 21st century involves technological whirlpool and hefty digitalization. So, it’s no surprise to encounter automated trading software. Gone are the days when traders have to practice the trading markets and settling on various investment options. Today, every trader has a chance to streamline the trading process.

When it comes to the most preferred automated trading software options on the market, Bitcoin Revolution is one of the notable mentions. If you are not familiar yet with this software, keep reading!

Bitcoin Revolution Review
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Name: Bitcoin Revolution

Description: When it comes to the most preferred automated trading software options on the market, Bitcoin Revolution is one of the notable mentions. If you are not familiar yet with this software, keep reading!

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Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Do you want to eliminate psychological elements when making a trade? Do you wish to have a big picture of your trading performance and make better trading decisions? If yes, you might like to consider using automated trading software like Bitcoin Revolution.


Many traders prefer Bitcoin Revolution due to its various benefits and advantages. However, if you still doubt whether this legit automated trading app can meet all your trading needs, check out the pros and cons section below:

  • Device Compatibility 

Whether you use a desktop or mobile device, you can download and run Bitcoin Revolution on your device. For desktop users, go for computers that run Windows, Mac OS, or Linus. For mobile device users, this auto trading app runs on both Android and iOS devices. If you are a iOS user, ensure that your device runs on iOS 9.0 or higher. Meanwhile, if you are an Android device user, ensure that it runs on Android 4.0 or higher versions.

  • Emotions are Avoided 

One of the reasons traders use auto trading apps like Bitcoin Revolution is that it helps avoid unnecessary emotions when placing a trade. Once emotions like fear of losing or the desire to win more profits are prevented, sticking and implementing the trading plan and strategies are much easier.

  • Perform Backtesting 

Bitcoin Revolution allows you to test the algorithms on historical data using demo accounts. So, before you can launch your actual trading account into live trading, you already have better ideas of what you should do. Keep in mind that backtesting is highly critical since you have an opportunity to determine potential errors even without using real money.

  • Discipline is Observed 

Bitcoin Revolution comes with established trading rules with automated trading implementation. This functionality helps maintain discipline. Even in volatile market conditions, you can still observe discipline. For example, you can prevent yourself from trading an amount more than you can lose.

  • Provide Consistency 

By trading the plan, you can achieve consistency. Bitcoin Revolution will help you avoid trading hazards due to ignoring the rules. Since computers follow the predefined script, they can adapt immediately to the changing market conditions that generate orders once the trading criteria are met. The software also helps you prevent late entry or exit from a particular position.

  • Use of Multiple Accounts 

Another advantage of using Bitcoin Revolution auto trading software is that it allows you to trade multiple accounts at one time. So, the risks are spread over various instruments while enabling you to use a hedge against the losing positions.

  • Reduced Latency 

When using Bitcoin Revolution, you have an opportunity to reduce latency as much as possible. That way, you can protect your investments while giving you access to your preferred market.

  • Functional and User-friendly Interface

While computers will do a lot of work for you, you still need to manage several areas. You may also need to adjust something when needed. Fortunately, Bitcoin Revolution comes with a functional interface. So, you can make any changes or adjustments on the fly. Plus, you have no problem navigating the app if you are new to auto trading systems since the interface is user-friendly.

  • Enhanced Order Speed Entry 

Bitcoin Revolution provides better order speed entry. It can automatically adapt to changing market conditions and then generate orders once the trading criteria are met. Remember that a few seconds in trading can already make a massive difference to your potential win or loss. This software will help you prevent plummeting past a stop level or reaching the profit target before managing to enter an order.


In reality, you will find no auto trading app with no drawbacks. Before you settle at Bitcoin Revolution, check out the following cons to help you make a smarter decision:

  • Discrepancy or Internet Connection Issues

You may encounter internet connection failures or a discrepancy between the platform component and the theoretical trade that turns it into reality. As a result, you can experience huge losses.

  • Monitoring is Still Required 

While Bitcoin Revolution performs automated trading, you still need to monitor it. That is because computer crashes, power cuts, loss of connectivity, mechanical failures, and more can occur at any time that can negatively impact your trading performance. Beware that these hazards can miss or duplicate orders.

  • Over Optimization 

If we say over-optimization, it refers to the excessive curve-fitting resulting in an unreliable trading plan in live trading. Once you strive to over-optimize your trading strategy, you will not produce reliable trading plans necessary for live trading.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

No. Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam. We have already tried this auto trading software, from demo accounts to live trading. It is designed and developed by a team of experts. The success score was also tested. 

Bitcoin Revolution helps the traders employ the best possible trading techniques and strategies in their trading plan and performance. It features many different trading tools and options, catering to traders of all kinds. However, it is still up to you whether you will use this software or not.

Real auto trading systems like Bitcoin Revolution are based on an algorithm created, developed, and backtested for a particular asset. For example, once hedge funds make trading algorithms, they are only used on a basket of individual stocks or one currency pair.

If you take a look at Bitcoin Revolution, you may notice that it only trades particular pairs. For instance, a forex pair usually trade according to technical indicators. However, if traders use the scam software, they will not see what is going to do with their money. 

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

Yes. Bitcoin Revolution is a legit automated trading software. Using this app helps you get signals as to when is the right time to start or make a trade. This legit trading software also provides data analysis necessary for deciding whether you will enter a trade or not. 

Bitcoin Revolution will generate signals and either close or open trades based on those algorithms depending on the used algorithms. This auto trading software provides a set of established rules dedicated to order entries and exits. Once programmed, all orders are placed. Then, they are executed by the computer automatically. 

Bitcoin Revolution allows you to program custom strategies and indicators. While it takes more effort than utilizing the wizard of the software, you can gain a higher level of flexibility, and outcomes can be more rewarding. However, just like anything else in the world of trading, you will find no perfect strategies that guarantee success. 

If you do not want to end up with a scam auto trading software, Bitcoin Revolution is a good addition to your trading journey. On the other hand, you are still free to decide whether you will use Bitcoin Revolution or not. 

Bitcoin Revolution Review 

With Bitcoin Revolution, you can have a better insight into the markets to easily find buy or sell opportunities according to the specifications of the trading strategy. Once the trade is entered, orders for profit targets, trailing stops, and protective stop losses are automatically generated.

As you probably know, being part of the fast-moving markets means you have to be flexible and proactive. This is where Bitcoin Revolution can help you. It will help you create trading plans and strategies effectively.

Who is Bitcoin Revolution for?

Here is what you need if you are looking for automated trading software that suits both beginners and advanced traders. 

The simple design, user-friendly interface, and helpful functionalities help beginners easily adjust Bitcoin Revolution. Beginners can take advantage of the tutorials or educational resources to help improve their current trading knowledge. With the fully functional demo accounts, they can get plenty of insights before going live. As for the advanced traders, they can use advanced technical analysis and various charting capabilities. They can also take advantage of graphical tools or built-in indicators. This software enables you to construct custom indicators or even program with MQL4 language.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We hope that we helped you decide whether or not Bitcoin Revolution best suits your trading needs with the above information. While it comes with plenty of advantages and benefits, you also need to consider its drawbacks. Remember that there is no such perfect auto trading software.  Overall, Bitcoin Revolution provides you essential features that can improve your trading performance and make you confident in every trade you make. If you are not yet sure about live trading, you can use the demo accounts. This software aims to help traders make smarter decisions through helpful insights. Happy trading!