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10 years ago, only people with computers could easily mine cryptocurrencies. That isn’t the case anymore because the crypto market has experienced significant growth and most blockchains require a significant amount of processing power to remain functional. Now, anyone with a mobile phone can mine crypto using only their phones. 

Cryptocurrency mining employs hardware to generate new cryptocurrency coins while validating blockchain transactions. Crypto mining can sometimes be expensive to start because it requires high-end computer hardware with graphics processing capabilities like Nvidia or AMD graphics cards, but this isn’t always the case for people looking to mine on their mobile phones. To mine cryptocurrencies, there are several options available to people. These include cloud mining, the use of mining rigs, getting cryptocurrency miners, or using your mobile devices.

Miners use their preferred devices to solve incredibly complicated arithmetic problems, using their computers and massive quantities of power. Miners must be the first to get the accurate or closest solution to the problem to finish the mining process and earn rewards. Proof of work (POW) is the process of estimating the correct figure (hash). Miners predict the target hash by submitting as many estimates as possible at random, which demands a lot of processing power. When more miners participate in the network, the complexity rises.

Reasons to Mine Crypto on a Mobile App

If you are considering mining crypto on your mobile device but unsure if it is a good idea, then this information is for you. There are several advantages to mining cryptocurrency on a mobile application; we will go over these advantages briefly. 

Using a mobile app to mine crypto can be very convenient because you can mine your preferred cryptocurrency coin from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active internet connection and a mobile device. Aside from being convenient, the barrier to entry is very low, meaning anyone can easily mine crypto without much technical knowledge. 

Mobile devices are also more cost-effective because you will not spend so much on power, unlike the options of a mining rig or a crypto miner. While being one of the most cost-effective options, it is also still a source of passive income. 

You can also perform other tasks on your mobile device while mining concurrently, you literally have nothing to lose.

Although mobile-based mining is an excellent entry point to mining, it is not as profitable as mining on a powerful computer because it has less processing power.

How to set up a crypto-mining app

Most crypto-mining applications adopt the same steps when trying to set them up. Setting up a cryptocurrency mining app will require the following steps:

Download and install the app

There are many different cryptocurrency mining apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Some popular options include MinerGate, Easy Miner, and Crypto Miner. 

You should research the pros and cons of various cryptocurrency mining apps to determine which would suit your needs. Once you have chosen a mining app, download and install it on your mobile device. Some miners are not on your typical Play Store or App Store; you may have to check other application stores to access these miners.

Create a wallet to store your mined crypto

You must first register an account on your mining application in order to begin mining. Usually, this entails submitting an email address and choosing a password. After you have successfully created an account, you will need to create a wallet for your mined tokens. This wallet will be used to receive your mined token after a successful withdrawal, but you can also decide to keep your mined crypto on the miner.

The most popular wallets are Metamask and TrustWallet. Be careful not to mix up addresses or information.

Choose which cryptocurrency to mine

On the application, you may have different mining options, so it may be a bit difficult to determine which coin is best to mine. If you are looking to mine for a long period of time, it is best to mine coins that retain their value or gain value over time and, of course, it has to be profitable after all costs have been deducted (if any).

New cryptocurrencies come out every day, with varying use cases, so it may be difficult to decide which to mine. I would recommend you conduct thorough research and take several factors into consideration before deciding or concluding on the best cryptocurrency to mine for you.

Start Mining

Once the app is set up and you have chosen the coin you wish to mine, you can start mining. Keep in mind that mining on a mobile device will be much slower than mining on a dedicated computer, and it may take a long time to earn a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

It is also important to keep track of the mining progress by monitoring the app for statistics on hash rate, power consumption, and earnings.

For applications that mine based on processing power, you may need a powerful phone, so it may be a good idea to invest in a good smartphone to increase your profitability.

The best crypto coins that you can mine on an app

If you are having trouble deciding which coins you should mine, then this is for you. We will briefly go through the best crypto coins for mining on your mobile device. Keep in mind that, some of these coins may not meet your personal mining needs, so they are not ideal for everyone. They are just for the vast majority.

Monero (XMR) 

One of the simplest coins to mine using processing power is Monero. Nonetheless, the Monero network recommends graphics processing power since it is purportedly more effective. Transactions in Monero cannot be tracked, which makes it unique.

Monero lacks a history of transactions that can be traced, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. As a result, the blockchain has been successful in protecting the privacy of its network’s members. As a result, we recommend Monero as one of the finest currencies for people who care about their privacy.

Monero’s market volatility is quite unpredictable. However, because of its focus on anonymity, many people believe that the currency will be a great long-term investment.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ever since its inception more than ten years ago, Bitcoin has remained the most widely used cryptocurrency. It goes without saying that the desire for this digital token continues to increase. As a result, Bitcoin is still among the greatest cryptocurrencies to mine, especially from the standpoint of investments.

As time goes on, the price of bitcoin can rise, particularly if the current high demand continues. All things considered, mining bitcoins on your mobile device may not be as profitable when compared to using a standard PC. Utilizing cloud mining systems like ECOS is one method to get around this.


Ethereum is currently the second-most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. This is another technology platform that supports a wide range of services, including NFTs and smart contracts. So many decentralized apps are created and deployed on this blockchain.

Many investors view Ether as one of the finest cryptocurrency tokens to buy currently due to its application cases. The initial coin offering (ICO) price for the currency was $0.30 in 2015. At the time this article was written, one ETH token was trading for more than $1,000.

Additionally, Ethereum is changing to a proof-of-stake (POS) consensus method, which will end up making it more affordable and quick. Due to these factors, Ether may be the ideal cryptocurrency to mine for long-term investments.

Tips for maximizing your crypto mining app profits

The profit margin among miners varies, and one of the major factors that determine that is the strategy that is implemented. Below, we will go through some tips for maximizing crypto-mining profits using a mining app.

Use a device with a powerful processor

As previously stated, your device’s processing power is the major determinant of how much you earn from mining. If you are looking to mine on your mobile phone, you should get a mobile phone with a powerful CPU and GPU. If you are looking to use an iPhone, get one with a very powerful chipset (iOS devices only have one processor, which is the A-bionic chip).

A powerful processor is needed for mining because the process involves solving complex mathematical equations in order to validate transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. These equations require a significant amount of computational power, which a powerful processor can provide. The more computational power you have, the more likely you are to successfully solve the equations and earn rewards for adding new blocks to the blockchain. Additionally, a powerful processor will also allow you to mine at a faster rate, which can increase your overall profits.

Leave the app running for as long as possible

It is recommended to leave the mining app running for as long as possible because the longer the app runs, the greater the chances are of finding a block and earning rewards. When mining, the app uses your device’s computational power to solve complex mathematical equations in order to validate transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. 

The longer the app runs, the more equations it can solve, and the greater the chances are of successfully solving one of these equations and earning a reward. Additionally, leaving the app running for long periods of time can also help to increase your overall mining rate, which can lead to higher profits.

Consider joining a mining pool

Joining a mining pool can be beneficial for several reasons. If you join a mining pool, you will be working with other miners to find blocks. This increases your chances of finding a block because the combined computational power of the group is greater than that of a single miner.

When you mine as an individual, you may have to wait a long time before finding a block and receiving a reward. In a pool, rewards are distributed among the members more frequently. which makes it easier to become profitable. The probability of finding a block as an individual miner is dependent on the miner’s hash rate relative to the total network hash rate. Joining a pool reduces the variance by providing a more steady stream of smaller rewards.

When you join a mining pool, you can use your miner’s full hash rate to contribute to the pool, even if you have a lower hash rate than the other members. 

It is important to note that joining a mining pool also means that the rewards will be split among the members of the pool. So, the profit per individual miner will be less compared to mining alone, but the chances of finding a block and earning rewards will be higher.


Absolutely, if you invest in the correct gear and a cryptocurrency mining pool, mining may be rewarding. However, there are other variables to consider, and a significant return is not assured.

It is practical to mine bitcoin on a mobile device. There are several crypto mining programs available that allow you to mine cryptocurrency directly from your phone device. These apps frequently enable you to access mining pools that mine using a portion of your device’s capabilities.

Solo mining, as the term suggests, means that a single miner organizes and performs the mining operation individually. These solitary miners rely on no 3rd party in any regard. They instead connect their mining devices to a cryptocurrency wallet and locate blocks.


Mining cryptocurrencies on a smartphone is usually not advised since mobile phones have little processing capacity, and significant power usage, and are not intended to manage the severe computational strain of mining. This reduces profitability and increases the risk of device malfunction.

Mobile devices are unsuitable for crypto mining since the operation needs a large amount of processing power, which smartphones lack. The mining process also consumes a substantial amount of energy, which can quickly deplete the battery of a mobile phone.

Furthermore, smartphones are not built to manage the intensive computational burden of mining, which can lead them to overheat and even harm the hardware.

Additionally, mobile mining applications may be scams. There are different smartphone mining apps available that offer large returns but are really scams aimed to obtain personal data or deceive users into installing malware.

To summarize, while mining cryptocurrencies on a mobile device may appear to be a convenient choice, it is neither feasible nor worthwhile. To mine bitcoin, it is preferable to use specialized mining hardware or a cloud mining service.

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