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Have you tried trading a coin or token on the major crypto exchanges and did not find it listed for trading? Coins must pass a rigorous selection and screening process before these platforms, centralized and decentralized, list them. While that is understandable, low-cap cryptocurrencies seldom make it to these listings.

The ecosystem aims to seize the massive potential of the low-cap cryptocurrency market. We know how volatile they can be and how that can result in substantial profit jumps. Yet, being unable to trade them on mainstream exchanges pushes investors to look at other options.

Even the growing interest in DEXs has yet to provide a permanent way out for low-cap cryptos. With the ecosystem, those whose visions need to be grand enough for listing on large exchanges can take off. Let’s explore this bubbling project, its native token, Willie, and the price forecast for 2023.

What is Willie?

In the simplest terms, Willie is a launchpad for low-cap token creators with little chance of being listed on major exchanges. It provides the features to take them from creation through incubation to audit and release. Even so, the platform will use a strict but flexible token selection process to ensure only trusted tokens are hosted.

This project wants a world where you can log into a mobile app and see low-cap cryptocurrencies. Then, you can leverage their high volatility to trade them for profit. Why should an exciting project be hidden because it cannot get a listing on Binance?

Low-cap cryptocurrencies often have a market capitalization of $1 billion or less. Creators will find a platform with excited and supportive people to launch their tokens. Then, they can quickly scale them up until they become available for easy trading.

The ecosystem does the following:

  • Elimination of complex purchasing procedures

Since low-cap cryptocurrencies are often not listed on mainstream crypto exchanges, purchasing them is always tricky. The process could progress from being complicated to frustrating. For instance, you may need a specific wallet to store them.  

Willie eliminates this complexity and makes purchases as easy as trading on one platform. It also simplifies configuration elements like slippage.

  • Elimination of complexity in storage

Wallets provide storage for digital assets while also providing pricing data and other crucial information. Even so, they are only sometimes friendly to people new to crypto.

  • Provide a safe platform for trading

Price manipulations and safety concerns have hampered the growth of cryptocurrency exchanges. Developers often have access to liquidity and can liquidate at any time. Then, some buy large quantities and hoard them to cause scarcity.

The Willie Ecosystem

This ecosystem has two primary components: the mobile app and the native token. All the functionalities discussed above are embedded in the application, while the coin provides governance.

The App

Users can access everything from their mobile devices. It has the following features:

  • Wallet
  • Trading
  • LP staking
  • Order Book Flow
  • Analysis
  • Early access to vetted ICOs

The design sprints for the mobile application are already underway. It will be part of the activities lined up in Wave 4 of the roadmap. While it has yet to be released, the features will be revolutionary for small-cap token creators.

Users can quickly find vetted ICOs and trade directly on the platform. Then, storage will be synced since it is still in the same ecosystem.

Willie Coin

As with other crypto ecosystems, users can access this with WILLIE. The coin has achieved CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings, with more to come. Its website 3.0 platform is up and running, and you can now easily buy it.

Here are the features of the coin:

  • Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) build
  • All token transfers cost 10%. 5% goes back to holders, while 5% goes to the liquidity pool.
  • The liquidity pool is locked, and ownership is renounced.
  • Smart contract for automated staking and liquidity pool.
  • Ocean conservation and cleanup

Although the project began with a token supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, 50 percent of it has been burned. That leaves about 500 trillion tokens slated for circulation.

On August 5, 2022, Willie announced that it would join the AptosLabs ecosystem. AptosLabs is a team committed to delivering the most production-ready blockchain and redefining the Web 3.0 experience. It already has a few DApps to its name, giving it credibility.

The roadmap still has more things down the road, including

  • StockTwits and WhiteBits listings
  •  WILLIE merchandise release
  • NFT auction
  • Major CEX listings
  • WILLIE app

How to Buy Willie Coin? Step-by-step Guide

While the app is in its early stages of development, the coin is available for purchase. You can buy them on the official platform and store them in MetaMask and Trust Wallet. There are risks you should know:

  • The coin is highly volatile
  • WILLIE is still in its incubation period
  • There are operational and regulatory uncertainties.

Buying with MetaMask or Trust Wallet follows a similar process. However, everything begins with having both wallets on your desktop or smartphone.

The following are the steps to buy WILLIE with BNB:

  • Step 1: Install MetaMask or Trust Wallet on your smartphone or browser

You can download MetaMask and Trust Wallet from the native app stores using a smartphone. Desktop users can install browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox.

Once installation is complete, add the BSC Smart Chain Network to the wallet. That will allow you to send and receive WILLIE.

  • Step 2: Fund your wallet with BNB

WILLIE only swaps with BNB. Hence, you need the latter to get the coin. Go to Binance or other supported exchanges to buy BNB and send it to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

  • Step 3: Go to PancakeSwap for the trade

Clicking “Buy WILLIE” on the official website takes you directly to PancakeSwap. Notwithstanding, you can open the exchange yourself.

Once loaded, go to Trades and connect your wallet. That will allow you to send BNB tokens and receive WILLIE.

  • Trade for Willie coin

Click “Trade” on the top bar of PancakeSwap. Select a currency and enter the token contract. The next step will be to adjust your slippage to 12%.

Go to settings and change this parameter. The percentage might increase, depending on the trade volume.

How to Store Willie Coin in a Wallet and Which Wallet You Should Use

While purchasing WILLIE, ensure you have enough BNB to cover the trading fees. Remember that you will be charged 10% for any trade.

Willie coin supports two wallets: MetaMask and Trust Wallet. That is because you can enable the BSC Smart Chain Network for them. If you prefer more options, there are a few more, including

  • Binance Wallet
  • Math
  • Token Pocket
  • Guarda
  • Simple Hold
  • OwnBit

You can also use hardware wallets if you prefer them. The common feature is that they support the BSC Smart Chain Network.

Here are the steps to store WILLIE:

  • Transfer the tokens from PancakeSwap to MetaMask or Trust Wallet. At this point, you can leave them there if you prefer using these wallets.
  • Move your tokens to your preferred wallet. If MetaMask or Trust Wallet doesn’t cut it for you, move the coins to another. Again, ensure the storage service you use supports BSC Smart Chain Network.

MetaMask is the most versatile of the bunch, as it supports direct trading and functions like a browser extension. That results in fluid and highly synchronized usage. There is no need to switch between applications.

It also has robust features and a friendly user interface. The next viable option will be Trust Wallet. Notwithstanding, make your choice and flow with it.

Willie Coin Forecast for 2023

WILLIE is a low-cap cryptocurrency with a small price value. It is so small that you might miss some zeros while counting it. Notwithstanding, trading is still available on PancakeSwap.

This token has been inactive for a while, and many market trackers no longer track it. As a result, it is difficult to give an accurate price as of this writing.

According to Nomics, WILLIE hit $0.0000000000588 on December 22, 2022. Its all-time high came a year earlier, in 2021. Nevertheless, its inactivity on swap platforms does not paint a positive picture.

We might see a loss in value once the coin begins trading again. That will further reduce its chances for recovery. With that in mind, WILLIE may not end 2023 above $0.0000000000588.

Poor marketing has held back much of the coin’s potential. While the project is solid, not many people know about it. Hence, demand is virtually nonexistent, save for a few informed people.

It is too soon to write off WILLIE, as it still has milestones on its roadmap. Increasing awareness could boost interest and cause its price to go up.


Low-cap cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects often fade away as they need help to achieve listings on major exchanges. Investors lose faith and withdraw their investments due to a lack of availability. However, WILLIE steps in to give these brilliant ideas a launchpad.

The WILLIE ecosystem, made up of an app and a token, is where low-cap cryptocurrency projects can start. It vets and incubates them while providing a platform for direct trades. As a result, there will be no need to list on major cryptocurrency exchanges until they are big enough.

You can swap BNB for WILLIE on PancakeSwap and store the coin in MetaMask or Trust Wallet. However, the token has not seen any trading activity recently. Its value of $0.000004825734 may drop lower by the end of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will WILLIE beat Bitcoin?

It is improbable that the small-cap token will beat Bitcoin’s price in the cryptocurrency market. Trading activities have paused on the coin, making it difficult to secure it.

Can I use other wallets besides MetaMask and Trust Wallet?

Any wallet that supports the BSC Smart Chain Network can accommodate WILLIE. You can send them to the storage service of your choice once you purchase them.

When will the app be available?

The app launch is slated for the fourth wave on its roadmap. Hence, we do not expect any launches in 2023.

Where can I buy WILLIE?

You can swap BNB for the token on PancakeSwap. That is the only exchange supporting the coin, even the recommended one on the website.

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