What is Safemars Crypto? Complete Guide 2023

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DeFi and passive income: two words loved by crypto traders and investors across the globe.
Safemars is able to bring together these two concepts in an innovative, exciting way.

What exactly is Safemars crypto? Go ahead to discover one of the most engaging crypto tokens.

What is the Safemars crypto?

Safemars was launched in 2021 by a team composed of developers and marketers. But the main personality is the owner of the team wallet, who operates behind the pseudonym Crypto Martian.

Based on Binance, the project started with a fixed supply for the crypto token – 1,000,000 billion SAFEMARS.

It’s a huge quantity but, as we will see later in more detail, the tokenomics of Safemars allow users to make investments that can be safely considered valuable.

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that right after the launch of the crypto token, over 50% of its supply was burned to reduce the available amount of SAFEMARS in circulation.

With a strong attention to the DeFi space, Safemars (SAFEMARS) managed to create a system that autonomously generates yield and liquidity.

For crypto traders and investors, this is a very interesting topic: the crypto space is already so sophisticated that it has managed to make the most out of traditional finance and to even surpass it, giving users plenty of ways to earn streams of passive income.

Safemars is strictly focused on giving users these opportunities, and it reaches its goals through a series of features and tools developed by its team.

Safemars and crypto passive income: An overview

If you’re new to the crypto space, it’s important to start with the definitions of staking and farming – two concepts often confused even by experienced traders.

Staking is the activity of locking proof-of-stake (PoS) crypto assets to earn rewards. Farming is the practice of using the rewards earned via staking as a proof of your liquidity position in a particular DeFi protocol to earn additional rewards.
In both cases, you can earn passive income.

Even if it can seem a safe activity – and it’s actually safer than trading – earning crypto passive income isn’t risk-free, and the issues traders and investors can face are mainly related to lack of liquidity and volatility.

One of the top issues faced by investors and holders is impermanent loss.

What is impermanent loss in crypto trading?

Impermanent loss consists of the loss of money you experience if the token you’re owning loses value. The loss is defined as “impermanent” until you keep holding those tokens: if you withdraw your tokens before they recover value, the loss becomes permanent.

How Safemars crypto solves impermanent loss

Being created thanks to a smart contract built on the Binance chain, Safemars’s conditions are automatically executed without human intervention – avoiding mistakes or unfair behaviours.

The most important conditions set by Safemars are related to the taxation system put in place by the network – which is actually what allows SAFEMARS crypto to be potentially deflationary and to prevent impermanent loss.

This taxation system consists of applying 4% fees to all Safemars transactions – both buy and sell orders.

As mentioned, the peculiarity of this protocol is being able to autonomously generate liquidity and rewards for its users, and it does that precisely thanks to these fees.

Of that 4%, 2%is distributed to holders, while the other 2% is added to the Safemars liquidity pool.

So, holders don’t have to farm to earn additional rewards on their SAFEMARS crypto funds – they’ll automatically earn additional rewards for each transaction that involves the token.

But the taxation system involves other two elements: additional liquidity and supply reduction.

Part of the fees are used to increase liquidity and the price floor of Safemars

Adding liquidity to liquidity pools is pivotal to the correct and more convenient functioning of markets. Lack of liquidity is actually the cause of most issues faced by decentralised finance. It causes higher volatility and slippage, and the result is that investors aren’t very happy to invest in markets with low liquidity, since they’re going to get the worst price when buying and selling tokens.

On the contrary, higher liquidity means that it’s easier to buy and sell assets at a given price – and slippage is lower, since volatility is lower.

Safemars reach better results in terms of liquidity by automatically adding a part of the fees paid for each transaction to liquidity pools.

Taxation allows to burn tokens and reduce supply

Consider that, even if the supply of SAFEMARS is very high, the network uses the taxation system also to reduce the available supply of the token.

To burn tokens Safemars uses a “blackhole” address that is a part of the network. This means that only by redistributing part of the fees involved in transactions, the network is able to burn part of the supply.

This strategy allows the network to protect the price of the token over time.

How can you buy Safemars crypto? Step by step guide

So, even though the supply of Safemars is high when compared to other altcoins, there is still room for tokenomics adjusted by a taxation mechanism that aims at redistributing tokens among the participants of the network and burning a certain amount of tokens every time a transaction takes place.

For those interested in buying Safemars, there are some steps to follow to make correct transactions and open buying orders.

  • According to data shared by CoinMarketCap, there are several centralised and decentralised crypto exchanges where you can choose to buy SAFEMARS – to name a few, Gate.io and PancakeSwap. Decentralised exchanges allow you to make transactions without the need for intermediaries, but at the same time they are more complex than centralised exchanges and don’t allow you to use fiat currencies to buy SAFEMARS.
  • If you choose a centralised exchange, you need to sign up to the platform by providing data that allows the platform to identify you. Usually, the more steps you complete to verify your account, the lower will be the limitations in terms of deposits. Once you verify your account you can deposit funds and choose the amount of SAFEMARS you want to buy to complete the transaction – the exchange will manage your wallet on your behalf. If you choose a decentralised exchange, you need to download a wallet that supports Safemars to sign transactions. The process to buy is the same, in the sense that you need to deposit funds in your wallet and choose the amount to buy.

How to store Safemars in a wallet and which wallet should you have?

As mentioned, if you choose a CEX you won’t need to take any particular action to manage a wallet, but if you want to trade with a DEX, you need to choose a wallet that supports SAFEMARS. You can use the Binance Wallet – since SAFEMARS is a BEP20 token.
The wallet comes in the form of a browser extension, and you can use it for transactions on DEXes, to directly communicate with the blockchain, and to store your crypto funds.

Safemars Forecast for 2023

SAFEMARS is an inexpensive token, more suitable for those who look for speculative assets or who want to get rewarded without engaging in a riskier activity like trading.

At the time of writing, the price of SAFEMARS is slightly above $0.00000001.

Since its launch, the token follow the same path of most cryptocurrencies: a low initial price – in this case, in line with the current price, a sudden and fast uptrend that led the token to its all-time-high – SAFEMARS was worth $0.000001 at the end of 2021, a downtrend and, finally, a sideways movement that kept the price stable so far.

2023 should be a year of positive developments for crypto markets, generally speaking, but SAFEMARS is not currently experiencing a high trading volume. This might mean that the price may not see a significant increase in 2023.

Also according to Price Prediction, specialised in crypto price forecast, the price of SAFEMARS should not significantly increase in 2023, but it might hit a maximum price of $0.00000002 by the end of the year.


SAFEMARS crypto is, without doubt, a crypto project with interesting features.
Its focus on distribution and a taxation system able to solve liquidity issues, impermanent loss and to reduce supply over time, can make it suitable for both speculators and investors interested in earning streams of passive income.

Despite this, it doesn’t seem that the community of traders around the network is active enough to witness a significant rise in the price of this token in the near future.


What is Safemars (SAFEMARS) crypto?

Safemars crypto is a BEP20 token that aims at solving the liquidity issues often faced by decentralised protocols. It does that mainly thanks to its taxation system, which automatically distributes value, improves liquidity and reduces the supply of the token.

What issues does SAFEMARS solve?

SAFEMARS aims at solving liquidity related issues thanks to the taxation system it uses. By solving liquidity issues, which mostly affect decentralised protocols, it aims at solving all the related issues like impermanent loss, dramatically high volatility and high slippage.

Is SAFEMARS crypto a good investment?

In theory, SAFEMARS can be a good investment for those who prefer speculative assets and for those who prefer crypto passive income. But currently, the community of traders and investors around the network seems still not active enough to lead the price of the token to significant improvements in the near future.

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