What Is Dogira? Discover the DeFi Gaming Crypto

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Among all the cryptos involved in a thriving market like gaming, Dogira seems to pertain to one of the most complex and complete crypto projects.
How does it work? What are the features of Dogira crypto?
In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about this “non-inflationary” crypto token.


What is the Dogira Crypto?

The studios are focused on game development, and consider games and NFT as a good occasion for blockchain technology to reach a broader market.

The crypto asset named Dogira (DOGIRA) is a part of a more complex project led by the Dogira Studios.

The Dogira crypto was created to fuel the gaming and NFT systems created by the studios, but its tokenomics offers also to everyday traders and investors not particularly interested in gaming, good opportunities to earn streams of crypto passive income.

Dogira Tokenomics

Even if it’s mainly designed to be a utility token, Dogira can still be an interesting crypto asset for its features related to inflation and yield farming.

Before diving into these topics, let’s see the main element of Dogira tokenomics.

  • Dogira is designed to be a proof-of-stake (PoS) crypto token;
  • It has a finite supply – 1 billion DOGIRA;
  • The team plans to use one of the most popular and inexpensive blockchains used for gaming and NFTs – Polygon.

In terms of value, these three statements have specific consequences:

  • Staking can allow anyone to store DOGIRA and earn rewards for that;
  • A finite supply can allow the price of the token to increase over time;
  • The design of Polygon – a fast and inexpensive blockchain – is more suitable than Ethereum for this type of project.

Issues addressed by Dogira crypto

Dogira is a young crypto token: in fact, it was launched in 2021 by a developer formerly involved in the Dogecoin project – Eoghan Hayes. But despite this crypto is relatively new, the team behind the project had a precise plan and some issues they intended to solve: these clear intentions allowed Dogira to make headlines and to actually follow a specific roadmap.

As we can read on the Dogira whitepaper, the issues to address in the blockchain gaming industry are specific:

  • The current blockchain gaming economy is not designed to support all games with single shared tokens;
  • Investments in blockchain gaming companies can be extremely risky, especially when tokens designed for games have not useful use cases;
  • For investors, the lack of information related to blockchain-based gaming economies can make it complex to fully understand the market;
  • For what concerns gaming tokens, hyperinflation is quite common – especially when the token doesn’t have a finite supply and there are not token burning schedules;
  • Even if Ethereum is among the most widely used blockchains to create new tokens, it is not the best fit if users want to benefit from fast systems and designs.

Dogira plans to solve all these issues with its Dogira V2.

Dogira (DOGIRA) V2

This version of the Dogira crypto was launched on Polygon with a new contract. The supply was increased to 1 billion tokens. To meet investors’ needs, the Dogira team airdropped DOGIRA to give investors an amount of tokens that equals their funds – for instance, an holder with 10,000 DOGIRA is airdropped another 10,000 DOGIRA.

The new version of Dogira has security in mind, as well as inclusion: Dogira becomes not only a utility token, but also a governance token holders can use to vote on proposals they can find on Snapshot.

Moreover, Dogira works on inflation and cross-bridge usability:

  • DoFi – Dogira Finance – includes a pool to allow users to stake and farm their DOGIRA. This replaces systems like bonuses and any other feature linked to gamification with a more rewarding system that allows the network to adjust rates according to the commitment of each individual.
  • Some titles will be launched only on Polygon – able to reach up to 7000 transactions per second (TPS) – but Dogira was born on Ethereum. Thanks to the Polygon Bridge, Dogira can benefit from both the popularity of Ethereum and the speed of Polygon.Moreover, Dogira works on partnerships to provide more games and, at the same time, to cooperate with partners to allow users to have a certain amount of different tokens linked to different titles that can be staked on Dogira liquidity pools.

The Dogira ecosystem: other tools and features

There are other two elements of the Dogira ecosystem that are worth mentioning:

  • The tax system,
  • The Dogira IDO Launchpad.

For what concerns fees, Dogira uses specific fees for specific services – but it is important to note that the goal is always keeping fees low.
For instance, actions like providing liquidity to specific Dogira liquidity pools can even have 0% fees. But since the network aims at being inclusive and taking into account users’ opinions, taxation is part of the events submitted to the network for voting.

IDOs – Initial DEX Offerings – consists in launching crypto projects via decentralised exchanges to raise funds. Dogira wants to make this process easier and more rewarding.
Thanks to the Dogira’s IDO Launchpad, born after the design of DoFi, users can take part in projects developed or approved by Dogira.
To do that, users need to stake DOGIRA/MATIC pairs: after staking, tokens can be purchased using MATIC, while DOGIRA are reinvested in the ecosystem.

How can you buy Dogira? Step by step guide

As you can see, Dogira is focused on decentralisation and decentralised finance.
So, to buy Dogira crypto, you’ll need to use the decentralised exchanges that support this token.

Let’s see a step by step guide to buy DOGIRA:

1. Choose the decentralised exchange (DEX)

Currently, there are a few exchanges that allow you to buy Dogira: QuickSwap, available on Polygon and Dogechain, and Uniswap.

2. Connect your wallet

After you choose the exchange, you’ll need to connect one of the wallets supported by the DEX. This step is pivotal: the wallet will allow you to actually exchange tokens and to sign transactions – in order to prove that you’re the owner of the assets.

3.Top up your wallet

With funds in your wallet, you’ll be able to exchange your cryptos for DOGIRA.

4.Choose the liquidity pool

DEXs allow you to find existing pools you can use to swap your crypto assets for DOGIRA. If you don’t find the right pool, you can easily import the DOGIRA token – for instance, on Dogechian you’ll need to import the token using this address “0xF480f38C366dAaC4305dC484b2Ad7a496FF00CeA”.


Now, you can select the amount of DOGIRA you want to buy and use your funds to do that.

How to store DOGIRA in a wallet and which wallet should you have?

As mentioned, you can also stake and farm DOGIRA. You can also choose to store your assets right on the DOGIRA platform.

To do so, you’ll need to visit Dogira Finance. Once there, you can connect one of the supported wallets – working as a DEX, the steps are the same we mentioned in our short step-by-step buying guide.

DoFi supports Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect and Binance Chain Wallet. So, you can use the most popular and safe hot crypto wallets to store and stake your DOGIRA.

DOGIRA crypto Forecast for 2023

What about the price of DOGIRA? If you’re interested in investing in this token, it’s useful to make an historical analysis of the prices of DOGIRA – also to understand the possible developments related to the price of DOGIRA for 2023.

For our historical analysis, we can watch the prices reported by CoinMarketCap.

Available data dates back to October 2021.

DOGIRA is quite inexpensive. At the beginning of October 2021, the price of the token reached $0.0062 before starting a sudden uptrend. In less than one month, DOGIRA reached a price of $0.02106 and a 24-hour volume worth $1.34 million (Nov. 4, 2021).

In that same month, DOGIRA started a low downtrend that led DOGIRA to $0.0018 in May 2022.

Actually, the second half of 2022 wasn’t a great time for cryptocurrencies, and also DOGIRA suffered the “crypto winter”.

With this in mind, it is not weird to assist such a dramatic decrease of prices.

But for what concerns 2023, even if no one can safely predict prices, it is safe to assess that a token like DOGIRA can witness successful developments.

We don’t have enough data for a reliable price forecast, but the future of the gaming industry can help us with our predictions.

As reported by Markets and Markets, the blockchain gaming industry is projected to grow at an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 70% by 2027, leading the market to grow from over $4.5 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion in a few years.

According to this data, it is safe to assess that the crypto tokens involved in the industry, especially tokens backed by a specific roadmap and focused on solving industry issues, could witness an increase in prices in 2023.

PricePrediction even suggests a possible price that Dogira could reach in 2023 – above $0.00086, a price in line with the current price of Dogira.


Dogira crypto is one of the most interesting crypto projects among the new cryptocurrencies.

It is based on Polygon, it focuses on gaming and NFT, it gives everyone the opportunity to earn streams of passive income: if we look at the whole industry, these seem to be three ingredients of a successful recipe.


What is Dogira (DOGIRA) crypto?

Dogira (DOGIRA) V2 is a Polygon-based cryptocurrency. It started as an Ethereum token, but its reference markets – gaming and NFTs – found in Polygon a faster and less expensive network. 
DOGIRA fuels the Dogira ecosystem, which also aims at creating a more intuitive experience for crypto enthusiasts, more opportunities to earn passive income and to launch new crypto projects thanks to the Dogira IDO Launchpad. 

When was Dogira launched?

DOGIRA was launched in 2021 by Eoghan Hayes, a developer involved in the creation of Dogecoin. 

Where can I buy DOGIRA?

You can buy Dogira on QuickSwap and Uniswap, and use Dogira Finance to stake your assets.

What are the different wallets that support DOGIRA?

DOGIRA is supported by the most popular crypto wallets available – namely Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, MathWallet and TokenPocket.

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