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Bitcoin Billionaire App: Legit or Scam?【Updated For 2023】

What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

In case you didn’t know yet, Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated crypto trading software. The app promises to help readers with little or no expert trading skills or expertise to learn how to trade. It is a web-based app that functions as an online crypto trading platform.

It’s worth mentioning that it runs a live trading mechanism for selling, buying, and transferring crypto coins like Bitcoins. The software is designed with algorithmic administering of crypto trades. Those algorithms find the best prospects to sell and buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

The platform has recently launched, but it has gained a worldwide significance for helping users become professional crypto traders. Within only weeks after its launch, Bitcoin Billionaire has emerged as a unique app in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

When it comes to the creator of Bitcoin Billionaire, we didn’t find any. The team behind this app is hard to trace since the platform is mostly run by its community. You see, anonymity is not anything new in the world of cryptocurrency. Others prefer to provide solutions to various problems in the world without wanting the recognition and fame that comes with it.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Name: Bitcoin Billionaire

Description: Bitcoin Billionaire App: Legit or Scam?【Updated For 2021】

Platform Price: 0.0

Platform Category: Trading Platform

Author: Jeffrey Taylor


Bitcoin Billionaire is a Bitcoin trading bot that allows online auto trading tools for crypto investors and traders from all types of Bitcoin trading experiences. The app was designed by some of the most skilled software engineers and featured auto trading software. It also sets up the live trading session and puts automatic orders through trading algorithms. That massively lowers time-consuming manual involvement from the traders.



  • Ideal for advanced traders and novices alike
  • Hassle-free sign up process
  • It offers numerous investing tools for the user
  • It offers dedicated customer support


  • It is not available in all countries

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How Do You Use Bitcoin Billionaire?

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Billionaire is a computerized robot that is not only popular with advanced and professional traders but also beginners seeking a way to trade online. You are immediately directed to their web trader after you register and deposit with it.

Your role here involves pressing the trade button and withdrawing deposits. Further, you will be provided an option to identify your risk appetite by determining the amount of capital you are willing to risk for each trade.

It also requires you to make an initial investment of $250 from its followers, combining to invest in earning currencies. The platform also claims to be affiliated with brokers who are experts in tracking the changes and trends in crypto exchanges, enabling them to invest the money for maximum return.

Take note that loss can unavoidably occur because the market is incredibly volatile. Thus, members are suggested to invest at their own risk. Keep in mind that reinvestment of the earnings is not recommended too. Invest the money that you are willing to lose.

Registering for Bitcoin Billionaire

After you understand what Bitcoin Billionaire is and how you can use it, you may be now wondering how to register on it. Here’s a detailed step on how you can join the platform.


You will find the registration form at the page’s top section. You can register from there. Fill out the form with your complete name, email address, and contact number. Agree to the terms and conditions, and that will bring you inside the platform.


The system requires you to deposit an investment of $250 to start. You can fund your account by clicking the Deposit dashboard. It’s suggested to start small and reinvest your earnings. The investment may be small, but that will help you learn the platform’s algorithm.

Demo Trading

The demo trading will differ on the broker assigned to you. Some traders mentioned that the platform provides access to brokers who will deliver demo trading options.

Live Trading

You’ll then be given access to the live trading option after your first deposit. By then, you’ll see the Trade Now button. Click that to start investing. Bitcoin Billionaire suggests trading in the American markets, as they tend to have more earnings due to volatility. The user market begins trading at 09:30 EST and end at 16:00.

How Can You Start Investing with Bitcoin Billionaire?

Here are practical points you need to remember to lower your chances of losing money while using Bitcoin Billionaire.

Begin small

Start with a small financial deposit for the first time. That money will be enough for any user to evaluate the platform’s profitability and legitimacy while learning more. The best option for new investors is, to begin with, a $250 deposit, understand how the automatic trading method works, and slowly increase your capital.


Reinvesting after your first withdrawal yields more profits. It’s suggested to reinvest a portion of your early gains.

Invest your free money

You can invest your extra money after spending on necessities. Just make sure you don’t empty your bank account just in the name of investing.

Trade every day

Even if you have a busy schedule, we suggest that you trade regularly. The time it takes to start and end a live trading session is short. That means you need to spend less than ten minutes in front of your trading PC.

Withdraw your profit

You’ll most likely earn profits from your live trades. We ask that you must withdraw your revenue and deposit it in a bank. Invest the funds to continue making more money over the long term.

Learn from the experts

Would you like to better understand that system? It will help if you read reviews and watch tutorials. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, a basic grasp isn’t always enough. An investment made with care is far better to one made with irresponsible abandon.

Additional Information Regarding Bitcoin Billionaire

We have covered as much information as possible you need to know about Bitcoin Billionaire. Nonetheless, there might still be some unanswered questions for you. The goal of this Bitcoin Billionaire review is to provide more information for you. Thus, we decided to include some frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Billionaire.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

Sending funds from your wallet on the Bitcoin Billionaire platform to your wallet on another platform is as easy as sending it from any other place. All you should do is to have a destination, and blockchain transactions are easily resolved within a few minutes. That is one of the best ways for you to make smooth and seamless transactions across borders.

What about transaction fees? Fortunately, the transaction fees are relatively low, particularly compared to standard transporting fiat cash across borders.

Is There a Mobile Version for This App?

Apps for Bitcoin Billionaire are downloadable on mobile devices. The mobile app enables you to earn while engaging in other important tasks. You can access both the desktop and mobile versions. Installing the app is free, but you will be obliged to pay a fee after registration.

How Much Does It Cost to Use This App?

Bitcoin Billionaire does not charge any hidden charges throughout the trading process. Further, there are no hidden surprises during or at the end of the trading process. The only thing the platform asks for is to make a deposit of $250.

Does It Provide a Demo Trading for Beginners?

Yes, Bitcoin Billionaire takes care of both professional and beginner traders. The higher success rate of the platform receives a boost through the demo trading facility, which helps the user to better understand the vital elements of the trading world before they decide to step into the live trading arena.

On top of that, the demo trading facility differs from one broker to another.

What Are the Payment Modes Accessible at Bitcoin Billionaire?

You can make a deposit through various payment options such as debit card payment, credit card payment, bank account, wire transfer system, and of course, Bitcoin.

Bottom Line – Is Bitcoin Billionaire Legit?

After accessing each aspect of this auto trader and evaluating numerous published accounts, it is safe to say that Bitcoin Billionaire is a safe and legitimate platform that helps its users maximize the most volatile Bitcoin market where price changes of binary digits within a day is not uncommon.

It’s worth mentioning that the trading not uses advanced and modern algorithms that gather all the relevant market data, evaluate it, and make different predictions on the likely direction the market will move.

The information is then utilized to make informed trades on behalf of the bot’s users that boost the success rate of the trade. Have we mentioned that the robot also uses top security measures to safeguard user funds and associates only with regulated brokers to follow different regulations?

 All things considered, Bitcoin Billionaire is an excellent tool for trading from Bitcoin trades. The platform runs a safe automated trading system.

We hope you find this Bitcoin Billionaire review informative and helpful at the same time. Do you think the platform is suitable for you? We wish you the best of luck in your trading journey!

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